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Angelic Pretty Pullip Marie Announced!

This year marks the 15th anniversary of Japanese fashion label Angelic Pretty, AP specializes in lolita fashion. Starting in 2009, Groove started collaborating with Angelic Pretty to release dolls wearing fashions inspired by their human sized fashion line, AP has … Continue reading

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Review of the Angelic Pretty Chess Chocolate Mint doll case

The Angelic Pretty Chess Chocolate Mint doll case is a splendid display piece. Made of sturdy cardboard, it looks spectacular when paired with a doll in an Angelic Pretty outfit. I received a case from Groove USA to review. I … Continue reading

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Angelic Pretty Chess Chocolate Mint Pullip Doll Case

Angelic Pretty is a clothing company specializing in lolita clothing, Groove has collaborated with them to release a number of dolls wearing miniature versions of real Angelic Pretty designs over the years. Angelic Pretty collaboration dolls include Pullips Sfoglia & Prupate, … Continue reading

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JPGroove Updates: Ai Dolls, Doll Cases (Angelic Pretty & Rozen Maiden) and MIO kits oh my!

JPGroove made a bunch of very interesting additions to their website recently including Ai Dolls and Pullip carrying cases. Ai Dolls are small ball jointed dolls made of ABS plastic previously released by Jun Planning (their release continued under Groove), … Continue reading

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Byul Pollon

Ah Byul, I love you but you definitely aren’t the most popular member of the Pullip family. Byul debuted in late 2008, so far there have been a total of twenty seven different Byuls released. She is Dal’s best friend, I … Continue reading

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Puddle 2013

After several years of not being able to make it, I finally was able to attend the 2013 Pullip and Dal Lovers Event (more commonly known as Puddle) this past weekend. Puddle is held at the  Holiday Inn Chicago-Elk Grove … Continue reading

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Pullip Prupate (Carnivàle)

I recently purchased Pullip Prupate from Pullipstyle, I was extremely fortunate to find her in the dentbox section. Prupate was part of the second round of Angelic Pretty collaborations that were released earlier this year (she was released alongside Sucre and … Continue reading

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120/365- Dal Joujou

Dal Joujou was March’s dal and she was part of a new collaboration set with Angelic Pretty. I preordered her through Entertainment Earth during their buy one get one half off doll special, even with the sale her and dal Ra Muw only … Continue reading

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February Pullips and Co Lineup- Angelic Pretty and Steampunk

I already discussed these in a previous entry here but better pictures have since surfaced. These should be available for preorder on Pullipstyle any day now, they are all collaborations so I predict even preorder pricing will be over $100 … Continue reading

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News from Doll Carnival

Doll Carnival was held this past Sunday in Japan, there was a lot of interesting news for pullip collectors this year. Pullip’s long awaited baby brother Isul has finally been revealed. Isul, was actually first announced alongside Byul and a … Continue reading

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