New JPGroove Promotion Buy one Pullip get a WoZ Taeyang free!

I just happened to be browsing JPGroove’s website and noticed that they had started a new promotion! If you buy from a select list of Pullip that can be seen here (Pullips Bonnie, Particia, HEIHEI Ribbon-chan, Marisa, Uesaka Sumire, Asuna and Etoile Rosette Version) you will receive your choice of one of the Taeyangs from the Wizard of Oz series for free. It seems like a really great selection of Pullips to choose from in this offer and then you get to choose which of the three Taeyangs you want (Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion or Tin Man) for free, if you were thinking of getting one of the Pullips already this offer is a great incentive!

The Wizard of Oz Taeyangs are definitely some of the most unique Taeyang releases to date (possibly tying with the Seikima-II releases) that were incredibly hard to find and rare when they were released several years ago. Scarecrow, Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion are also available separately for sale on their website for $100 each (link). Even if you aren’t a giant Wizard of Oz fan, if you wanted a low cost Taeyang to customize this would be a great way to get one.

A couple other things of note that I noticed on their website
– The Rozen Maiden case is back in stock, I can not emphasize how much I love this item! Link . The case is very sturdy and well-made, I’ve received a ton of compliments on mine over the years, I actually love it so much I went back and bought a second one a while back.

– If you search the word sample on their website (or click on this link) you will find a treasure trove of sample dolls. What are sample dolls? Sample dolls are product samples that were previously used for display at various stores/conventions because the dolls were displayed previously they do not come with their boxes, cards or stands. It’s also possible that some smaller accessories may have become misplaced though JPGroove is normally pretty good about listing any missing items. Some of the sample dolls are in stock now and some are expected to arrive next month (think really short preorder period) and include some real rarities, there are also some recent releases that if you don’t really care about the box/card/stand you can get yourself a bargain on. I have bought several times from past sample sales and always ended up happy!

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