Doll Cases

Only two doll cases specifically designed for Pullip by Jun Planning/Groove have been released over the years and both were designed as a part of a collaboration series.

Rozen Maiden Doll Case
General Information:
Release Date- 5/2007
Product Number- F-110
MSRP- 7800 Yen
The Rozen Maiden Case was designed to display (not carry) the Rozen Maiden Pullip/Dal dolls from the original collaboration series of dolls. It is a very faithful recreation of the doll case seen in the anime/manga.
Inside of the case without any dolls.
The case is surprisingly large and very sturdy. Jun Planning  states that this case is just for display and is not meant to actually carry dolls but I regularly use mine to haul around my Volks Super Dollfie Suiseiseki and have never had a problem. I was extremely impressed with the quality of this case.

A review of this case can be seen here.

Angelic Pretty Chess Chocolate Mint Doll Case
General Information:
Release Date- 10/2012
Product Number- DC150
MSRP- 9030 Yen
“I want to go on outing with a cute doll “, a wish produced by Gothic & Lolita Bible!!!
Since it’s one of the top selling chocolate designs at Angelic Pretty,it matches perfectly with their outfit. Inside the lid is a chair with a belt to protect the doll while in transit.There is also space for accessories inside the armrest and seat, allowing outfit changes while on the go!! At home, the chair is removable and can be converted into a closet to conveniently store doll’s clothes.Applicable dolls include Pullip, Taeyang, Isul, Dal and Byul.
Open case no doll.
Used as a closet with chair removed.
Case closed.

A review of this case can be seen here.

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