Byul Pinoko (Black Jack)

FIG-DOL-3275_07Groove partnered with Tezuka Productions to make two dolls based on characters from the popular Black Jack manga/anime series. Taeyang was the titular Black Jack and Byul was Pinoko.

Additional Information
Release: Standard monthly release
MSRP: 13000 yen
Release Date: 12/2011
Product Number: B-317
Feel Like So:  Pinoko was given life from the Dr.  So, I’m always going to be with him.
Face Up:
Byul PinokoEyes: Brown
Wig: Short Brown wig
Stock: Byul Pinoko’s stock outfit consists of a shirt, jumper, four hair bows, panties, socks, shoes, a stethoscope, doctor’s smock and head cover/mask.
Byul PinokoBody Type: Dal/Byul body
Stand: Yellow Plastic Stand
Special notes: None
Known Issues: None
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Promotional Photos these photos were taken from Groove’s Blog.

Owner Photos