Isul Hansel

Isul Hansel was released alongside Pullip Gretel in April of 2016, they are both based off of the characters of the same names from the Grimm’s Fairy Tale. They were priced at 18000 yen each.

Additional Information
Release: Standard Monthly Release
MSRP: 18,000 yen
Release Date: 4/2016
Product Number: I-936
Feel Like So: Don’t cry Gretel….All right, I can surely return to our home…. Situation Like So.
Face Up:
Isul Hansel Face UpEyes: Greenish Brown eye chips
Eyelids: Black Eyeliner
Hansel eyelidsWig: Long Honey Blond Wig
Stock: Isul Hansel’s stock consists of a Blouse, Collar with frills, Hat, Pants, Socks and shoes.
Isul Hansel StockBody Type: Isul body
Stand:  Bronze Colored Plastic Stand
Special Notes: Isul Hansel’s hat seems to use real feathers.
Known Issues: None
Similar Doll Recommendations: Pullip Gretel, Dal Dana & Isul Caros

Promotional Photos these photos were taken from Groove’s Blog