Did You Know?

Random facts and trivia that didn’t really fit anywhere else…

– Pullip and her companions all have names that mean something in Korean:
Pullip – Leaf
Namu – Tree
Taeyang – Sun
Dal – Moon
Byul – Star
Isul- Dew
Yeolume- Fruit
Sometimes the boxes of the dolls even call back to this by using the same motif on the chosen doll box, for example some early Pullip boxes had a little leaf shaped window on the side of the box.

– No Pullips were released in August 2003, July 2005, June 2008 & March 2009

– Three books have been released about Pullip. A Pullip mook was released in 2005 that featured patterns, an overview of all the dolls released up until that point, pictures of customs as well as customizing tips and tricks. Pullip Complete Style was released in August of 2008 and it featured customs as well as an overview of all the dolls released up until that point. Hi I’m Pullip was released last year, it features pictures of some of the newer dolls, customizing how-tos and some patterns. All three books are in Japanese.

– Pullip Parade was one of the first stores in North America to stock Pullip online they also had one of the first English speaking forums devoted to Pullip, sadly the owner became ill and had to shut down the store.

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