Taeyang Ni-ya (Nightmare)

Taeyang Ni-ya is a part of the Nightmare series of dolls which are based on the Japanese band of the same name. Hi-ya is the bassist of Nightmare. He along with the other Nightmare dolls were available for preorder at the PARCO Shibuya We ❤ Pullip 10th Anniversary Party event. The dolls were all limited editions of 500.

Additional Information
Release: Limited edition release limited to 500 dolls.
MSRP: 18000 yen
Release Date: 6/2013
Product Number: T-239
Feel Like So: Unknown
Face Up:
Ni-ya Face UpEyelids:
Ni-ya EyelidsEyes: Very dark brown almost black eye chips
Wig: Black wig
Stock: Taeyang Ni-ya’s stock consists of tight pants, boots, a belt, a vest, gloves, jacket, two necklaces, gloves and a scarf.
Taeyang Ni-ya Stock
Body Type: Namu/Taeyang body
Stand: Black Plastic Stand
Special notes: None
Known Issues: Possible staining?
Similar Doll Recommendations: Taeyang Hitsugi, Isul Yomi, Taeyang Ruki & Taeyang Sakito

I’ve decided to include a few of my owner photos of Taeyang Ni-ya since there are not many promotional photos of him.
Owner Photos