Disney Doll Collection

Starting in early 2017 a new series of dolls began being produced as a part of a collaboration series with Disney, the dolls are all based on beloved Disney characters it is important to note that while the dolls look like Pullips technically they are never referred to as Pullip (or Taeyang for that matter) but as part of the “Doll Collection” line.Groove describes the dolls in this line as “a one-sixth size “Big Head Doll” that expresses characters in hair, make-up fashion, to a body that has a wide range of motion and is capable of various posings. ” (sic) link. Since they are not technically Pullips they do not have “feel like so” sayings which for those of you who are not familiar with Pullip they are weird little poems that often describe that doll’s feeling or personality.

Disney Doll Collection Release List

For any Disney fans who may not be familiar with Pullips, you can read more information about Pullip here or her boyfriend Taeyang here. I have also constructed a gigantic Pullip FAQ which can be seen here.