February Pullips and Co Lineup- Angelic Pretty and Steampunk

I already discussed these in a previous entry here but better pictures have since surfaced. These should be available for preorder on Pullipstyle any day now, they are all collaborations so I predict even preorder pricing will be over $100 each for these.

Pullip Prupate
I still think I would have preferred her stock in more of a pastel color palette.
Purpate’s face up is soft and lovely. I like the slightly darker streaks in her wig too, it keeps her from becoming too washed out I think.

Dal- JouJou
Joujou is really sweet but she doesn’t really stand out very much.
She has an extremely soft face up, possibly the softest dal face up yet but she isn’t very memorable ^^; I am hoping she comes with the bunny companion plush she is pictured with.

Byul- Sucre
Sucre is my favorite of February’s releases, this scares me because I am not supposed to even like byul. She is just a perfect little irresistible confection.
I think the face up really suits byul’s face.

Isul- Apollo
Poor Isul, most non-doll collectors think taeyang is girly Isul never really stood a chance. This is Isul’s first release so despite his raised cost (he is part of the steampunk line so he will probably be around $150) he will probably sell out very quickly as everyone has been anxiously awaiting this boy.
I’m not wholly convinced on him just yet, I am not generally a big fan of boy dolls…I eventually want the rest of the Steampunk set though so if I get an Isul it will probably be him.

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