Pullip Face Up Index

This is a face up index for Pullip please note this is a work in progress to be completed as my free time allows. This page is designed as a reference for anyone who wants to see close ups of the face ups of the different doll releases, many times eyebrows and other features can remain completely hidden in the promotional photos so I’ve been working on collecting as clear as possible close ups of each of the doll’s faces.  As this is just an index, I just chose to list the model name here. I know if I am personally on the fence about a doll, seeing a nice clear shot of the face up may be just what I need to make a decision.  If you are interested in learning more about the releases please see their respective release lists Part 1 2003-2008, Part 2 2009-2013 and Part 3 2014- Present.

Please note that pictures of many of the older dolls have to be retaken for quality purposes (newer/better camera) before they can be added here. Also though I do own the grand majority of all of the Pullips I do lack some of the newer 2012/2013 releases. Unless otherwise noted all photos were taken by me.

2003 Pullips
Dolls I need to photograph- Debut, Wind, Street, Moon, Squall, Bouquet, Carol, Leprotto, Noir, Withered
Wind Face upModel- Wind/Debut

2004 Pullips
Dolls I need to photograph- Venus, Savon, Nomado, Arietta, Anne, Nero, Happy Birthday Pullip I, Principessa, Fantastic Alice, Oren, Purezza, Panda, Fourrure, Mitzi, Little Red Riding Hood, Sacralita, Vivien & China ChinaIMG_9783Model- AriettaBiancaModel- BiancanullModel- Principessa, Photo Contributed by BermeaSpring Purezza Face UpModel- Purezza

2005 Pullips
Dolls I need to photograph- Fanatica, Chicca, Winter Purezza, Afternoon, Cosmic Mercu, Cosmic Jupi, Assa, Happy Birthday Pullip II/Sacagawea, Paja, Lan Ake, Summer Purezza, Rovam, Greggia & Latte

Model- Happy Birthday Pullip 2/Sacagawea, photo contributed by CosmicHeart

IMG_0103 Model- PajaLan Ai Face Up Model- Lan AiIMG_8629 Model- Raphia

2006 Pullips
Dolls I need to photograph- Cornice, Rida, Fall Purezza, Holly, Nina, Nahh-ato, Eternia, Craziia, Brand New Purezza, Chill

PapinModel- PapinShinkuModel- Pullip Shinku (2006)
Zuora face upModel- Zuora

2007 Pullips
Dolls I need to photograph- Stica, Suiseiseki, Souseiseki, Blanche, Barasuishou, Aquel, Another Alice, Another Queen, Kirakishou, Veritas & Prunella
Haute LA face upModel- Haute LAAlte face up Model- AlteSuigintou Model- Pullip Suigintou
IMG_2414 Model- Hello Kitty
Haute NYModel-Haute NY

2008 Pullips
Dolls I need to photograph- My Melody, Rei, Asuka, Dorothy, Ala, Dita, Youtsuzu, Xiao Fan, Celsiy, Cinciallegra, Kirsche, Adsiltia

Marianne face upModel- Marianne

2009 Releases
Dolls I need to photograph- Neo Noir, Kaela, Grell, Angelique, Mir, Sfoglia, Sola, Sala, Princess Ann, Peter Pan, Naomi, Aya

Clarity Face UpModel- ClarityIMG_9397Model- Lala

2010 Pullips
Dolls I need to photograph– Chelsea, Sabrina, Tiphona, Bonita, Ddalgi & Chloi

Elisabeth Model – Elisabeth, photo contributed by BermeaShan-ria face upModel- Shan-riaSarasModel- SarasClose up of EosModel- EosIlsaModel- MelissaPeter PanModel- Peter PanAmarri face upModel- AmarriLunatic Queen face upModel- Lunatic QueenIMG_9880Model- ClaraAkoya Face upModel- AkoyaIMG_8277Model- Aya

2011 Pullips
Dolls I need to photograph– Gothic & Lolita Yuki (poster version), Date Masamune & Bloody Red Hood
Dolls I do not own– Bloody Red Hood Loli VersionIMG_9740Model- LudmilaJaldetModel- JaldetPrupate face upModel- PrupateMikuModel- MikuPullip Henri Face UpModel- HenriGothic & Lolita Psycho Yuki Face UpModel- Gothic & Lolita Yuki (film version)

~Coming Soon~
Model- Gothic & Lolita Yuki (Poster Version)

Snow MikuModel- Snow Miku

~Coming Soon~
Model- Date Masamune

Romantic AliceModel- Romantic Alice (Blue)SDCC BatgirlModel- Batgirl (SDCC Version)CatwomanModel- Catwoman (SDCC Version)Wonder Festival Batgirl Face UpModel- Batgirl (WF Version)Wonder Festival Catwoman Face UpModel- Catwoman (WF Version)nullModel- Bloody Red Hood, photo contributed by BermeaLuka face upModel- LukaBanshee Face UpModel- BansheeRomantic Alice PinkModel- Romantic Alice (Pink)Pullip Yomi Face UpModel- YomiPullip Mami Face UpModel- Tomoe MamiPullip Akemi HomuraModel- HomuraPullip LOL MikuModel- LOL MikuPullip Nella Face Up
Model- Nella
Nella Versus Retro NellaComparison with Retro Nella

2012 Pullips
Dolls I do not own– My Select Ddalgi & My Select Paja
Pullip YonaModel- YonaSeila face upModel- SeilaVictoriqueModel- VictoriqueRegeneration Fantastic Alice Face UpModel- Regeneration Fantastic AliceRegeneration versus Fantastic AliceComparison with original AliceIMG_9464Model- Regeneration FanaticaSi'Anna Face UpModel- Si’annaIMG_9880Model- Ou’veraRegen MoonModel- Regeneration Moon
Moon face up comparisonComparison with original MoonRegen Anne face upModel- Regeneration Anne
Anne Face up ComparisonComparison with original AnneAlice du JardinModel- Alice du JardinPullip Meiko Face UpModel- MeikoKiyomiModel- KiyomiRe: Noir face upModel- Regeneration Noir
Regen Noir versus the original NoirComparison with Original NoirPulliphine face upModel- PulliphineRe: Paja face upModel- Regeneration Paja
Paja Face Up comparisonComparison with original PajaKiddyland exclusive Kiyomi PullipModel- Kiddyland KiyomiPullip MerlModel- MerlWonder Woman Face upModel- Wonder WomanRegeneration PrincipessaModel- Regeneration Principessa
Principessa face up comparison with regenerationComparison with original PrincipessaGaleneModel- GalenePullip Froggy Face UpModel- FroggyIMG_6618Model- YuriAlice du Jardin MintModel- Alice du Jardin MintRiriko face upModel- RirikoSnow White face upModel- Snow WhiteHarley Quinn Face UpModel- Harley QuinnMidnight Velvet Face UpModel- Midnight VelvetFraulein closeModel- Fraulein, photo contributed by Truefan NanetteModel- NanetteRcheModel- RchePere NoelModel- Pere NoelNella Retro Memory Face upModel- Nella Retro VersionSapphire KnightModel- Princess SapphireIMG_8623Model- Tokidoki LunaAuroraModel- Aurora
My Select Merl Face Up Model- My Select Merl

2013 Pullips
IMG_8889Model- Pullip KarenIMG_7885Model- Francoise ArnoulPrincess Rosalind Face UpModel- Princess RosalindIMG_2256Model- Nostalgia Merl
Comparison between Nostalgia and Original Version MerlComparison with original MerlClassical Alice Sepia Version Face UpModel- Classical Alice Sepia Version Classical Alice Sepia Version & Classical Alice comparison Comparison Photo of Classical Alice and Classical Alice Sepia VersionMilk LatteModel- Milk Latte
Girl with a Pearl Earring Face UpModel- Girl with a Pearl Earring
IMG_8627Model- Oscar Francois
Rose of Versailles Marie Antoinette Face Up Model- Marie Antoinette Dahlia CinderellaModel- Dahlia CinderellaClassical Alice PullipModel- Classical AlicePullip Classical RabbitModel- Classical White RabbitHortenseModel- Hortense
HortenseClose up of Hortense’s tattooVioletteModel- Violette
VioletteClose up of Violette’s tattooWilhelmina Face UpModel- WilhelminaSupergirl face upModel- SupergirlAlly face upModel- AllyPullip Io Face UpModel- IoPullip MyraModel- MyraEloise Face UpModel- EloisePullip AkemiModel- AkemiPullip KuhnModel- KuhnHino Face UpModel- HinoHannah face upModel- HannahClassical Queen Face Up Model- Classical QueenCanele Face UpModel- CaneleVareleModel- VareleDahlia Cinderella Model- Princess Dahlia CinderellaPullip Dahlia and Pullip Dahlia Princess CinderellaComparison with Dahlia Cinderella, photo contributed by CosmicHeart

2014 Pullips
Favorite RibbonModel- Favorite RibbonLa Robe Vert ClairModel- La robe Vert ClairTokidoki Lunarosa Face UpModel- Tokidoki LunarosaSakura Miku Face UpModel- Pullip Sakura MikuDilettanteModel- DilettanteIMG_8164Model- VanessaKeikujakuModel- Keikuyjaku2014 Shinku Face UpModel- Shinku 2014
Shinku face up comparisonComparison with original Shinku released in 2006Hello Kitty x Tokidoki Violetta LEModel- Tokidoki x Hello Kitty Violetta (Special version and regular version appear to have the same face up)Kore Face upModel-KoreAiraModel- AiraSuigintouModel- Suigintou 2014Super StellaModel- Super StellaSailor MoonModel- Sailor MoonKirakishou 2014 Model- Kirakishou 2014
ConparisonComparison with Nana-chan (requested)Hina IchigoModel- Hina IchigoMegModel- MegSailor MercuryModel- Sailor Mercury
Carmilla Face UpModel- Carmilla
ScarletModel-ScarletSailor VenusModel- Sailor Venus
ComparisonComparison with Sakura Miku (similar face up styles).Nana-chanModel- Nana-chanPrincess Serenity Face UpModel- Princess Serenity
Sailor Moon Vs Princess Serenity Face Up ComparisonFace up comparison with Sailor Moon
Sailor Mars Model- Sailor Mars

2015 Releases
Dolls I do not own– Luna human Princess Snow Kaguya version, Naoko & Black Lady
Dolls I need to photograph- Suiseiseki & Souseiseki
Model- Sailor JupiterIMG_2447Model- LauraKanaria face upModel- Kanaria 2015 VersionSteampunk Alice Model- Alice in Steampunk WorldSailor Uranus Face Up Model- Sailor UranusSteampunk Mad Hatter Pullip Model- Mad Hatter in Steampunk World
Sailor Neptune Face UpModel- Sailor Neptune
Sailor Pluto Model- Sailor PlutoEve Sweet Face Up Model- Eve SweetPullip Alura Model-Alura
IMG_2415 Model-La robe vert bleu Royal Version
Favorite Ribbon Chocolate Version Face up Model- Favorite Ribbon Chocolate Version
Favorite Ribbon Face Up ComparisonComparison between Favorite Ribbon Chocolate Version and original Favorite RibbonSailor V face up Model- Sailor V
Sailor Venus & Sailor V face up comparisonComparison of Sailor Venus and Sailor V face ups.

2016 Pullip Releases
Dolls I do not need own- Gretel, Sailor Star Maker, Sailor Star Healer, Premium Pullip Kiyomi, Monochrome Alice, Veritas Deep Crimson Version, Marie, Bonnie, Mistress 9 & Taffy
My Melody x Hen-nako Face UpModel- My Melody x HEN-NAKO
Pullip Fox/Le RenardModel- Fox/ Le RenardPullip RoseModel- RoseSailor Star FighterModel- Sailor Star FighterCassie face upModel- Cassie (blue dress)Cassie Versus Callie Face Up Comparison Comparison between Pullips Cassie (blue twin) & Callie (pink twin)Pullip Callie Face Up Model- Pullip Callie (pink twin)VeryBerryPop Face UpModel-veryBerryPOPPullip Harley Quinn Dress Version Model- Harley Quinn Dress VersionWonder Woman Dress Version Model- Wonder Woman Dress Version
Super Sailor Moon face up Model- Super Sailor Moon
Amelia Face Up Model- Amelia
Pullip ha-ha face up Model- ha-ha
Queen Serenity Face Up Model- Queen Serenity
IMG_3399 Model- Cheshire Cat in Steampunk WorldCreator's Label Pullip Lupinus Face Up Model- Lupinus

Katrina Face UpModel-KatrinaOptical Alice face upModel- Optical Alice
Want to help out? The following is a list of dolls I currently do not own stock that I am seeking photo contributions of- Uncanricky, Detective Shinku, Bloody Red Hood Lolii Version, Luna human Princess Snow Kaguya version, Naoko, Black Lady, Gretel, Sailor Star Maker, Sailor Star Healer, Premium Pullip Kiyomi, Premium Pullip Romantic Alice Monochrome Version, Premium Pullip Veritas Deep Crimson Version, Taffy, Mistress 9, Bonnie & Marie

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