Angel Pullips & Dals Release List

Angel Pullips & Dals debuted in 2008 and were discontinued after the first six models were simultaneously released, four additional models were announced but later canceled. Angel Pullips and Dals were designed as a low cost alternative to Pullip and Dal, they were very affordably priced but had limited articulation (only five points of articulation head/arms/legs), they also had painted on eyes and shoes as well as rooted hair. Angel Pullips were approximately 6 1/4 inches tall while Angel Dals were approximately 5 2/3 inches tall.

Name- Ally
Model- Pullip
Product Number- A-101
Release Date- 1/2008
Original MSRP- 1800 yen

120123 (1)
Name- Amy
Model- Dal
Product Number- A-301
Release Date- 1/2008
Original MSRP- 1800 yen

Name- Becky
Model- Pullip
Product Number- A-102
Release Date- 1/2008
Original MSRP- 1800 yen

Name- Biccy
Model- Dal
Product Number- A-302
Release Date- 1/2008
Original MSRP- 1800 yen

Name- Cindy
Model- A-103
Product Number- A-103
Release Date- 1/2008
Original MSRP- 1800 yen

Name- Ciel
Model- Dal
Product Number- A-303
Release Date- 1/2008
Original MSRP- 1800 yen

The following dolls were announced for release in September of 2008 but their release was canceled.

Angel Pullips:
120107 brandymallory1344969775
Date (A-104)                                Elma (A-105)

Angels Dals:
120127 120128
Dia (A-304)                              Ely (A-306)

All photos on this page are promotional images belonging to Groove Inc. and were taken from their various websites

4 Responses to Angel Pullips & Dals Release List

  1. Robin says:

    Is there any way to get the Angels that had their release cancelled?

    • kleintoys says:

      Unfortunately not as they were never released, they don’t seem to have made it past the prototype stage so they probably only made a few of each doll. I’m sure if you were determined enough you can find someone to customize one for you to look like one of the others.

  2. Nicole says:

    Are they poseable?

    • kleintoys says:

      Yes but they are not very articulated. Their heads can turn left to right, arms rotate at the shoulder, legs rotate at the hip and that’s about it unfortunately.

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