Pullip Veritas Special Version

Groove started a new series of dolls called Pullip Premium where past popular models are remade in new versions with different outfit, colors and pattern in 2016. Pullip Veritas Special Version is the second doll released based off the original classic Pullip Veritas, the other version Pullip Veritas Deep Crimson Version was a wide release doll whereas the Special version was exclusive to Pullip.net and limited to only 50. Many fans of Pullip were upset that she did not receive a wider release and owner photos of her have only been rarely sighted.

Additional Information
Release: Limited and Exclusive Release; LE50 only available through Pullip.net
MSRP: $405 special introductory price only from 9/06/2016-9/09/2016, $450 afterwards
Release Date: 9/2016
Product Number: P-177S
Feel Like So: Let the ocean of the passion a proudhearted flag stream….. The trip to the new world to come across feel like so
Face Up:
Veritas Face UpEyes: Blue eyechips
Eyelids: Rose eyelids with the word veritas (latin for truth) printed on one lid

Veritas Limited Edition Closed EyelidsWig: Long white wig with light blue steak
Stock: Pullip Veritas Limited Edition Version’s stock outfit consists of bicorne hat, skirt, blouse, sash, boots, tights and a telescope.
Veritas Stock Outfit
Body Type: 4
Obitsu Match: Coconut
Stand: Black Plastic Stand
Special Notes: Limited to only 50, has the special mocha skintone
Known Issues: None

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Promotional Photos Photos taken from Pullip.net