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Keely’s Cute Doll Kimonos

One of my favorite etsy shops/dolly seamstresses Keely’s Cute Kimono is currently running a special from now until February 14th you can get 15% off any in stock item using the code: HEARTDAY.  Keely’s stuff is pure quality, I highly recommend her as … Continue reading

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Fate/Kaelid Liner Prisma Illya Mini Dollfie Dream

I’ve been focusing a lot on Pullips here recently and neglecting to write about some of my other toys and joys. Today, I’m going to focus on the newest member of my Dollfie Dream crew: MDD Prisma Illya! Volks is … Continue reading

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Puddle 2013

After several years of not being able to make it, I finally was able to attend the 2013 Pullip and Dal Lovers Event (more commonly known as Puddle) this past weekend. Puddle is held at the  Holiday Inn Chicago-Elk Grove … Continue reading

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Coming Soon- Touhou Project Cirno MDD

Volks announced the results of the Dolls Party 27 after event international lottery early this morning, I woke up around 4 AM to a confirmation email from Volks informing me that I had won Cirno. I had entered twice each … Continue reading

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Dolly Round Up- BJD and DD edition

…or how Fairyland, Latidoll and Volks conspired to completely empty my wallet. Lots of new and interesting things have popped up on my collective BJD and DD radar in the past month or so; as I am so backed up … Continue reading

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Arrival- Mini Dollfie Dream Maria from When the Seagulls Cry

It has been a over a year since the arrival of my last Dollfie Dream (Saber Lily). I will admit that though I have not had any recent arrivals I did preorder Saber EXTRA and Saber Alter II through VolksUSA … Continue reading

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Ordered! Saber Dollfie Dreams

It’s official, I put my order in yesterday on VolksUSA for Dollfie Dreams Saber Alter the 2nd version of Fate Hollow/Ataraxia and Saber of Fate/EXTRA.  I was supposed to have a cap of 20 Dollfie Dreams which I reached earlier this year, … Continue reading

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