Pullip Etoile Undomiel Version (Doll Carnival 2019)

Pullip Etoile Undomiel Version is a recolored version of Pullip Etoile who was released in 2018 to commererate the 15th anniversary of Pullip. Pullip Etoile was released to celebrate Pullip’s 15th Anniversary back in late 2018, a pink version was called Etoile Rosette version was released in summer of 2019. This third version called Pullip Etoile Undomiel Version was released in conjunction with Doll Carnival 2019.

Additional Information
Release: Special release, released to coincide with Doll Carnival 2019
MSRP: 20000 yen
Release Date:  December 2019
Product Number: P-242
Feel Like So: The light of my burning passion that begins to shine more red than anything else at twilight To reach you!
Face Up:
Etoile Undomiel Version Face Up
Eyes: Gold foiled eyechips
Partially Closed Eyes:
Etoile Undomiel Partially Closed Eyelids
Eyelids: Black eyeliner
Etoile Undomiel Eyelids
Wig: Black with some red streaks.
Stock: Pullip Etoile Undomiel’s stock outfit consists of a cloak, dress, removable sleeves, panties and shoes.
Etoile Undomiel Stock outfit
Body Type: 4
Obitsu Match: White
Stand: Black Plastic Stand
Special Notes: Pullip Etoile Undomiel Version is a recolored version of Pullip Etoile, a third version of Etoile in pink known as Etoile Rosette Version also exists.
Known Issues:  None
Similar Doll Recommendations: Pullips Etoile and Etoile Rosette ver.

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