Taeyang is Pullip’s boyfriend. Taeyang replaced Namu Pullip started dating Taeyang, soon after her break up with Namu. The first Taeyang release was in March of 2006, Taeyang brought a bit of baggage with him namely his younger sister Dal (who has a little bit of a big brother complex). Taeyang seems to be quite a bit more popular with Namu in the pullip community, but his sister Dal seems even more popular than he is. Taeyang is 14 inches tall.
287/365- Steampunk Taeyang Gyro
Taeyang’s Profile
Nationality : Korea
Age : 21 (October, Libra)
Blood Type : O
Present Address : Milano, Italy
Vocation : Student who is studying musical composition at the College of Music in Milano
Hobby : Making pictures and videos himself including filming and editing
Personality : Cool, but passionate
Fashion style: He likes a comfortable but trendy style. “I like the best in music as well as in fashion style”
Girlfriend : Pullip
Family member
Father : English, an owner of a shop for expensive musical instruments
Mother : Korean, a well-known architect
Sister : Dal

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Releases: Clicking on the photos will take to you a page dedicated to that doll. Please note this is a work in progress that may never actually never be completed, I don’t own many Taeyangs but I will try to complete pages for the ones I do have or as the opportunity arises. I will add an image of a doll below as I complete the corresponding page for that doll, I do them as free time allows so please be patient.

2006 Taeyang Releases: MJ, Sage, Filato, Timulus, Shade & Cavalie

2007 Taeyang Releases: Missionary, Lead, Butler,Hash, Another King, Edward Scissorhands & Maguna

2008 Taeyang Releases: Horizon, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, Tantus, William, Seiran, Jade, Sol & Alberic

2009 Taeyang Releases: Arion, Andrew, Sebastian, Rayne, Sebastian Private Teacher Version, Captain Hook & Richt

2010 Taeyang Releases: Nosferatu, Kain, Wati, Gyro, Wayne, Lunatic Rabbit & Arashi

2011 Taeyang Releases: Raiki, Demon Kogure, Xenon Ishikawa, Sgt. Luke Takamura III, Raiden Yuzawa, Jail O’Hashi, Alfred, Chousokabe Motochika, Romantic Mad Hatter, Vocaloid Kaito,Ama, Black Jack & Black Jack Variant
Romantic Mad Hatter

2012 Taeyang Releases: Hide Rocket Drive Version, Nastume, Willy Wonka, Hide DOUBT Version, Hide DOUBT Limited Version, Taeyangfold VI, Batman, Mad Hatter du Jardin, Hide PSYENCE & Pluto
du jardin
Mad Hatter du Jardin

2013 Taeyang Releases: Gackt, Twilight Destiny, Andre Grandier, Hitsugi, Ni-ya, Ruka, Sakito, Saejima Kouga, Suzumura Rei, Valko, Ethan & Prince Ramiro
gackt1 Hitsugi Ni-ya Ruka
Gackt                                             Hitsugi                           Ni-ya                           Ruka
Sakito  valko ramiro
Sakito                                              Valko                 Prince Ramiro

2014 Taeyang Releases: AKIRA Destinée de la Rose, Michan Gothic Mode Version & Michan Pajama Version
taeyangakiradestineedelarose michan
AKIRA Destinée de la Rose    Mi-chan Pajama Version

2015 Taeyang Releases: Sebastian ~Book of Circus~ Version, Tuxedo Mask, Koichi & Undertaker
t250_07 taeyangtuxedomask t254_07_mail
Sebastian BoC             Tuxedo Mask                  Undertaker

2016 Taeyang Releases: Grell, Dodo in Steampunk World, Albireo & ReonHARDT
taeyanggrell t256_04 t259_04
Grell                               Dodo                      ReonHARDT


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