Dal Deneb (Dal 10th Anniversary)

Dal Deneb was released in October of 2016 alongside counterpart Taeyang Albireo and Pullip Cheshire Cat in Streampunk World. Dal Deneb was released to celebrate Dal’s 10th Anniversary and has a swan theme.

Additional Information
Release: Standard Monthly Release
MSRP: 20,000 yen
Release Date: 10/2016
Product Number: D-162
Feel Like So: The time when Magic wi removed is only today once in Ten Years!! Early looking for me……Otherwise because I turn into a Swan Again!!
Face Up:
Deneb Face UpEyes: Dark Blue eye chips
Wig: Honey Blonde wig
Stock: Dal Deneb’s stock outfit consists of headband, mask, necklace, blouse, corset, skirt, petticoat, panties, socks & shoes.
Deneb StockBody Type: Dal/Byul body
Stand: Black Plastic Stand
Special Notes: Released alongside Taeyang Albireo to celebrate Dal’s and Taeyang’s respective tenth anniversaries.
Known Issues: Necklace can be difficult to get on/off
Similar Doll Recommendations: Taeyang Albireo, Byul Fata

Promotional Photos these photos were taken from Groove’s Blog.
Pictured alongside counterpart Taeyang Albireo