Pullip Information Preservation Project

Pullip has been around for over fifteen years Pullip has been in continious production, that is a quite a milestone for any toy-line. Fifteen years is a long time, the community has changed a lot when I first entered the hobby Pullipstyle had the largest and most active forum but there was also Dolly Mixtures, Pullip Fiction, House of Pullip and Valley of the Doll’s forum (Pullip Parade predates my entering in the hobby) what do all of those forums have in common in now? They are all gone! Unfortunately when the forums were taken down/deleted a wealth of Pullip information went with them which makes me sad as I know a lot of time and effort went into creating some of the content. I love information, so it hurts my heart each and every time another resource disappears.  Dolly Market basically stands alone as the last English speaking Pullip-centric forum, I know a lot of activity has moved to facebook which is fine but judging by how often the same questions tend to pop up again and again perhaps it is not as easy on facebook to search for the answers you seek and stuff tends to just get lost within a few days.

I have decided to start a Pullip Information Preservation Project (PIPP) which will basically function as an archive for Pullip information. I’m starting PIPP by partnering with Requiemart to host some of her tutorial’s and other useful information that was previously featured on her website. She is integrating her website with shopify and unfortunately some of the Pullip based content doesn’t really fit in with the revamped website these were the tutorials I have used countless times myself so I wanted to make sure this was not another great resource lost to time.

Please note that I have Requiemart’s blessing/permission to repost these tutorial’s and content.
Customizing Tutorials
Face Up Tutorial (Pullip)
Customizing Supply Guide (Pullip & Company)
What NOT to use for customizing (Pullip & Company)
– Make Up Removal & Sand Matte-ing Tutorial (Pullip & Company)
Wig Removal and Head Dissection Tutorial

Repair/Preventative Maintenace Tutorials

Colorfasting Guide
Ankle Repair Tutorial (Pullip Type 2, Namu & Taeyang) 
Torso Tightening Tutorial (Pullip Type 2)
Torso Tightening Tutorial (Volks)

Retrospective on Pullip – A really wonderful series of retrospective articles on the early years of Pullip and friend.