BJD Comparison Pictures (Warning Doll Nudity!)

I decided to make a page dedicated to various bjd size comparisons etc that I have taken over the years. As a note, I mostly collect tiny bjds and even though I own a lot of bjds all but one of them are girls (no doll peen here!).
Tiny BJD comparison photoVarious Companies Height Comparison: From smallest to largest Latidoll Lati White Belle, Fairyland Pukipuki Lily, Latidoll Lati White SP T. Haru, Piposdoll Jr Pi Cheshire Cranberry Version, Fairyland Pukifee Rin, Luts Tiny Delf Hansel, Latidoll Lati Yellow Joi Event Doll & Latidoll Lati Yellow SP Lea.Lati size comparsonLatidoll Height Comparison From smallest to largest Lati White Belle, Lati White SP T. Haru, Latidoll Lati Yellow Joi Event Doll & Lati Yellow SP Lea.
Pukifee Rin ComparisonPukifee Rin ComparisonFairyland Face Up/Color Comparison Pukifee Rin in Normal Skin and White Skin circa late 2o16 (For anyone wondering no I don’t have two Rins, I ordered Rin in NS from Denverdoll but was sent WS by mistake and was given permission to snap a couple quick comparison pictures before sending back the incorrect Rin).