What is Namu? Namu was Pullip’s first boyfriend. Namu was the first companion doll introduced in the Pullip line. The first Namu was released in early 2004 and the final one was released in May of 2005 before being discontinued and replaced with Taeyang a year later. There were only seven Namus released.

While Namu is discontinued his body lives on! His original body design is now used for Taeyang. Namu dolls are approximately 14 inches tall.
70/365 Fidelio

Namu’s Profile-
Nationality : Korea
Age : 19 (July, Cancer)
Blood Type : A
Present Address : Milano, Italy
Vocation : Student of the Professional Fashion School in Milano
Club : the Fencing club
Hobby : Taking pictures, watching movies and playing TV games
Personality : sensitive and calm
Favorite food: Phaeria (Japanese noodles)
Favorite book : fashion magazines
Fashion style : Namu, Pullip’s fashion adviser, does not like adhering to a particular style.
Girlfriend : none, his ex-girlfriend is Pullip.
Family member
Father : Italian, a pilot
Mother : Korean, an owner of a boutique
Sister : 12-year old twins
-Pet : porcupine

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