Pullip Prupate (Angelic Pretty)

prupate2In 2011, Groove collaborated with Japanese clothing company Angelic Pretty to release a second series of dolls based on their clothing designs. The first series of Angelic Pretty collaboration dolls was released in 2009. Pullip Prupate, Byul Sucre and Dal Joujou were released simultaneously in March of 2011. Pullip Prupate wears a recreation of Angelic Pretty’s Star Night Theater series of clothing. 

Additional Information
Release: Standard Release
MSRP: 13000 yen
Release Date: 3/2011
Product Number: P-024
Feel Like So: On a bright, Starry night… I will go on a trapeze, Wearing a passion colored TUTU Skirt…
Face Up:
Prupate face upEyes: Purple eyechips
Eyelids: Pink- Better close up coming soon!
CarnivàleWig: Light blond wig with some darker golden blond streaks.
Stock: Pullip Prupate’s stock consists of a dress based off of the Angelic Pretty Star Night Theater Bare Top JSK link,  a hat based off of the AP Star Night Theater mini hat link, long sleeve blouse, choker, petticoat, bloomers, socks, shoes, gloves and a wand.
Prupate Stock ClothesBody Type: 4
Obitsu Match: White
Stand:   Clear Pink Plastic Stand
Special Notes: Comes with a grabby hand
Known Issues: None
Similar Doll Recommendations: Pullip Sfoglia, Dal Joujou, Byul Sucre, Byul Cocotte & Dal Maretti

Promotional Images from Groove These photos were taken from Groove’s blog.

prupate3Pullip Prupate, Dal Joujou & Byul Sucre
prupate4 prupate5 prupate6 prupate7