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Hi, I’m Klein the not-so-humble narrator/maintainer of this blog/site. I am 29 years old and the mother of one (who for our purposes here is nicknamed zilla). Although I do enjoy photography, I rather dislike having my own photo taken so the above photo as likely as close a glimpse of me you will ever get unless we meet. My photography has been featured in magazines such as Ningyou & Dolly Wish.

Things I post about…
Anime- I guess, I should start here as it all leads back here. Sea Prince and Fire Child was the first anime I ever saw, though I often count Sailor Moon as my first true anime as it was the first one that I actively pushed aside the Americanized dub of and started actively hunting for the original Japanese version of. Anyone else remember fan-subbed tapes? I remeber saving up my allowance to buy them at my local comic book shop. About ten-fifteen years ago in addition to buying actual anime I started collecting figures of my favorite anime characters, I’ve amassed a great many of them over the years. Even better than the anime figures were the bizarre little pieces of merchandise that well I wouldn’t find very often but when I did find them they were often pretty hilarious and entertaining like Sailor Moon pudding (Yes, it exists! I still have a case of it though I theorize by now it is quite toxic & no longer safe for human consumption). These days, I’ve cut way down on the amount of anime stuff I purchase but I still buy figures from my favorite series (plus the odd one that catches my eye every now and again) and plenty of nendoroids, which I find too cute to resist.

Anime favorites include (in no order)- Rozen Maiden, Saikano, Sailor Moon, Mahoromatic, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Puella Magi Madoka Magicka, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Noir, Gunslinger Girl & Gurren Lagann

Dolls- I told you all goes back to anime. Back in late 2006, I kind of took a break from anime as I didn’t care for many of the newer shows and found myself just returning to old favorites. I attended Anime Boston in early 2007 hoping to find something to peak my interest again and I did most unexpectedly while waiting in the hall for one of the panels, someone handed me a PSP with the first few episodes of Rozen Maiden loaded up on it. A mad hunt for all things Rozen Maiden ensued and I found these odd dolls with big heads called Pullips that was doing a collaboration with Rozen Maiden at the time. I received Pullip Rozen Maiden Shinku for my birthday and wouldn’t you know it, I liked her so much I ordered myself Pullip Suiseiseki that night. I eventually managed to get all of the Rozen Maiden Pullips and Dals but I didn’t stop there ^^; I now have over 400 Pullips and company (Dal, Isul, Taeyang, Byul) and even worse I didn’t stop with Pullips. Oh no, it gets much worse I also started collecting Dollfie Dreams, BJDs, Blythes and various other dolls that happened to catch my eye like Mama Chapp.

Other- From time to time I’ll post about things other than anime figures or dolls…
Comics- I’m a keen Batman fan, well not so much Batman as I am the villains Joker and Harley Quinn in particular. Currently I’m working on my goal of reading every Joker and Harley Quinn comic like ever, I think I’ve just about read all the Harley Quinn now unfortunately the Joker is in a great many comics so I’ll be at it for a while still with him. I loved Batman the Animated Series as a kid, so I find myself buying a lot of my old favorite action figures (that my grandmother gave away because I was a girl and girls shouldn’t play with Batman toys :/ ). I’ve got a huge collection of figures of Joker and Harley Quinn but I also collect lesser favorite characters like Poison Ivy, Catwoman and Batman himself to some extent. In general I’m not as keen on Marvel comics but I do love Emma Frost, Black Cat and Mystique.

Video Games– I also love playing video games mostly stuff like Skyrim, the Arkham series, DoA, Disgaea, Tekken, Final Fantasy series, Halo & Bioshock- I’ll feature related video game toys here now and then. My system of preference is the Xbox 360 though I have a fair few gaming systems like Playstation I, II & III, PSP, PSP Vita, Nintendo 64, Game Cube, DS and Wii, Original Xbox, Atari and a Sega Genesis. If I suddenly become slow to post and reply here, you can bet there is a video game at fault!

What else do you do? I prefer to keep life well private. Obviously, I must work as I spend a fair amount of money on my hobbies previously I’ve worked for law enforcement now well I don’t. I’m currently a sub-contractor for the government which basically means my job is tediously boring and all I  do now is paperwork.

In my free time, I do enjoy going to concerts  (I’ve seen everyone from Frank Sinatra and Jimmy Buffet to System of a Down and Green Day) and traveling. Since I do have a child now,  I don’t get to go out on adventures so much anymore or if I do they are more kid-centric places like to Disney World or the zoo.

I also enjoy reading especially horror and satire, I’m particularly fond of the Song of Ice and Fire Series (and the Game of Thrones TV series it spawned). I love watching movies, I have a fairly diverse film palette watching anything from Alfred Hitchcock to Quentin Tarantino. My three favorite films are Kick-Ass, Rocknrolla and Headhunterne.

15 Responses to About Klein

  1. Thomas Gantz says:

    You have some cool dolls there. I happened upon you blog somehow. Any way, I saw all those Blythe dolls and I took a photo in a drug store here in Yokohama where they are selling a range of hair color products, but instead of using women to model the color on the boxes, they are using Blythe doll, lol. How great is that. Here is the link to my blog photo of that.
    Hope you get a laugh out of that like I did. 🙂

  2. Lillian M. says:

    Hi Klein, Can you give me an idea of what a “used” Pullip afternoon should or would sell for? I have one that I purchased on ebay last year. I bought her without her box, she did not come with her sunglasses and the dog she has , well, the leash is not attached to her hand and was not when I bought her. I paid $100.00 for her at the time, and I am thinking of selling her. She is still in very good condition and her eye mechanism works fine. She has her stand, suitcase, dog & scarf as well as most of her original outfit.

    Thanks so much….Lillian

    • kleintoys says:

      If she is in good condition I’d say $125 would be a fair price (maybe even a little higher, I would not go lower though), would easily be $150 or so with the sunglasses pity you didn’t get them ^^; I’ve sold nude Afternoon for $90-$100 depending on condition before.

  3. katnaper says:

    Hi. I just stumbled on your blog and I just wanted to thank you. Now I don’t feel so alone. I used to think acquiring 6 Dollfie Dreams in a span of one year was being obsessive but now I know better. I’m just borderline like you *wheeee*. Ooops. I hope I didn’t offend you with that remark. None meant. Peace! I love your dolls, they are all so pretty. 😀

    • kleintoys says:

      No worries I wasn’t offended ^^; Being passionate is always good as long as you keep it in perspective and aren’t digging yourself into debt pursuing your hobby. Thanks so much ^_^

  4. Angela says:

    Hi. I stumbled across your blog and fell in love with you Harley Pullip. Is there a way of getting in contact with the person who customized her.

  5. Amanda R. says:

    Hi there! I’ve been a follower of your website for over a year now. I’ve been collecting Pullips for a few years, and own two DD’s. I recently moved to southern CT (Hartford) to start my post-college career. (Thanks to your blog, I also learned about Animadness and the amazing town of Waltham! I can’t thank you enough for that!!) I’m also a follower of figure.fm and doll.fm. I was wondering if you could tell me how doll meets in southern CT are organized? I don’t know a single person (outside of forums) that collects BJDs, and it would be great to meet some local collectors and meet friends, especially since I’ve only lived here for just over a year.

    Thanks so much!

    • kleintoys says:

      Hi, thanks for reading. There is a forum for New England BJD people here http://www.nerdolls.com/ there aren’t a lot of pullip people in Connecticut, we were having periodic New England meets at Animadness but they have unfortunately closed (there was discussion about a meet in Boston but schedules could not be aligned). Personally I haven’t attended any of the CT bjd meets outside of like mini-meets with another person or two. There are a fairish number of people in MA that collect Pullips/bjds and I know of at least one other DD collector that lives around Boston.

      I live in Norwich so I’m roughly about an hour away from you, if you want to meet up some time to discuss Pullips/bjds/dollfie dreams drop me a line I don’t mind the drive especially since you all have a Sonics in nearby Manchester now (before this the closest one I knew of was in New Jersey, suddenly any excuse to go to the Hartford area looks so long as I can milkshake for the car ride home) .

  6. jamichadee says:

    Hey! 🙂 I just sorta got super in love with dolls and I was looking for cute ones and I found Pullip and Blythe dolls. May I ask you something? Which is better in terms of how they look and how sturdy they are, Pullip or Blythe? And can you recommend a super dark brown (borderline black) haired and eyed Pullip? Please? I really want a Pullip that kind of resembles the color of my eyes and hair. I kind of want Nina or Eloise (though I will need to change Eloise’s eye chips) but I’m still looking. And thank you very much for that release list. It was so helpful! And your blog is also really really helpful. Thank you. 🙂

    • kleintoys says:

      I have had Blythes and Pullips, Blythes are sturdier but they are not as poseable as Pullip and I far prefer the Pullip aesthetic. Blythes are also shiny which kind of put me off them for a long while, I have a hard time bonding with them over the years I have bought and rehomed nearly 50 of them trying to find the right ones that were a fit for me I now have six and am quite happy with them.

      Nina is older and harder to find now, she is a lovely doll but is hard to find for under $200 these days. Eloise hasn’t been released yet so I don’t have a real opinion of her just yet. Regeneration Fanatica might be a good doll for you, a rechipped Snow White or Yuri may also be a good fit.

      Thanks so much ^_^

  7. I know this isn’t pullip related at all but does anyone know what anime tomoe mami and akemi homura are from ?

    • kleintoys says:

      Puella Magi Madoka Magica which is now streaming on Netflix, I can not recommend this series highly enough it’s a magical girl series but there is something quite disturbing below the surface.

  8. Kristina says:

    Hi I am new to pullip and love your reviews very helpful. I am trying to choose between pullip crimson veritas and tiphona ? My main concern is wig quality. Which would you recommend in general and would say has a nicer wig ? Many thanks, Kristina M

    • Klein says:

      Thank you so much, I unfortunately do not own Crimson Veritas so I can’t really comment on her but I love and adore Pullip Tiphona. She has a lovely, silky soft wig and is just all around a really great doll plus she is pretty versatile outside of her stock look as well.

      • Kristina says:

        Hi thank you very much. I have seen reviews on both and it is difficult sometimes when one person loves the wig an another says it’s very frizzy lol. I guess all and all choose the face you love most. I adore both their looks. Tiphona is sweet and Veritas is edgy and I do love her golden eyes very different and Veritas on her eye lid is so cool. So hard to choose lol

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