Make It Own

Starting in 2013, Groove started to release a new line of products called Make It Own. The idea was you could really make Pullip (or friends) your own by customizing them. Items in the line range from blank doll kits, eye chips, bodies, wigs, outfits and even shoes.

Launch items available as of 11/2013

Blank Kits Everything you need to make your own Pullip, Dal, Isul or Taeyang. Includes body, head, eye mechanism, eyechips, eyelashes and screws. So far Pullip, Dal, Isul and Taeyang kits have been released in Natural skintone
MF-001_a MF-001_b
Pullip Kit- MSRP- 3800 yen
MF-002_a MF-002_b
Dal Kit- MSRP- 3800 yen
MF-004_a MF-004_b
Isul Kit – MSRP- 3800 yen
MF-003_a MF-003_b
Taeyang Kit – MSRP- 3800 yen

Bodies– First released in September of 2013. Identical to stock bodies but great for replacement parts especially since not all members of the Pullip family have an easy rebody alternative. So far all bodies have been released in “natural skintone”.
1234653_592492307456661_454720995_n 1235922_592492304123328_329577641_n 1186030_592492370789988_1713603773_n 1235080_592492300789995_1023337262_n
Pullip MSRP 1942 Yen : Dal MSRP: 1745 yen : Isul 1942 yen : Taeyang 2205 yen


The 1st Series of Shoes included four different sets of two pairs shoes, three of the sets were designed to fit Pullip and one set was designed for Taeyang.
1236062_592492094123349_156271909_n 1235479_592492097456682_1547407461_n
Engineer boots x Rubber Sole MSRP 1890 yen:High Heels x short boots MSRP 1890 yen
1186107_592492100790015_339018731_n 1234988_592492134123345_1265192251_n
 Boots x Strap Shoes MSRP 1890 yen: Tassel Shoes x Short Boots MSRP 2205 yen

Outfit Set
Name: Happiness Chiffon Dress Set
Outfit includes: Dress, shrug, two hair accessories, bow belt and gloves. It does not include shoes.
MSRP: 3990 yen

1187153_592492187456673_1220453833_n 1157591_592492184123340_2123976410_n
Karabobu (brown) MSRP 2625 yen : Twin Roll (platinum) MSRP 2520 yen
Carl Braided Wig (Brown) MSRP 2625 yen

Second Part of Launch Items these seemed to be released a few weeks after the first batch in October.

Outfit Set
Name: Holiday Picnic One Piece Set
Outfit Includes: Dress, Jacket and Belt
MSRP: 3990 Yen

1374093_598197943552764_1645010645_n 1377592_598197950219430_1747142080_n
Boots (Brown) Braided MSRP 2310 Yen : Fur Boots (Camel) 2310 MSRP
Engineer Boots (Black) for Taeyang MSRP 2310 yen

993040_598197983552760_589330881_n 934008_598197993552759_613048179_n
Short Bob (Black and Gray) MSRP 2520 Yen : Medium (Dark Brown and Light Brown) 2625 MSRP Yen
Wave (Platinum Gold x Coral Pink) MSRP 2625 Yen
November MIO Releases

Eyechips  Eyechips are sold in packs of two with a MSRP of 1470 yen (color names are Groove’s)
Light Blue and Brown Set
Pink and Gray Set
Orange and Green Set
Dark Purple and Green Set
Turquoise & Chocolate Brown Set
Dark Red & Ash Brown Set
Apricot & Light Green Set
Aqua Blue & Light Pink
Lemon Yellow & Red-Purple

Outfit Sets
Name: Knit One-Piece Black version
Outfit Includes: Sweater Dress & Hat
MSRP: 3990 Yen
Name: Knit One-Piece Lilac version
Outfit Includes: Sweater Dress & Hat
MSRP: 3990 Yen

Shoes Once again we have four different sets of two pairs  of shoes, three of the sets were designed to fit Pullip and one set was designed for Taeyang.
MS-008 1455064_619984248040800_310231796_n
High Heels (Red) x Short Boots (Black) MSRP 1890 Yen: High Heels (Blue) x Boots (Brown) MSRP 1890 Yen
1459747_619984254707466_489708497_n 7691_619984278040797_1523574962_n
Engineer Boots (Black) x Loafers (Blue) MSRP 1890 Yen : Tassel Shoes (Black) x Short Boots (Brown) MSRP 2205 Yen
December MIO Releases

Outfit Sets
Name: Vest & Jean Set Monotone Version
Outfit Includes: Shirt, Vest & Pants
MSRP: 3990 Yen

Name: Vest & Jean Set Casual Version
Outfit Includes: Shirt, Vest & Pants
MSRP: 3990 Yen

1450729_619984591374099_1309903537_n 1450242_619984594707432_218625215_n
Wave (Brown) MSRP 2625 Yen : Wave (Gray) MSRP 2625 Yen
1395280_619984624707429_110345289_n 1457715_619984661374092_1549009976_n
Medium (Natural Black) 2625 MSRP Yen: Medium (Platinum Gold) 2625 MSRP Yen
After a long break without any new MIO products a new Pullip kit was introduced in February of 2016, the mocha kits are said to have the same skintone as Pullip Nahh-ato.FIG-DOL-8716
Pullip Kit- MSRP- 3800 yen

Natural Pullip kits are expected to be restocked on Pullipstyle late June 2017
Mocha Pullip kits are expected to be restocked on Pullipstyle late July 2017

Last Updated 5/11/2017

All photos on this page are promotional images belonging to Groove Inc. and were taken from their various websites

26 Responses to Make It Own

  1. Belle Line says:

    Wild question. Just out of curiosity, could you use Mod Podge as a sealant on a Pullip doll? Please forgive me if you find this thought ridiculous 😛
    Oh, and I was looking for a sealant to use (preferably spray-on) and it has proven to be very difficult, I’ve looked into the Galleria sealant you had mentioned on a comment, but there are no stores within 100 miles of were I live and I have not been able to find it online? Do you know which ones are safe and which ones aren’t? I am looking for a bottle varnish for lips as well, but I’m still a newbie at this Pullip business :P. Thanks 😀

    • kleintoys says:

      Mod Podge is not recommended for sealing Pullip face ups it looks fine at first but it can cause yellowing and can become a mess over time (it gets like gummy for lack of a better term). I’ve seen pictures of customs sealed with mod podge like a year or two after they were done and they were a complete mess. Use MSC flat (junkyspot should carry this) or this stuff from Volks to seal Pullip face ups. Spray in a well ventilated area preferably outside and use basic precautions. Those are the two I would recommend, neither are particularly cheap but they’ll last many face ups.

      Galleria is the gloss varnish I used for the lips, not the sealant. I got it from ACMoore but I believe they also carry it at Micheal’s, we don’t have HobbyLobby locally but I would assume they would probably carry it as well. It was like $18 for a good sized thing of it and it’ll last forever.

  2. Crazy Alien Crafts says:

    This feels like a dumb question … but is the Taeyang head the same as Pullip’s then? Or are the other MIO kits still forthcoming? Or at least a head for him??

    These kits are much better on my crafting/doll wanting budget than the full dolls I’d love to indulge in…but I have a project in mind where I’d need both eventually. 😉

  3. kay bee says:

    umm hi I have A question . How much is the taeyang custom set in american dollars? I want to buy one for christmas!

    • kleintoys says:

      Pullipstyle previously had them priced at $35 but they are currently out of stock, they hope to have some more in stock in the next month or two (probably not in time for Christmas).

  4. Nick says:

    So I was planning on getting a Pullip kit this cristmas and now when I look at my marked websites for them they seem to all be sold out, I was going to buy it from . Do you know if they will be restocking soon and do you know any place that might still have them instock for under $60?

  5. Jennifer says:

    Where else can the MIO kits be found other than on the link in Nick’s comment?

  6. lucie says:

    are you know if a site will resell own to make it Pullip because I would buy a Pullip make it own
    please thank you ^^

    • kleintoys says:

      Pullipstyle had a restock of the Pullip & Taeyang MIO kits in early January unfortunately they are extremely popular and sold out of the Pullip kit again within like two weeks, if you want the MIO kits you really need to keep an eye on Pullipstyle’s site for restocks!

  7. Tina Sweeney-Richardson says:

    Hello, do you know where I can purchase a Pullip make your own doll kit. I’ve been searching almost everywhere. Thank you.

    • kleintoys says:

      The Make It Own Pullip kits are absurdly popular and sell out within a week or two of restocking. Pullipstyle is expecting tan MIO Pullip kits at the end of the month so keep a close eye on their shop.

  8. Sophia says:

    Can you buy these

    • kleintoys says:

      I don’t sell these, I’m not a seller. Pullipstyle seems to be on a two month rotation with restocks for these it’s always Pullips and one of the other doll kits but it’s on a rotation schedule. They should be due again the end of September, order quickly once they are in stock as they will sell out lightning quick like within a week or two max.

  9. Chris says:

    Do you know we’re I can find the make it own pullip kit? I really need one for my daughter thanks and have a nice day!

  10. Rosie says:

    I am writing this in mid/late January 2017. When is the next restock of Pullip (NOT Taeyang, Isul, or Dal) MIO blank dolls? I don’t care about the skintone, I want to customize them to look like the current 14 Disney Princesses, so no matter which skintone is available, I’ll take it.

    • Klein says:

      Mocha kits are in stock right now on Pullipstyle, normally Groove doesn’t seem to start production of the next batch until the current batch sells out so there tends to be a one-two month gap of no MIO kits before the next color restocks I think the next one is fair but I’m not positive.

    • Klein says:

      I believe they will not restock until at least late May, no idea what color Pullip kits will be this time logically it should probably be natural I would think.

  11. Samantha Hulse says:

    Okay thank you very much for getting back to me. I wish they would restock more often. I was able to get one Mocha before they sold out

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