Pullip Mistress 9 (Sailor Moon)

To celebrate Sailor Moon’s 20th anniversary Groove started a collaboration of dolls based on characters from the series. Mistress 9 is a villain during the Sailor Moon Super arc, she possesses Sailor Saturn. Pullip Mistress 9 was the 22nd doll released as a part of the Sailor Moon collaboration series and was released in September of 2016 alongside original design Pullip Bonnie and Angelic Pretty Collaboration Pullip Marie. Bandai shop had a special edition of Pullip Mistress 9 exclusive to their shop, the exclusive version came with a exclusive background paper and was priced the same as the standard release version.

Additional Information
Release: Standard Release & Limited Release (Bandai Exclusive)
MSRP: 22,000 yen for standard release & Bandai limited Release
Release Date: 9/2016
Product Number: P-181
Feel Like So: I am the Messiah of the Silence, Mistress 9….. Feel Like So.
Face Up:
Mistress 9 Face Up
Eyes: Dark Purple Eye Chips
Eyelids: Black Eyeliner
Mistress 9 eyelidsWig: Black wig
Stock: The standard release of Pullip Mistress 9’s stock outfit consists of a sleeveless blouse, panties, mermaid skirt and heels.
Mistress 9 Stock
Body Type: 4
Obitsu Match: White
Stand: White Plastic Stand
Special Notes: Pullip Mistress 9 has pierced ears.
Close up of earrings!Known Issues: None, possible long-term staining issues but I have not noticed any yet.
Similar Doll Recommendations: Pullip Black Lady & Dal Sailor Saturn.

Promotional Images from Groove These photos were taken from Groove’s blog.
Mistress 9 with Bandai limited version exclusive background paper