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Angelic Pretty Chess Chocolate Mint Pullip Doll Case

Angelic Pretty is a clothing company specializing in lolita clothing, Groove has collaborated with them to release a number of dolls wearing miniature versions of real Angelic Pretty designs over the years. Angelic Pretty collaboration dolls include Pullips Sfoglia & Prupate, … Continue reading

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Pullip Canele

Pullip Canele was released alongside her twin/counterpart Varele at this past year’s Doll Carnival.   The theme of last year’s Puddle is Happy Pullip World and both of the twin Doll Carnival dolls embodied the theme perfectly with their whimsical, … Continue reading

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Doll Carnival Twins Pullips Canele & Varele now available @ Pullipstyle

Just dropping a quick note here to announce that the the Doll Carnival exclusive twins Pullips Canele & Varele are now available at Pullipstyle. They are $135 each which is a steal compared to their MSRP of 18000 yen each. … Continue reading

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Happy Pullip World Doll Carnival Exclusives Pullips Canele & Varele Announced

Groove officially announced Pullips Canele & Varele today. Photos have been teased of Canelle for a while now and most people assumed she was to be the Doll Carnival exclusive doll for this year, what I don’t think anyone was expecting … Continue reading

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