Pullip FAQ

Question- What is a Pullip?

Answer- Pullip is an Asian fashion doll. Pullip has a very large head in relation to her body, her head is roughly 1/3 scale while her body is 1/6 scale. What really makes Pullip stand out is her unique eye mechanism that allows her to look from side and side as well as blink (on newer releases starting with Rei they have “sleep eyes” where the eyes can remain closed as opposed to only being to wink/blink). Pullip debuted in 2003 and over ten years later she is still going strong! Over 200 unique Pullip dolls have been released over the years. Pullip is currently manufactured by Groove though she was originally produced by Jun Planning prior to their bankruptcy in early 2009. One of the things that really makes Pullip special is how easy to customize her you can change her wig/eye chips/body and even her face up. Pullip is approximately 12 inches tall. Pullip was previously released on a monthly basis but her release schedule began becoming more sporadic starting in 2017. MIO

Question- What are the other dolls in the “Pullip family”?
Answer- The first doll released in the Pullip line other than Pullip herself was Pullip’s boyfriend Namu.
Namu debuted in February 2004. Namu had a very angular face and was not very popular so he was discontinued in May of 2005 after only seven releases. Namu is approximately 14 inches tall. Namu could blink his eyes and look from side to side but lacked the ability to keep his eyes closed.
287/365- Steampunk Taeyang GyroPullip quickly replaced Namu with her new boyfriend Taeyang. Interestingly, Taeyang uses the same body as Namu though the head sculpt is unique. Taeyang debuted in March of 2006 and is still with Pullip/being actively released after all these years! So far over 50 different Taeyangs have been released. Taeyang is able to blink his eyes as well as move them side to side, starting with the Taeyang Hash release he gained the ability to keep his eyes closed making him the first doll in the Pullip line to be able to do so. Taeyang is approximately 14 inches tall.
109/365- Heidi (Dal Dotori)Taeyang’s younger sister Dal joined the line soon after Taeyang’s release. Dal debuted in October of 2006 and she is still released today though her releases have become more infrequent recently. Dal lacks the ability to close her eyes but is able to move her eyes from side to side. Dal is approximately 10 inches tall.
FataByul was the next doll to be introduced, she debuted in December of 2008. Byul is Dal’s best friend. Byul and Dal share the same body type. Byul’s release schedule has become increasingly sporadic, she may be discontinued now as it has been a few years since we have seen a release. Like Dal she lacks the ability to blink her eyes but she is able to move them side to side, Byul also has the largest eyes in the Pullip line. Byul is approximately 10 inches tall.
Midnight Deja VuPullip’s younger brother Isul debuted in February of 2011. Isul is little taller than 11 inches, making him slightly shorter than Pullip. Isul has the ability to wink and keep his eyes closed as well as move them side to side the first doll to debut with that feature.
The visitorThe newest member of the Pullip family is Yeolume, who was introduced in 2013. She is Pullip’s future daughter and unlike the other dolls in the Pullip family has a bendy body with limited articulation rather than an articulated body. Yeolume is also unique because unlike the other dolls in the line she is produced by AGA themselves.
97/365 Jolly RogerThere are also a number of miniature dolls in the line, there have been two different versions of Little Pullips (old style and a newer redesigned style), Little Dals as well as Angel Pullips and Dals. There has now been a single Little Taeyang released as well as a few Little Byuls. More information about Little Pullips can be found here, more information about the Angel Pullips/Dals can be seen here.

Question- How often are Pullips released?
Answer- Overall release momentum has slowed, until 2017 Pullip was released like clockwork once a month with rare exception and there were periodic limited edition releases as well as times where we saw the release of multiple Pullip releases in a single month. Starting in 2017 releases became more sporadic, for the first time ever we went several months without any Pullip releases. So far 2018 has seen in an increase in production but the release schedule still isn’t quite up to where it was prior to 2017.

The other dolls in the line used to follow more of a set release schedule but their releases have become more sporadic. Namu is discontinued, his predecessor Taeyang is still being released periodically (previously he was on a bi-monthly schedule). Dal was previously released bi-monthly then released monthly and now her releases have become more sporadic with only two being released in all of 2014. Byul was previously released every other month but her releases have become extremely sporadic, there were two Byul releases in July 2013 then no other releases until January of 2014 and no subsequent releases since then so it is very likely that she has been discontinued.

All Little Pullip (Little Pullip, Little Pullip+, Little Dal +, DoColla) lines are discontinued.

Question- Is there somewhere I can see a complete list of all the released Pullips? Dals? Taeyangs? Namu ? Byul? Isul? Yeolume? Little Pullips and Little Dals?
Answer- Please click on the following links for release lists, please note that I have broken up the Pullip release list into three parts due to extraordinary length.
Pullip Release List Part One (2003-2008 Type 1-3 Pullips) : Pullip Release List Part Two (2009-2013) : Pullip Release List Part Three ( 2014-2018) : Pullip Release List Part Four (2019 & onwards)Taeyang Release List  : Dal Release List : Byul Release List : Isul Release List : Yeolume Release ListNamu Release List  : Little Pullip (Original) Release List : Little Pullip + Release List : Little Dal + Release List: Little Byul Release List : Little Taeyang Release List: DoColla

Question- Why is the Pullip Release List broken up into four parts now? Why divide it up the releases in those categories Part 1: 2003-2008, Part 2: 2009-2013, Part 3: 2014-2018 and Part 4: 2019 onwards?
Answer- We are getting increasingly closer to 300 Pullip releases, I felt it was an overwhelming amount of information for one page but I felt that breaking it up year by year would have been too persnickety as it can frustrating to continually click around a site browsing releases year by year if you aren’t sure of a particular doll’s release year. I tried to find a happy medium by splitting the release list into the three categories and to break them up in as logical a way as possible.

Part 1 covers the early, classic Pullips that were released from 2003-2008, during this time Pullip went from using the type 1 body she debuted on to the type 3 body. The dolls on this page are all already or nearly over 10 years old, because of this they are unlikely to be found as brand new, still readily available for purchase at most Pullip retailers.

Part 2 covers all Pullip releases from 2009-2013, 2009 was the year the new and currently still in use Type 4 body debuted so it seemed as a logical new beginning point for Pullip. 2013 marked the 10th anniversary of Pullip so at the time it seemed like a good point to stop especially since larger collaboration series like the Sailor Moon series started debuting the following year.

Part 3 covers all Pullip releases from 2014 through 2018,  2014 was the year that collaborations started to absolutely dominate the Pullip release schedule. Long running collaboration series that would be released over multiple years such as the second Rozen Maiden collaboration series of dolls as well as the ongoing Sailor Moon collaboration series of dolls that started in 2014 and seems to have concluded in 2018. During this time period Groove’s focus seemed to shift away from mostly original releases and some collaboration releases to mostly collaboration releases with occasional original releases during this time.

Part 4 covers all Pullip releases from 2019 onwards, starting in 2019 Groove seems to  have changed focus once again and is focusing on more original releases.

– Pullip that is a funny sounding name, what does it mean?
Answer- Pullip and all of her friends have names that actually mean something in Korean, sometimes their respective doll boxes even have themed motifs related to that doll’s name for example some early Pullip boxes had a little leaf shaped window on the side of the box, Taeyang frequently has a sun on his box etc.
Pullip 풀잎 Leaf
Namu 나무 Tree
Taeyang 태양 Sun
Dal 달 Moon
Byul 별 Star
Isul 이슬 Dew
Yeolume 열매 Fruit

Question- Are Pullips (and friends) considered to be bjds (ball jointed dolls)?
Answer- No, Pullip and the other members of the Pullip doll line (Namu/ Taeyang/ Dal/ Isul/ Byul/ Yeolume) are Asian fashion dolls. Bjd means ball jointed doll they are strung, have ball joints and are usually but not always made out of resin. This does not make Pullip in any way inferior to bjds it just means they are a different type of doll.

Question- I saw a picture of a doll at Doll Carnival or We ❤ Pullip on Groove’s blog but I don’t see it on the release list? 
Answer- What you more than likely saw was a custom doll produced for the event, Doll Carnival auction dolls can be seen here and dolls produced for We ❤ Pullip event can be seen here.

Question-Where can I buy Pullips?
Answer- Please note all the stores/sites listed below are places I have for the most part personally bought dolls from before, I have some additional stores listed in the links section of my website.

Within the US I buy most of my dolls from Pullipstyle who I could not recommend highly enough, it’s an absolutely amazing store based in the US who have very reasonable prices and top-notch customer service. I have bought over 100 dolls from them without complaint and recommend them without hesitation. JPGroove is the US Pullip distributor, their prices tend to be slightly higher than Pullipstyle’s but they offer some really nice specials from time to time. Most of my new doll purchases comes from either Pullipstyle or JPGroove, some other stores in the US that carry a small selection of Pullip include Doll MarketPopFuzz and Doll Peddler prices and selection vary wildly though.

Outside of the US –  Ordering internationally is not always practical for me as it works out to be more expensive than buying from the US so I have much more limited experience with it in comparison with ordering from US shops. I have not personally ordered from Plasticpop  (closing soon) but I have many friends based in Europe that buy from them and they have always been very happy with their experiences so I feel comfortable recommending them.  Japanese retailers such as AmiamiHobbylinkJapan and Hobbysearch ship everywhere in the world though I will say that HLJ’s packaging can sometimes leave something to be desired. I once purchased an Uncanricky from them, I paid for EMS shipping, unfortunately she was not packaged very well and I was quite dismayed to see her staring back at me through a giant gaping hole in the shipping box when I received her.

There is a forum primarily devoted to buying/selling/trading Pullip secondhand called Dolly Market.

Question -Are there any physical stores where I can buy Pullip in the United States?
Answer- Pullips are hard to find in stores in the US, I’ve almost always managed to spot a few lurking in the dealer’s room at various Anime conventions though not surprisingly it’s almost always anime collaborations that I do find. In the past, I’ve found a Pullip or two lurking at Japanese bookstores/anime stores but they were almost always overpriced like twice of the MSRP. As of this writing, PopFuzz is the only store that carries a wide selection of Pullips that I have visited that is still open. They are located in New York, their prices are very reasonable. Previously there was a store in Waltham, MA called Animadness that carried a good variety of older/newer dolls, they were somewhat local to me but they unfortunately have since closed T_T . I also visited Angelicdreamz in New York which carried a small selection of Pullips but they have since closed as well.

I recently discovered that there is a small anime store in my home state of CT called Akiba Underground that carries a few Pullip family member dolls you can read more about my experience there, here

Question- I’m thinking about buying or selling a doll on secondhand market, but I’d like some advice first. Do you have any suggestions?
Answer-  I have a lot of experience buying/selling/trading dolls my best advice is to use common sense but I do have some other suggestions as well!

As a buyer– Ask any questions you have about the doll before committing to buy. If you need or want more pictures ask, if you feel uneasy about the seller ask for a photo with a piece of paper with their name/date on it. Communicate with the seller, try to respond promptly and to send payment as quickly as possible. When sending payment via Paypal send via Goods & Services NOT Friends & Family, sending via Friends & Family removes any and all buyer protection offered via Paypal. If the doll arrives not as described take pictures and inform the seller immediately, wait for a response before trying to fix it as once you start making repairs/changes to the doll it’s yours and the seller has no way of knowing what you did versus how the doll arrived.

As a seller– Be sure you are ready to part with whatever it is before you put it up for sale, if you are unsure about whether or not you can stand to part with a certain item try packaging up the doll (or other item) and putting away in the closet or other out of the place for a few weeks to see if you miss it or not. If you do decide to sell be sure to post clear pictures of the items you are selling I would strongly considering adding a piece of paper with your username and date on it. Make sure you describe any and all flaws the dolls have, communicate with your buyer making sure to answer any questions they may have. Try to answer any questions promptly. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes when making your post, what would you want to know. Make sure it is clear what is and what is not included in the sale. Be clear on your terms, are you willing to accept a payment plan or willing to hold the doll? Do pack the doll well, ship with tracking if possible if shipping within the US priority comes with tracking and includes $50 of insurance. It is important to note that paypal fees are the responsibility of the seller according to Paypal’s terms of service or TOS. iI you are found in violation of the TOS you could lose your paypal account so it’s easier just to build the fee into the price.

Question- I want to buy a doll off of Yahoo Japan, but can’t figure out how. What do I do? 
Answer- Most Yahoo Japan sellers do not sell internationally so you either need to be lucky enough to know someone in Japan or use the more common route of going through a buying service such as Found in Japan basically you pay them to bid for you and they then forward the package to you. No matter which service you use make sure you look at the fees associated with bidding beforehand as they can add up quickly and then maybe that good deal you spotted ends up not being such a good deal.

Below are some helpful kanji for searching for Pullip on Yahoo Japan
Pullip  プーリップ
Taeyang  テヤン
Dal  ダル
Byul  ビョル
Isul  イスル
Yeolume  ヨルメ

Question- You used some terms I am unfamiliar what does ____ mean?
Answer- These are some common doll terms that may cause some confusion to people new to the hobby or non-doll people ^^;

Ars Gratia Artis/AGA– Mango Park’s design company that is responsible for many Pullip designs their website can be seen here. They are also responsible for the creation of Yeolume.
Bait Doll sold or bought for the express purpose of customizing, is usually flawed in some way.
BDD Bad Dolly Deals watchdog group for dolly deals gone wrong (highly suggested reading)
Cheonsang Cheonha Mango Park’s original company that created Pullip as well as the other sculpts for the Pullip series of dolls, it was a precursor to AGA.
Custom If the doll has had almost all/all of its stock elements changed and is no longer recognizable as the original doll
Customized Doll has been partially customized, it is still somewhat recognizable as it’s stock doll but irreversible changes have been made to it’s face up (ie. lips repainted)
Grail Most desired dream doll normally limited or extremely expensive older release ie. Noir, Fantastic Alice etc.
GrooveThe company that took over Pullip production after Jun Planning declared bankruptcy in spring of 2009.
JP Jun Planning- the original company that made pullips before ownership of pullip was sold to Groove Inc. during the spring of 2009
LE– Limited Edition- Doll is made in smaller numbers than usual and may be exclusive to an event or store.
Mango Park -The creator of Pullips.
Mint– A mint doll is a factory perfect doll. It has no flaws, it’s outfit is perfect. Not all new dolls are mint. For example, dolls that are factory-flawed, even if NRFB, are not mint.
MIO– Make It Own- A line of products released by Groove including everything from blank doll bases to wigs to clothes, ideal for customizing!
MIB Mint in Box
NRFB Not Removed From the Box. Doll has not been removed from the box.
Played With Doll has been played with/handled and is no longer mint
Rewigged Doll has received a new wig
Rechipped Doll has received new eyechips
RebodiedDoll has rebodied with a different body other than it’s stock body
OOAK One of a kind. The doll is a one of a kind custom
Split- Splitting a doll is an agreement between two people to split the doll and it’s respective cost up. Generally one person agrees to take the doll and the other agrees to take the stock, the bulk of the split cost is normally to be beared by the person receiving the doll. The normal split percentage is 60/40 for normal releases & 55/45 for collaborations but rates may vary depending on popularity of a doll’s stock (ie. some doll stock is so unpopular you can’t give it away).
Sleep Eyes- Refers to eye mechanism that allow dolls to keep their eyes completely closed this includes Taeyang Hash and all subsequent Taeyang releases, Pullip Ayanami Rei and all subsequent Pullip releases and all Isul releases. Please note Dal, Byul and Yeolume lack the ability to blink their eyes so none of them of them have a sleep eye function.
Stock The clothing/accessories that originally came with the doll.

Question- Which doll should I get as my first?
Answer- That is a difficult question as it is different for everyone, first some general suggestions –

– If you are in market for a new doll I highly recommend buying from Pullipstyle, they are a very reliable seller with top-notch customer service. If you have any questions they are always super helpful!

– If you are looking to customize immediately I highly recommend MIO (Make it Own) kits which are blank Pullip kits you put together yourself and are ideal for customizing.

–   I highly recommend going through and looking at all the different releases before making a decision. There is a group on flickr Pullippedia which serves as a directory to groups dedicated to each pullip release (you do not need to be a member of flickr to browse the groups but you do to comment/post) that is a great resource for owner photos of pullips, I highly recommend looking at owner photos as the promotional images/fliers sometimes don’t always accurately portray the doll sometimes they just don’t do the dolls justice, reviews can also be a great resource. Something to keep in mind is that some dolls are harder to find than others, while the original Kirakishou is a gorgeous doll she is also limited and has become quite expensive and sought after she is also fragile (she was released towards the end of the type 3 bodies so she is prone to wrist crack) therefore probably not the best choice for someone’s first Pullip.

Dolls I would personally recommend as good starter dolls include: Pullip Akemi, Pullip Merl, Pullip Alice du Jardin, Pullip Regeneration Paja, Isul Nekoneko Mao,  Dal DeLorean and Taeyang ReonHARDT. Why these dolls? They are great dolls as is if you wish to keep your dolls completely stock but they also have great potential for making them your own (rewigging/rechipping). I also based my choices on quality/versatility of stock and tried to avoid dolls with overly fussy wigs.  Again these are just suggestions.

Question: What age are Pullips appropriate for? 
Answer: I see a lot of people googling for this and ending up here ^^;. The back of the box says 16 years old but there is really no cut and dry answer as every kid is different. Pullips have fragile bodies and a complex eye mechanism in their heads, they are also relatively expensive so use your common sense when deciding whether or not to buying a Pullip would be appropriate for your child.

Originally the Pullip community was primarily comprised of women in their mid-to late twenties, it has shifted a bit downwards more recently so college age tends to be the new norm.

Question- I have heard P.U.D.D.L.E. mentioned what is it?
Answe- Puddle is Pullip and Dal Doll Lovers Event. Puddle is a convention for Pullip lovers hosted by the very devoted fan, Truefan. It takes place in the Chicago, Illinois area every year some time in early June. I was lucky enough to attend Puddle in 2013 you can read my write up of it here.

Question: I’ve heard you mention something about a Doll Carnival, what the heck is that?
Answer: Starting winter of 2007, Jun Planning started hosting a yearly one day event to show off new and upcoming dolls as well as prototypes. It has been held every year since then and there have even been exclusive LE dolls available only to those attending the event. Doll Carnival was discontinued in 2014.

Question: I want a custom Pullip, how do I go about getting a custom Pullip?
Answer: There are a couple of different approaches to get custom dolls.

Do it yourself! The easiest way to is to customize the dolls yourself, all you need is a bait doll or MIO (Make it Own) kit and the right supplies. If you are thinking about customizing a doll yourself be realistic about your skill set and don’t try customizing a doll unless you can afford to destroy the doll you are working on. I highly recommend Requiemart‘s site as it has many tutorials on customizing.

Commission it! I have commissioned custom dolls by Requiemart, papermoonpixie, myufish and zerohour269. Generally speaking if you want to commission a custom, you need to provide the base doll and supplies such as wig and eye chips for the customizer unless you work some other type of arrangement out ahead of time. You also want to give your customizer as many descriptions/details about what you are looking for as possible. Some customizers are better at certain things than others, look at their portfolio/previous custom dolls see what their skill set is if they excel at bright colors/fantasy face ups maybe they aren’t the best person to do your natural custom with a neutral color scheme. Each customizer charges their own rates, some may  charge more than others and depending what you want ie. how complicated it is the price may go up, make sure you can actually afford the agreed upon price before committing. Sometimes you may have to wait a while as your ideal customizer is not open for commissions or they may have a wait list.

Just buy the damn thing already!  Customs can be found at Etsy, eBay and dolly market. Of course sometimes, the perfect doll is already out in the world waiting for you! For example, I happened to find Requiemart‘s X/1999 custom Hinoto for sale on secondary market. It is kind of luck of the draw of when/if the doll ever happens to pop up for sale and if funds allow at the time.  If there is a custom I am really in love with I will make a mental note of who the owner is and keep a keen eye on their sales threads just in case. It is generally frowned upon to contact the owner of a doll out of the blue and ask to buy it unless they have stated intentions of selling, you should not pest the current owner.

As a note it is important to remember that custom dolls are unique they are literally one a kind (OOAK) , popular characters from anime or manga for example are obviously going to have several customs based off of them but even then your custom needs to remain your own, make it unique! While it is okay to be inspired by the work of others straight up copying a doll isn’t cool and is frowned on within the doll community.

Questions about Releases
Question- Which Dolls are limited? Just how limited are they?
Answer- List of limited edition dolls broken down by just how limited they are is below, it i work noting that normally a few extra dolls are produced in case of quality control issues etc so the true number of a LE 500 doll is more than likely like 506 or 507.
LE12: Pullip Enjoy Carol &  Pullip Enjoy Arietta
LE50: Taeyang Demon Kogure, Taeyang Xenon Ishikawa, Taeyang Sgt. Luke Takamura, Taeyang Raiden Yuzawa,  Taeyang Jail O’hashi, Pullip Veritas Special Version & Pullip Monochrome Alice LE Version
LE68: Pullip Bloody Red Lolli Version
LE80: Taeyang Black Jack Variant
LE250: Pullip Super Stella, Dal Vendettina & Pullip Miku Yokohama Dollhouse Version
LE300: Pullip Leprotto, Pullip Savon, Happy Birthday Pullip 1, Happy Birthday Pullip 2, Pullip Isolde, Pullip Lala, Pullip Sala, Pullip Sola, Pullip Yuki Poster Version, Pullip Yuki Movie Versions, Pullip Myra, Happy Birthday Namu 1, Happy Birthday Namu 2, Dal Jouet & Dal Chanti, Taeyang Mi-chan Special Version
LE400: Pullip Batgirl SDCC Version, Pullip Batgirl Wonder Festival Version, Pullip Catwoman SDCC Version, Pullip Catwoman Wonder Festival Version, Pullip Froggy, Pullip Harley Quinn & Pullip Amelia
LE500: Pullip Spring Purezza, Pullip Vivien, Pullip Winter Purezza, Pullip Summer Purezza, Pullip Haute LA, Pullip Another Alice, Pullip Another Queen, Pullip Haute NY, Pullip Dorothy, Pullip Wonder Woman, Pullip Hannah, Pullip Aira, Dal Another Soldier Rabbit, Dal Another Clock Rabbit, Taeyang Another King, Taeyang Tinman, Taeyang Cowardly Lion, Taeyang Scarecrow, Taeyang Batman, Taeyang Hide Doubt Limited Version, Taeyang Hide Psyence, Taeyang Hitsugi, Taeyang Ni-ya, Taeyang Ruki, Taeyang Sakito, Taeyang Saejima Kouga,Taeyang Suzumura Rei and Isul Yomi
LE600: Pullip Bianca & Pullip Mitzi
LE1000: Pullip Kirakishou (2007), Pullip Detective Shinku & Taeyang Gackt
LE1200: Pullip Fall Purezza
LE2000: Pullip Eos, Taeyang Gyro, Byul Rhiannon, Dal Ra Muw & Isul Apollo

The following dolls were announced as either limited or special editions but no further details were given about edition numbers, so it’s not really known if or how limited they actually are etc:  Pullip Chloi, Pullip Clara, Dal Sweet Risa, Pullip Banshee, Isul Sith, Pullip Pink Romantic Alice, Isul Nekoneko Mao, Pullip Alice du Jardin Mint, Pullip Regeneration Noir, Pullip Regeneration Principessa, Pullip Regeneration Anne, Pullip Regeneration Paja, Pullip Regeneration Moon, Pullip Kiddyland Kiyomi, Pullip Snow Miku, Pullip Ririko, Pullip Nanette, Pullip Pere Noel, Pullip Rche, Pullip Princess Sapphire, Pullip Luna, Pullip Violette, Pullip Hortense, Pullip Ally, Pullip Supergirl, Pullip Kuhn, Pullip Hello Kitty x Tokidoki Special version, Pullip Merl Jolie Shop Version, Pullip Harley Quinn Dress Version, Pullip Wonder Woman Dress Version and Etoile.

While not technically limited edition dolls, Pullip Fanatica and Pullip Lan Ai were produced in smaller numbers than other releases at the time of their release.

Question- Do all the Limited Edition dolls come with numbered certificates? If not, which ones do? 
Answer- Some do, some don’t. Older limited edition dolls releases pretty consistently came with them but the newer limited editions don’t always come with them.

Limited Edition Dolls that come with a Numbered Certificate-  Pullip Leprotto, Pullip Savon,  Pullip & Namu Happy Birthday Pullip Sets 1 & 2, Pullip Bianca, Pullip Oren, all of the seasonal Pullip Purezzas (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter), Pullip Mitzi, Pullip Vivien, Pullip Haute LA & the Steampunk Set (Pullip Eos, Taeyang Gyro, Byul Rhiannon, Dal Ra Muw & Isul Apollo) & Pullip Myra
Limited Edition Dolls that do not come with a Numbered Certificate- The Another set (Pullip Another Alice, Pullip Another Queen, Taeyang Another King, Dal Another Soldier Rabbit & Dal Another Clock Rabbit), Pullip Kirakishou, Dal Jouet, Pullip Detective Shinku, Wizard of Oz Set (Pullip Dorothy, Taeyang Tinman, Taeyang Cowardly Lion & Taeyang Scarecrow), Pullip Lala, Pullip Sola, Pullip Sala, Pullip Isolde, Dal Chanti, Pullip Clara, Dal Sweet Risa, Pullip Chloi, Pullip Snow Miku, both versions of Pullips Gothic & Lolita Psycho Yuki as well as both versions of Pullips Catwoman and Batgirl, Pullip Wonder Woman, Pullip Supergirl, Taeyang Batman, Pullip Harley Quinn, Pullip Aira, Pullip Super Stella & Dal Vendettina.

Question-  Do Pullips have a shiny finish to their faces similar to Blythe or do their faces have a matte finish? 
Answer- Most Pullips have a matte finish, some Pullips especially some of the earlier releases have a shiny finish instead.  Pullips with shiny finishes include Pullip Wind, Pullip Debut (Wind with bike), Pullip Moon, Pullip Street, Pullip Squall, Pullip Carol, Pullip Noir, Pullip Leprotto, Pullip Bouquet and Pullip Withered, Pullip Enjoy Carol, Pullip Venus, Pullip Nomado, Pullip Savon, Pullip Bianca, Pullip Happy Birthday Pullip II/Sacagawea, Pullip Nahh-ato and Pullip Ala. Pullip Regeneration Moon and Pullip Regeneration Noir are also shiny like their original counterparts. To the best of my knowledge all Isul, Dal, Byul and Yeolume have matte faces. Most Taeyang have a matte finish with two rather unique exceptions Taeyang Captain Hook and Taeyang Tin Man have a shiny finish. The only other doll in the Pullip family of dolls that sometimes had a shiny finish was Namu most of which had the shiny faces, I believe Happy Birthday Namu 2 is the only exception but I have limited experience with Namu.

Question- What are Regeneration dolls?
Answer- Groove announced a new line of dolls in 2012, the Regeneration series of dolls are dolls based on popular past releases but with the newer headmold. Groove claimed that the Regeneration series of dolls was released due to popular demand among fans. Seven Pullips were released as a part of this line Regeneration Fantastic Alice, Regeneration Fanatica, Regeneration Moon, Regeneration Anne of Green Gables, Regeneration Noir, Regeneration Principessa and Regeneration Paja. Only Pullips were released as a part of this line. Fan reception to the Regeneration series of dolls was somewhat mixed.
Paja Face Up comparisonPersonally I feel like the sweeter character designs like Paja and Fantastic Alice translated better to Regeneration series of dolls than the more wicked character designs like Noir and Principessa. Regeneration Paja pictured above seems to retain the spirit of the original better than the Regeneration Principessa pictured below.
Principessa face up comparison with regenerationI have created a page with a complete list including side by side comparisons that can be seen here .

Question- What are Premium Pullips?
Answer- In 2016 Groove announced a new line called Premium Pullips, the Premium Pullip series is similar to the Regeneration series dolls in that they are based off of popular previous releases but this time with a twist such as new color variations, as well as supposedly including new higher quality materials for the outfit and some new design elements. So far only three dolls have been announced as a part of the line Pullip Kiyomi mint ice cream version, Pullip Romantic Alice Monochromatic version & Pullip Veritas Deep Crimson Version . Both versions of Kiyomi are pictured below.
kiyomiAll of the dolls as a part of the line can be seen here.

Question- What are collaborations? Which dolls are collaborations?
Answer- Collaborations are when Groove works with another company and releases a pullip that is inspired by the other company’s products the best example of this is the Tokidoki Pullip Luna. Fans of both brands (Pullip and Tokidoki) rejoiced at her release and maybe new fans of both brands were introduced through the collaboration of the two company. Jun Planning/Groove Inc have collaborated with different anime shows to release dolls dressed as characters, clothing companies, Sanrio and Disney. Several dolls based on Audrey Hepburn based in how she appeared in films have also been released. A complete list of all the collaboration dolls with photos can be seen here. There are also releases based on public domain characters such as Fantastic Alice (Alice in Wonderland), Little Red Riding Hood and Anne of Green Gables.

Question: What does Creator’s Label mean?
Answer: The Creator’s Label series are a series of dolls that are collaborations with Groove famous/popular doll customizers and seamstresses from around the world. A good example of a Creator’s Label doll is Pullip Akemi who was designed by Sheryl Designs, a Spanish customizer. A list of all of the Creator’s Label dolls with photos can be seen here.

Question- What are MIO kits? How often they are produced?
Answer- MIO or Make It Own kits are blank customizable doll kits ideal for customization. So far Pullip MIO kits have been released in five colors: Pale (skin tone is similar to that of Pullip Wilhelmenia), Natural (skin tone is similar to that of Pullip Nostalgia Merl), Fair (skin tone is similar to that of Pullip Kuhn), Tanned (skin tone is similar to that of Byul Cheshire Cat)  and Mocha (skin tone is similar to that of Pullip Nahh-ato). Below is a comparison of the dolls that are equivalent to the first four released Pullip kits: Tanned, Fair, Natural & Pale.
MIO Skin tonesIn addition to Pullip kits, Taeyang, Isul and Dal kits have also been released. The MIO production schedule is a bit odd, new kits aren’t put on the production schedule until they are almost sold out of whichever kit is in stock so there are times when none are in stock, the other dolls Taeyang, Isul and Dal seem to be on a rotating production schedule.

Question- UGH I want to customize but I can’t find MIO kits anywhere, what’s the deal? Why aren’t MIO kits in continuous production? I want to customize what do I do now?
Answer-  As of this writing, MIO Mocha Dal kits are still available to purchase on Pullipstyle.

Regarding availability of MIO kits in general it’s kind of complicated; Groove never said that they would continually produce MIO kits, I know that had been the community’s hope but for whatever reason it seems as though Groove has decided not to make their production a priority for them right now.  I don’t believe Groove has completely discontinued them but at the same time I don’t anticipate that we will be seeing them in stock with any sort of regularity and it may be quite some time in between when we do see new batches of MIO kits. Groove knows they are a popular product but there are likely a lot of other factors that have to be taken into consideration when making production decisions and not just their popularity. I’m frustrated as well.

Something that must be taken into consideration is that MIO/Make It Own kits did not exist before fall of 2013 but people have been customizing since Pullip debuted way back in 2003, everyone either had to wait and hope for a bait doll to pop up for sale or for a good deal/advantageous split to get a custom base. No one actually needs a MIO kit to customize, I know the kits are ideal for customization but if they aren’t available at the time and you want to customize right now then I recommend checking out things like JPGroove’s sample sale. There are some low cost doll options there that while not quite as cheap as a MIO kit would work as great custom bases, the sample doll’s stock outfit could also be sold to get back part of the cost. I know that there are not dolls with all of the different skin tones as the MIO kits available but for now at least it’s an available alternative until the next batch of MIO kits comes in stock.

Question- Are dolls ever remade/re-released?
Answer- In recent years, Groove has been re-releasing some doll releases. It’s somewhat of a divisive issue on the one hand it’s a great way to get a doll you may have missed out on because you got in the hobby too late or you just waited too long on the other hand if you already own the doll that is is getting re-released it may impact it’s value.

Will a certain doll be re-released? I can’t say, I don’t know all of the criteria used to make that decision I will say it primarily seems to be popular Pullip releases, it’s pretty rare for a Taeyang or Dal to be remade. I do know if it was a doll that took several years to sell out or that got put on sale it’s a lot less likely to be remade. It is important to note that no limited edition dolls have been remade.

Question- Aren’t Wind and Debut the same doll? Why do you have them listed differently?
Answer- Debut was actually the first doll released and while she is essentially Wind with a bike she does have a different product number than Wind so they are listed separately.

Question- What’s the difference between the two different Gothic & Lolita Psycho Yuki releases?
Both YukisAnswer- Pullip Yuki Poster Version (red eye) is based on how Gothic & Lolita Psycho Yuki appears on the film’s poster with a demonic red eye. This version is limited to 300 and comes with a signed photo of the star of the Gothic & Lolita Psycho film. The other version Pullip Yuki Movie Version is based on Yuki’s appearance in the film.

Question- Are real fur/animal products used in Pullip’s stock?
Answer- Jun Planning/Groove has always maintained that they do not use animal products BUT evidence proves otherwise. I will not comment on the ethics involved in using fur for doll clothes but please aware that it is a possibility that fur or other animal products have been used in some dolls’ stock clothing (not all). Fur is generally not used for fur suits such as Dal Jouet’s, if real fur is used most of the time it is used for trim like on Fanatica/Regeneration Fanatica’s boots.

Question- Stands, what can you tell me about stands? Does Pullip come with a Stand? 
Answer- Originally Pullip did not come with a stand, stands did not start coming with dolls until Pullip’s second year starting with Pullip Principessa’s release. The original stands were metal, most were plain metallic stands with the doll type printed on them (Pullip/ Dal/ Taeyang/Namu) but some stands from collaboration series have logos from series they were from (the stands from Rozen Maiden series of dolls for example all had the Rozen Maiden logo on them). Starting with the release of Pullip My Melody in 2008 all dolls now come with a plastic stand. The two most common colors for the plastic stands are white or bronze but they been released in a rainbow of colors. Most of the plastic doll stands are unmarked but some of the collaboration dolls stands have logos from their respective series. The only newer dolls that do not come with stands are dolls from the My Select series and the Make It Own kits. Below is a side by side picture of one of the old style metal stands and one of the newer plastic stands.
IMG_0716Alternatively if you do not like the included stand Kaiser doll stands work well for Pullip, they can be purchased online via Amazon etc or at stores like AC Moore or Hobby Lobby.

Question- Oh no my older Pullip has yellowing what can I do? 
Answer- Requiemart recently covered this subject on her website here, I highly suggest checking it out as she definitely had success with it. This method also works on Blythes and may work on BJDs as well.

Body Related Questions..
Question- Body Types? I heard something about different body types, what can you tell me about the different body types?
Answer: There are four different Pullip body types that have been released over the years each has their own faults and benefits. Pullip’s bust seems to becoming smaller and smaller with each body type.
Pullip Body ComparisonType 1- Jun Planning hadn’t quite perfected the putting a large head on a smaller body technology yet so the necks were incredibly weak and prone to snapping especially on dolls with more voluminous hair like Pullip Squall. Other issues include thighs prone to splitting and very visible screws. All Type 1 dolls have a three part head including a scalp piece with rooted hair. The Type 1 body type was only used in 2003 (Enjoy Carol also had the Type 1 body but was released in 2004) before being replaced by the Type 2 body type.

Type 2- In 2004, the Type 2 Pullip body type debuted. The Type 2 body had a soft torso, over time it has become an issue as it can cause melt when coming into contact with other parts of the body for example neck melt on Type 2 Pullips is especially common. The soft torso was also much more susceptible to staining  when wearing dark colors such as black and red. Other issues include tummy pop which is when the torso pops out of place and doesn’t sit properly on the hips there is a tutorial on how to fix it by Requiemart here.  Over time the body parts can loosen up resulting in a floppy doll and hands have an awful habit of disappearing. Type 2 Pullips had the three part head design like the Type 1 Pullip but only a handful of early releases having rooted hair Venus, Savon, Nomado & Bianca all other Type 2 releases had wigs.

Type 3- Starting mid-way through 2005 the new Type 3 body debuted with the dual releases of Pullips Lan Ake and Lan Ai. The Type 3 body was the sturdiest body type released so far but it also had a limited range of poseability especially with it’s hinged wrists, the wrists would later become a problem mid-way through 2007 when several dolls including Pullips Another Alice and Another Queen who has no known matching body had incredibly weak wrists prone to breaking. The wrist issue seemed to have been resolved by the end of 2007. In early 2008, starting with Pullip Ayanami Rei a new sleep function was debuted as well as a two part head versus the three part head that had been in use all the way back through the Type 1 body.

Type 4- The Type 4 body debuted in 2009 with the release Pullip Neo Noir and is still in use today. There are now more Type 4 Pullips than all of the other Pullip body types combined. The Type 4 is the most sturdy and poseable body released to date. Type 4 Pullips have their neckhole placed farther forward than previous Pullip releases which gives them a little bit of a different appearance as their head is now slightly tilted upwards. The only really faults with the Type 4 Pullip are that the hands are easy to detach and subsequently lose and I personally hate the knees as they can bend backwards.

Question: Which Pullips have which body type? 
Type 1
– All 2003 Pullip releases -Wind, Debut (Wind with bike), Moon, Street, Squall, Carol, Noir, Leprotto, Bouquet and Withered. Enjoy Carol was a redressed Pullip Carol that was released in 2004 at a doll party in Japan, she also came on the Type 1 Pullip body because she was just a redressed version of Carol.

Type 2– January 2004 Venus through June 2005 Paja- Includes Pullips Venus, Savon, Nomado, Arietta, Anne Shirley, Bianca, Nero, Happy Birthday Pullip 1, Principessa, Fantastic Alice, Oren, Spring Purezza, Panda, Fourrure, Mitzi, Little Red Riding Hood, Sacralita, Vivien, Fanatica, Chicca, Winter Purezza, Afternoon, Mercu, Jupi, Assa, Happy Birthday Pullip 2 & Paja.

Type 3– Starts with the Lan twins in August 2005 and continues through December 2008 release Adsiltia – Includes Pullips Lan Ake, Lan Ai, Summer Purezza, Rovam, Greggia, Latte, Raphia, Cornice, Rida, Fall Purezza, Holly, Nina, Nahh-ato, Eternia, Craziia, Papin, Brand New Purezza, Zuora, Shinku, Chill, Haute LA, Suigintou, Stica, Suiseiseki, Alte, Souseiseki, Blanche, Barasuishou, Aquel, Another Alice, Another Queen, Hello Kitty, Kirakishou, Veritas, Prunella, Haute NY, My Melody, Rei, Asuka, Dorothy, Detective Shinku, Dita, Xiao Fan, Youtsuzu, Celsiy, Cinciallegra, Kirsche, Marianne, Isolde and Adsiltia.

Type 4– Started with Pullip Neo Noir in January 2009 and is still used today! Includes Pullips Neo Noir, Kaela, Grell, Clarity, Angelique, Mir, Lala, Sola, Sala, Sfoglia, Princess Ann, Peter Pan, Naomi, Aya, Elisabeth, Chelsea, Sabrina,Shan-ria, Saras, Eos, Tiphona, Melissa, Bonita, Ddalgi, Lunatic Alice, Amarri, Akoya, Clara, Chloi, Ludmilla, Jaldat, Prupate, Miku, Yuki (poster), Yuki (movie), Henri, Snow Miku, Date Masumune, Romantic Alice Blue, Catwoman SDCC, Catwoman WF, Batgirl SDCC, Batgirl WF, Luka, Banshee, Romantic Alice Pink, Yomi, Homura, Mami, LOL Miku, Nella, Yona, Seila, Victorique, Regeneration Fanatica, Regeneration Alice, Si’anna, Ou’vera, Alice du Jardin, Regeneration Anne, Regeneration Moon, Meiko, Kiyomi, Regeneration Noir, Pulliphine IX, Regeneration Paja, Kiddyland Kiyomi, Merl, Wonder Woman, Galene, Regeneration Principessa, Froggy, Yuri, Alice du Jardin Mint, Ririko, Snow White, Harley Quinn, Fraulein, Midnight Velvet, Retro Nella, Aurora, Nanette, Pere Noel, Rche, Princess Sapphire, Luna, Karen, Francois Arnoul, Princess Rosalind, Classical White Rabbit, Merl Nostalgia Version, Girl with a Pearl Earring, Milk Latte, Oscar Francois, Marie Antoinette, Classical Alice, Hortense, Violette, Wilhelmenia, Dahlia Cinderella, Supergirl, Ally, Io, Eloise, Myra, Akemi, Kuhn, Hino, Hannah, Canele, Varele, La Robe Vert Clair, Favorite Ribbon, Tokidoki Lunarosa, Dilettante, Sakura Miku, Keikujyaku, Shinku, Vanessa, Aira, Kore, Tokidoki x Hello Kitty Violetta, Suigintou 2014, Kirakishou 2014, Sailor Moon, Tokidoki Super Stella, Classical Alice Sepia Version, Meg, Hina Ichigo, Scarlet, Sailor Mercury, Carmilla, Sailor Venus, Princess Serenity, Nana-chan, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Laura, Suiseiseki 2015, Souseiseki 2015, Kanaria, Alice in Steampunk Land, Sailor Uranus, Mad Hatter in Steampunk Land, Sailor Neptune, Luna human version, Sailor Pluto, Eve Sweet, Alura, La Robe Vert Clair, Favorite Ribbon Chocolate Version, Naoko, Sailor V, Black Lady, My Melody x HEN-NAKO, Fox, Rose, Premium Pullip Kiyomi Mint Ice Cream Version, Sailor Star Fighter, Gretel, Sailor Star Maker, Sailor Star Healer, Callie, Cassie, Premium Pullip Romantic Alice Monochrome Version, veryBerryPOP, Premium Pullip Veritas Deep Crimson Version, Super Sailor Moon, Wonder Woman Dress Version, Harley Quinn Dress Version, Ha-ha, Amelia, Queen Serenity, Bonnie, Marie and Mistress 9 etc

Question- You mentioned something about type 3 Pullips getting wrist crack, what’s that? Which releases are impacted?
Answer- The wrists on type 3 Pullip are more or less a hinge joint, which means they have extremely limited mobility but for years there were not really any issues with this. In 2007, there were several releases that had wrists that were extremely fragile and prone to breaking, I’ve even seen some break while the doll was still in the box.

The dolls most impacted by this issue include Pullip Suiseiseki (2007), Souseiseki (2007), Blanche, Barasuishou, Aquel, Uncanricky, Another Alice, Another Queen, Kirakishou (2007) and Hello Kitty. It’s especially annoying with the Another series dolls as they don’t really have any readily available body replacements that match their skintone.

Question- Which Pullip body type is best?
Answer- That is a highly subjective question, it’s all a matter of taste. Personally if sticking with stock bodies, I’d like a Type 3 body with the arms of a Type 4 for the additional poseability. Why not just go for a Type 4? I don’t care for the way that the knees can bend backwards on a Type 4, every time it happens it makes me cringe a little ^^; .

Question- What are the sewing measurements of the different body types?
Answer- Images taken from pullip.net

Question- Height Comparison between pullips and friends? Other dolls of similar size ?
Answer- Here is a shot of pullip and crew, Namu and Taeyang have the same body so for simplicity’s sake I only included Taeyang. Dal and Byul also have the same body.
Yeolume vs Dal vs Byul vs Isul vs Pullip vs TaeyangCompared to blythe, mama chapp, azone etc

Question- Ack my doll broke or I hate ___ type of body, can I rebody a pullip?
Answer – As a part of Groove’s new MIO line doll bodies are now available to be purchased separately through retailers such as Pullipstyle. Pullips can also be rebodied with other types of bodies too, the most popular choices for rebodying pullip are obitsu and volks. Some people rebody all of their pullips for aesthetics/poseability others have all their dolls on their respective stock bodies, it’s a matter of personal taste. It is important to note that all not pullips have a skintone that can be easily matched, the Another series of dolls are just one example of dolls that are not an easy match. Obitsus can be bought from Junkyspot or HLJ, several other stores carry them as well they are available in a variety of colors and sizes (23 cm, 25 cm, 27cm). They are also available in two body types soft bust or hard bust, as well in a variety of bust sizes. 27cm is the preferred size for rebodying a pullip but 25cm and 23cm can also be used and can be good to represent a younger character or if a variety in heights is desired. Volks are another popular choice, they are not as prevalent as obitsu they can be purchased through VolksUSA . They are also available in a variety of bust sizes. Requiemart has excellent tutorials on how to rebody dolls with either body type obitsu and volks. The newer Made to Move Barbies and Liv dolls are also popular choices for rebodying especially for darker/tan skinned Pullips.

Question- What clothing fits who?
Answer- This list is by no means definitive and is based on my own personal experience. If you are able to sew I wholeheartedly recommend Requiemart’s patterns on Etsy as she has a great variety of stuff especially for Dals/Byuls and her patterns are easy to follow.

Pullip- Pullip can wear most 1/6 clothing including Momoko clothing, Jenny clothing, modern Barbie clothing (the 80s stuff from your childhood still lurking in the attic is too big), Azone clothing, Liv doll clothing, some Blythe dresses depending on design (avoid the shorter designs as they become even more scandalously short on Pullip). Pullip can also wear clothing from other Groove lines such as Sasha, Hestia and J-doll. Type 1 and Type 2 Pullip have large feet while Monster High & Ever After High clothing is too small to fit them, their shoes fit wonderfully!

Dal/Byul- Dal and Byul share the same body type, they can fit into normal sized Ever After High doll clothing (not the clothing designed for dolls on the shorter bodies such as Lizzie Hearts, Maddie Hatter, Bunny Blanc etc), Licca clothing, re-ment clothing, Blythe clothing can be hit or miss as Blythe is a bit more barrel chested than Dal/Byul, vintage Skipper clothing, some Monster High and Bratz doll clothing may fit but the skirts tend to be scandalously short and some clothing may not close all the way in the back. Moxie doll clothing is a good fit for the most part. Dal and Byul can share most clothing like dresses with Pullip it’s just larger on them than it is on Pullip, pants are way too big.

Taeyang/Namu-Taeyang and Namu can wear Ken clothing/shoes, Ever After High boy doll clothing/shoes, most 1/6 action figure doll clothing including Hot Toys.

Isul- Isul can wear hand-me-downs from his big sister Pullip, most of her clothing fits him. He can also wear clothing from Monster High boy dolls and shirts from Bratz boys (pants are too short!). Some Barbie jeans may fit him.

Yeolume- Yeolume fits Bratz clothing really well.

Wig & Eye Questions
Question What size wig do pullips use? Where can I buy wigs for pullip?
Answer- Generally speaking pullips take size 8-9 but a few companies run a bit small in which case going up a size 9-10 is advised. Popular wig companies include CanCan and Jpopdolls. Somewhat luckily pullip has approximately the same size as Super Dollfie sized bjd and therefore bjd shops have wigs that will work for pullip Cotindoll, Formydoll, Kon’D, Leekeworld and Luts (as a note they tend to run a little on the smaller size so I use 9/10 for Pullip/Taeyang/Isul and 8/9 for Dal/Byul), Beachgirlnikitas sells really nice quality fur wigs for reasonable prices. One thing of note is that Denver Doll and FabricFriendsandDolls carry some wigs by the listed bjd companies, they are the same wigs but it may be a little cheaper to order through them if they have it in stock because of the shipping most bjd companies are based overseas and shipping for a single wig can be fairly expensive but DD and FFD are both based in the US. Pullipstyle has recently begun selling a selection of Luts wigs in Pullip friendly sizes in addition to wigs from the MIO/Make It Own line.

Question – What size wigs do other members of the Pullip family wear? 
Answer: As listed below…
Dal/Byul– 7/8 is ideal, 8/9 may work but may be a little loose (I use 8/9 Luts and they fit really well).
Isul – 8/9 is ideal, 9/10 may work but may be a little loose( I use 9/10 Luts and they fit really well). .
Taeyang/Namu– 8/9, 9/10 may work but may be a little loose( I use 9/10 Luts and they fit really well). .
Little Pullips/Dals/Byuls/Taeyang– 4/5

Question-Which pullips have rooted hair? How can I rewig them?
Answer- All of the 2003 pullips: Wind, Debut, Moon, Street, Squall, Carol, Noir, Leprotto, Bouquet and Withered as well as Venus, Nomado and Bianca have rooted hair. Rewigging them can be a bit difficult, releases with shorter hair can just have their hair tucked into slightly larger wigs (ie. Street’s scalp can be successfully tucked up into a blythe sized wig), if you want to rewig a girl with longer hair you either have to buy a blank scalp or shave/give an extremely short haircut to the scalp. Blank scalps can now be bought via CoolCat.

Question- I’ve heard people mention fur wigs and mohair wigs, what are they and what’s the difference? Do any stock dolls come with these types of wigs?
Fur wigs are made from fake or craft fur, they are very popular rewigging choices particularly for boys. Fur wigs are generally inexpensive, they are available in a variety of colors and can be styled in such a way that most wigs could not.
ValkoThe following Pullip family dolls came with fur wigs as their stock wigs: Taeyang MJ (who has probably the most universally reviled stock wig of all time), Taeyang Timulus, Taeyang Hash, Taeyang Edward Scissorhands, Taeyang Horizon, Taeyang Valko (pictured above), Taeyang Koichi, Dal Monomo, Dal Another Clock Rabbit & Dal Edge.
GlendaUnlike fur wigs, mohair wigs are actually made from real fur commonly from goat or sheep they often come attached to a wig cap made from a sheep’s pelt. Pullip Papin is the only doll that comes stock with a mohair wig, pictured above wearing her stock wig and below wearing a mohair wig made by sleepingelf. Mohair wigs are generally a more expensive rewigging alternative,they are available in a variety of colors and are incredibly soft.
Chase the rainbow!

Question- Let’s talk about eyes, who can just move their eyes from side to side and who can blink/close their eyes? Who can keep their eyes closed? 
Pullip Pullip has always been able to move her eyes from side to side and “wink” her eyes ie. you could manually close her eyelids but they were unable to remain closed on their own. Starting with Pullip Ayanami Rei’s release in 2008 Pullip gained the “sleep eye” ability where Pullip could keep her eyes closed though her eyes didn’t quite close all the way (which I have nicknamed the “drunken mech”) , when Pullip changed to the type 4 body in 2009 her eye mechanism was again revised and she was able to close her eyes more fully. Starting in late 2016 with the release of Pullip Cheshire Cat in Steampunk World, Pullip gained the ability to partially close her eyes as well as have her eyes fully opened and fully closed.
Taeyang  Taeyang has always been able to move his eyes from side to side and “wink” his eyes ie. you could manually close his eyelids but they were unable to remain closed on their own. Starting with Taeyang Hash’s release the “sleep eye” ability was introduced and Taeyang gained the ability to keep his eyes closed.
Isul Isul has always been able to move his eyes from side to side as well as had the “sleep eye” ability  where he could keep his eyes closed.
Dal Dal lacks the ability to wink/close her eyes but she is able to move her eyes from side to side.
Byul Byul lacks the ability to wink/close her eyes but she is able to move her eyes from side to side.
Yeolume Yeolume lacks the ability to wink/close her eyes but she is able to move her eyes from side to side.

Question- You mentioned that Pullip Cheshire Cat in Steampunk World has a new eye mechanism, what can you tell me about it? What other Pullips have this new eye mechanism?
Answer- Pullip Cheshire Cat in Steampunk World debuted a new style of Pullip eye mechanism that allows Pullip’s eyelids a new partially closed position instead of just fully open or fully closed. The new eyelid position gives Pullip a subtle little change of expression. You can read about the eye mechanism a bit more in depth here or get a closer look at what it looks like on the inside here.
Eyes fully opened
New eyelid position eyes partially open
Eyes fully closed

Despite the fact that she came out in the same month as Pullip Cheshire Cat, Pullip Taffy does not have the new style of eye mechanism. So far Pullip Lupinus, Pullip Katrina, Pullip Optical Alice and all subsequent Pullip releases have the new style of eye mechanism.

Question- What size eyechips do Pullips & friends wear? Where can I buy eyechips?  How do I change the eyechips?  (Updated with corrected information 7/23/2018)
Answer-  Eyechips can be bought at Coolcat, a variety are also available via etsy I personally like ThePersnickitiePixie’s shop. The MIO or Make It Own line also has some eyechips available and can be purchased via Pullipstyle or JPGroove. Teddy bear eyes can be used as eyechips for Pullip but it may interfere with their ability to blink/close their eyes except for Dal/Byul/Yeolume who naturally lack that ability anyway.
Pullip originally wore 12mm eyechips but the size increased to 13mm in 2010 upon the release of Pullip Melissa, every Pullip released subsequent to her release (including MIO kits) have the 13mm chips.
Taeyang/Namu wears 12mm eyechips.
Isul wears 12mm eyechips (Make It Own/MIO eye chips will not fit).
Byul wears 14mm eyechips, the same size as Blythe (Blythe is more popular than Byul and has a lot more eyechip options so searching for Blythe eye chips will generally bring up a much larger selection than Byul).
Dal wears 12 mm eyechips (Make It Own/MIO eye chips will not fit). The actual size of her eye chips 12.5 mm so there are some 13mm chips that will fit such as those made by NatMdoll‘s but most will not fit.
Yeolume wear 12mm eyechips (Make It Own/MIO eye chips will not fit).
Requiemart has a fantastic eyechip changing tutorial on her website here.

Questions about other dolls lines by Jun Planning/Groove
Question- What are some other the other doll lines released by Jun Planning/Groove? 
Answer: Over the years Jun Planning and Groove branched out and produced some other doll lines, some lines were more popular than others.
Class Mates were produced by Jun Planning. In July of 2004, three dolls were released as a part of the line Merippe, Riria & Takeru. The dolls are approximately 8 inches tall. Class Mate Takeru’s head mold seems to have been reused for J-doll. Read more about Class Mates here.
Hestia Isora and RibonHestia was a doll line produced by Jun Planning from 2006-2007.  Hestia dolls were designed with the idea that the two characters Ribon and Isora were twins, they had the same face sculpt/bodies and eyes but each of the twins had their own personality. Ribon and Isora were simultaneously released in phases with each phase having a different theme, Ribon and Isora would each have their own unique interpretation of the theme. Ten dolls or five phases were released before the line was discontinued. Read more about Hestia dolls here.
Esplanadi KatuJ-doll is a line of dolls that was originally produced by Jun Planning that continued by released by Groove. J-dolls are top fashion models who travel around the world, their name is based on famous streets which corresponds to their fashion style. J-dolls are are 1/6 fashion dolls and are approximately 10 1/2 inches tall. The line debuted in 2007 and was released up until 2013 when the line was discontinued. A total of 62 J-doll were released. Read more about J-dolls here.
Good & EvilAi Dolls are a line of small ball jointed dolls originally released by Jun Planning, whose released continued with Groove. There were four different facemolds used for releases (three different open eye molds and a closed eye mold). They are slightly less than five inches tall. The line debuted in 2007 and continued until 2013. Read more about Ai Dolls here.
Sasha Pippin & LuminaSasha is a line of dolls produced by Groove. with anthropomorphic heads, dolls were released with either a cat or rabbit head. The line debuted in January of 2012 with the simultaneous releases of Lala (rabbit model) and Kiki (cat model). Only eight dolls were produced as a part of the Sasha line, four cat models and four rabbit models. Read more about Sasha here.
Pack of Pang-jusPang-ju is a small Chihuahua anthro plastic ball-jointed doll produced by Groove. They are slightly under four inches tall. The first Pang-ju was released in late 2011 and they have been released sporadically since then. Read more about the here.

Quesion- What about Ars Espe?
Answer- Ars Espe are a line of bjds made by Groove, only three dolls were released and for a long while I wasn’t even sure they had actually been released or not then I saw two models show up on the secondhand market and their existence was confirmed. I honestly have zero experience with the Ars Espe line and know very little about them, I’ve never seen owner photos of them outside of the auction photos I found. AE_91 AE_181 (1)

Question – What wig size are some of these other doll lines?
Answer-  Not all of the different doll lines wear wigs/are designed to wear wigs but for the ones that can they are listed below.
Class Mate- size 3/4
size 5/6
J-doll- size 3/4
Ai Doll-
size 4/5
Ars Espe
size 6/7 based on information from Groove’s website I have zero actual experience regarding Ars Espe. 

Questions about the site
Question- What is the purpose of this site?
Answer- One of my primary goals is for it to be as much of an all-inclusive resource for Pullips and company as possible, my goal is to keep it as up to date as possible and for it to be as thorough a resource as possible. I love information, I feel like you can never really have too much information!

Question- If this site is supposed to be an all-inclusive resource for Pullips why is there information about other Groove dolls? What’s all this weird anime/comic book non-pullip related junk you post about?
Answer- Unfortunately there were not a lot of resources for the other Groove dolls like Ai Dolls so I started compiling information about them as well. While my primary goal at the moment is to be a resource for Pullips, I do have toy interests outside of Pullip so I blog about my other toys as well occasionally.

Question- Which doll is pictured where…
Pullip Landing Page – Pullip Tokidoki Luna
Taeyang Landing Page – Taeyang Gyro
Dal Landing Page – Dal Dotori
Byul Landing Page- Byul Paradis
Isul Landing Page – Isul Yomi
Yeolume Landing Page– Yeolume Podo
Namu Landing Page– Namu Happy Birthday 1

Question- Can I use your pictures?
Answer- Promotional images are not my property but property of their respective company, use at your own discretion. My personal photos may be used with a few conditions 1) You link back either to this site or my flickr account 2) You do not misrepresent my photos as your own or my dolls/other items as your property or use them to sell your items. I’m not “google”.

Question- What is the PIPP? Why do you have content that was previously featured on Requiemart’s website?
Answer- The PIPP is the Pullip Information Preservation Project, Pullip has been around for a long time unfortunately as people’s interests shift etc a lot of resources from the early days of Pullip have disappeared including all the content from Pullip Fiction, House of Pullip, the Pullip Style forum and Pullip Parade. When Requiemart recently integrated her website with the shopify platform some of her older tutorials no longer fit in, she gave me permission to re-post them on my website so they too would not get lost to time.

If you have a tutorial or other relevant Pullip content you would like me to preserve on this website (content must be your original creation) please contact me.

Question- Can I make a suggestion on how to improve your site?
Answer- I always welcome suggestions but please keep in mind, I do work and the time I can devote to this site fluctuates depending how busy I am with things elsewhere/my current level of insomnia. Will I implement every suggestion? No, it’s more likely that I’ll implement a suggestion if multiple people ask for it though and it depends how time intensive it is. Long-term projects I am currently working on include finishing the face up indexes for each doll and building a release page filled with information about that release for every doll I’ve completed over 100 of them already and barely even scratched the surface ^^; .

Question- How come you only seem to recommend US sellers like Pullipstyle & JPGroove? 
Answer- I recommend who I use most frequently myself and therefore feel the most comfortable recommending to other people.

Questions about me & my personal collection
Question- Who are you?
Answer- Hina Ichigo on the Pullip forums/Klein on other forums. I’m just a collector that loves Pullip and wants to spread that love with the world!

Question -How long have you been collecting Pullips? What got you interested in them?
Answer-I received my first Pullip Shinku as a gift for my birthday on March 28th, 2007. I was a huge Rozen Maiden fan at the time so I was dropping hints that I might like a doll of my favorite character Hina Ichigo for my birthday. My fiance at the time bought Shinku as he decided that he didn’t like Dals all that much so Shinku seemed like a nice alternative. I was so enamored with Shinku when I opened her that I ended up ordering Suiseiseki myself that night via Pullipstyle.

Question: Do you really own all of the Pullips and Dals?
No, I have previously at a few different times owned all the Pullips and Dals but there are a few releases that I either owned previously and didn’t really care for or that don’t really appeal to me. I do currently own all of the released Isuls, Byuls and Yeolume.

Question- How did you get in contact with Groove? Did they really send you stuff? 
Answer- Generally speaking if Groove wants to contact you, they will find a way. They sought out my contact information and we corresponded via email for a while. I’m not sure what their criteria is but they seemed to be aware of not only who I was but they also seemed familiar with this website. Groove asked me my thoughts on some Pullip related subjects and said they would send me some Make It Own items to review. At that point I assumed it would be a single blank doll kit but I received a bunch of different MIO items to review.

Question- What can you tell me about Amelia? 
Answer- I initially approached both Groove and Pullipstyle about the possibility of a Froggy Dal in frog themed rain gear which would have been the most adorable Dal release ever. PS said they weren’t particularly interested in a Dal at the time but maybe another Pullip exclusive wasn’t such a bad idea so I drafted up some designs and they picked the one they liked best which would later become Amelia. Amelia was designed with PS in mind, she is a bunny they run a bunny rescue; she has a desert theme and they live in Arizona. Requiemart and I worked together to bring the design to doll form we then mailed the doll off to Groove in December, then we waited for news about when she would be released which wouldn’t be until August. I was loaned a production sample of Amelia by Pullipstyle so I could take promotional photos for their use on facebook etc. It’s been a phenomenal experience and I am incredibly grateful that we were given this opportunity!

Question- Can I buy ____ doll from you?
Answer- No probably not, I do periodically thin the ranks and there is a sales page on my website that can be viewed here but if it isn’t on the list, it’s not for sale. You can try to tempt me with an insane offer on something not on the list but the answer will more than likely still be no.

Question- I hate you!!!
Answer- I honestly don’t care also that isn’t a question.

Question- How many pullips and friends do you own?
Answer- As of this writing (7/28/2019) I own..
417 Pullips
114 Dals
47 Taeyangs
32 Byuls
42 Isul
3 Namu
2 Yeolume
37 Little Pullips (original)
16 Little Pullip + (new)
19 Little Dal +
8 Docolla
2 Little Byul +
1 Angel Pullip
1 Angel Dal

Question- Do you own any other dolls made by Jun Planning/Groove?
Answer- Yes, I currently own
24 J-dolls (22 different releases, two sets of duplicates)
7 Hestia
8 Sasha
15 Ai Dolls
13 Pang-ju
3 Classmates

Question- Do you have any other dolls or do you just collect dolls by Jun Planning/Groove?
Answer- While Pullip is my one true love, I have proven time and time again that I am revoltingly unfaithful to her :O. Other dolls in my collection include:
200+ Monster High Dolls 
100 +/- Ever After High Dolls
127 BJDs (does not count floating heads)
10 SD or larger- Aimerai Designs: Oz; Luts: Senior Delf 65 Avalanche Romance Version, Senior Delf Arwen, Delf Black & Annamarie; Volks: SDGR Nono, SDs- Chii, Suiseiseki,  Mimi & FCS F-60
22 MSD-  Fairyland: Minifees– Miyu, Scar Shiwoo, Juri 2013, Ria & Tomoe Mami; Iplehouse JID Tatiana; Luts: Model Delfs- Nana Elf, Pine Romance & Lemon : Kid Delfs : Darae, Jamong Elf, Steel Heart Version Carrot, Cherry Elf Centaur, Hanael, Bory Elf : Baby Delf Rose; Souldoll Soulkids– Junia Elf, V. Spider Junia & Devonia, Volks MSD– 01, FCS-04 & FCS-19
95 YoSD or Smaller- Aileendoll– Rot Cherry Blossom & Lapis; Amerai– Flying Series- Princes Daisy, Miss Luna, Lord Flash & Lady Comet; DollFactory– Bobo the 3rd; Fairyland: LTF– Ante, Leah, Luna, Bisou & Pong : Realfee- Coco : PKF- Luna x 2, Pong, Ante, Mio, Bonnie & Rin : 
Pukipuki– Ante, Lily, Flora, Piki & Mer- Cupid; LatidollLati Green– Lea : Lati Yellow SP Lea : Lati Yellow- Aladdin OE Coco, Alice in Wonderland Bayer & Lea, Bat Child V. Lumi, Christmas Elves Kuku & Lea, Dollheart Crosover Lina, Halloween Lumi & Lea, Happy Bath Lumi, Lovely Kitty V. Sophie, Legend of Lati- Sophie, Masters of Dragons Miel & V. Sophie, Monster House Kuroo & Coco, Olympus Haru, Panda S.Belle, Petit Prince Kuku & Lea, Peter Pan Lea, Pharaoh’s Curse Sophie, Snow Queen Miel, Song of a Fairy Miel & Lea, Sweetie Angel Sophie & Lumi, Vampire Moonlight Lami, Wizard of Oz Lea, Joi Event Doll, Suji Event doll, Flower Garden Lea, Little Red Riding Hood Haru, Peter Pan in Steampunk Land Haru, Choco Awakened Version : Lati White SP T. Haru : Lati White Bayer; LutsHoney Delf–  Madeleine, Madeleine Sweety Version, Pretzel Cenaur, Yul Satyress, Scone Centaur, Tyltyl Elf Centaur & Yeondu Elf Pegasus : Tiny Delf 20 Gretel : Tiny Delf- Centaur Gerda, Centaur Tyltyl elf pink, Centaur Alice, Centaur Dorothy, Centaur Hansel, Satyress Momo, Centaur Tyltyle elf mint, Unicorn Gretel Elf, Zeze Elf Mermaid, Hansel & Tyltyl; Mushroom Peddler- Grin; Pipos- Black Smile Cheshire, JR Pi Cheshire & Rooney; Volks YoSD: Hina Ichigo, Lorina, Kasumi, Chika, White Rabbit & Yuki
45 Volks Dollfie Dreams
5 Dollfie Dream Dynamite – Kanu, Ryomou, Yoko x 2 & Miko
25 Dollfie Dream- Kosmos, Rin version 1, Feena, Yui, Erika, Sakura Matou, Asuka, Mari, Rei, Nia, Mikuru, Nanoha, Saber Lily, Neris, Sakuya Izayoi (custom), Nagato Yuki, Saber EXTRA, Saber Alter II , Sakura Shinjuki, Fate T. Hawlroan, Miku, Rina, Kirika, Rin II & Snow Miku
8 Dollfie Dream Sister- Pre-painted 06, Amami Haruka, Mayu x 2, Melty, Momo, Sailor Moon & Fate/Grand Order Saber
7 Mini Dollfie Dream- Illya, Maria, Kudo, Cirno, Louise, Prisma Illya & Millhiore
28 Azone Dolls 
4- 1/3 Scale – Utena, Madoka, Tomoe Mami & Evil Homura
12- 1/6 Scale – Suzumiya Haruhi Hybrid Active Figure, Asahina Mikuru Hybrid Active Figure, Illyasviel von Einzbern PureNeemo, Akihime Sumomo PureNeemo, Gradriel PureNeemo,  Touwa Erio PureNeemo, Alvastaria Tabidachi no Hi Meryl PureNeemo, Meow×meow a la mode Shiro Neko Sahra ver.1.1 (Azone Direct Exclusive), Alvastaria Tiea PureNeemo, Alvastaria Tabidachi no Hi II Katie PureNeemo, Alvastaria Tabidachi no Hi II Meryl PureNeemo & Alice’s Tea Party Cheshire Cat PureNeemo
9- Kikipop – Hello Kikipop- Honey Pink & Marmalade Brown, Romantic Frill Sugar Milk Blond & Caramel Brown, Sunny Bunny Date- Ichigo Milk & Chocolate, Nijiiri Drops- Soda Blue, KP Diner- Cream Soda & Cherry Pie
3- PiccoNeemo/Lil Fairy –  Sweets a la Mode White Strawberry Shortcake Sahra (Azone Direct Exclusive) PicoNeemo, Sweets a la Mode Peach Pie Maya (Azone Direct Exclusive) PiccoNeemo &  Purimyure Fairy Church Vel Lil Fairy
10 Blythes
5 Neo Blythes- V-Smash, Sunday Very Best, Simply Mango & 2 Customs
2 ADG-  Roaring Red & Love N’ Lace
2 Midi Blythe – Jackie Ramone & Pebble cakes and shrinking Alice
1 Petite Blythe- Squiggly Squirrel

8 Madame Alexander
DC Comics- Poison Ivy; Fashion Squad- Harley Quinn, Penguin & Joker
Marvel Fan Girls- Black Widow, Captain America, Spider-Gwen & Iron Man

3 Ddung
1 full-sized Ddung Alps Girl & 2 mini Ddung Alice & Little Red Riding Hood

3 Living Dead Doll
Hit-Girl, Harley Quinn & Alexander DeLarge

3 Dollcena
Dandy Pumpkin Great, Pure Patchwork & Bats in the Dots

2 Tonner Dolls
Harley Quinn & DC Bombshells Harley Quinn

2 Mama Chapp
Konata Summer Version & Tsukasa

2 Momoko
Snow White & Wake Up 15

2 Tangkou
Vampire & Loli

1 Licca
Vocaloid Miku

1 Smart Doll

1 Volks Dollfie
Rei Transfer Student

1 Soom Lila
Goblin Princess

Plus various anime dolls and various play-line dolls.

Question- Why do you have so many dolls?
Answer- Because I like them, that’s basically it.

Question- Can I commission you to customize a doll for me?
Answer- Haha no! I have neither the time or the inclination to take commissions ^^; .

Question- Are you coming to Puddle this year?
Answer- I don’t know yet, I won’t know until it’s much closer to the event. I didn’t know I was going to Puddle until less than a week it before last time.

Question- Who is your favorite Pullip?
Answer- Papin is my favorite stock Pullip. Of my personal dolls, right now it’s a tie between Clementine, my beloved Papin and the incredibly awesome Requiemart custom Duela Dent

Last Updated: 07.28.2019

114 Responses to Pullip FAQ

  1. StariaDoll says:

    I think a good question would be: What type of clothes can I buy for my Pullip/Dal/Taeyang? For example…can Dal’s fit into Bratz clothes, and Taeyang’s fit into Ken clothes, etc? Really great FAQ.

  2. Cherise says:

    Can you really re-wig and re-chip a Little Dal or Little Pullip? I’ve read that you can, but I am uncertain?

    • kleintoys says:

      Yes, it can be done it isn’t generally done too often as the wigs/eyes can sometimes cost as much as the little dal/pullip itself. The wigs are basically just like big pullip wigs, I think wigs that fit pukipuki fit them. I *think* to change the eyes you have to remove the wig and their is a scalp underneath, removing the scalp should give you access to the eyes.

  3. Nikki says:

    I’m getting a Byul and can I put a Pullip wig on her?

    • kleintoys says:

      Byul and Dal have slightly smaller heads than pullip but 90% of the time wigs that fit pullip will fit them they will just be a lit looser if you want a tighter fit opt for a 7/8 instead.

  4. Jenny says:

    How can you afford all of those dolls?!!!

    • kleintoys says:

      I’m an adult, I have a job and I don’t have many bills so I have a fair bit of disposable income to devote to my hobbies. I have purposefully given up/downscaled other hobbies (for example, I used to buy about $300 on dvds/blurays every month now I use netflix instead and maybe pick up an occasional bluray) in order to be able to focus more funds towards my doll collection.

  5. Jackie says:

    i want to get a obitsu for a pullip i’m going to get (sfoglia) what would her skin tone be (white or skin toned) please help.

  6. Jackie says:

    thank you so much 🙂

    now i can stop worrying 🙂

    you ROCK!!!!!!! 🙂

  7. hannah says:

    My Pullip Akoya’s stock wig is new but came in bad condition what are stock wigs made of? and will silk wigs be just as bad?

    • kleintoys says:

      My Akoya’s stock wig was rather poor as well, some of the newer releases are hit or miss with some having really high wig quality (Ddalgi’s wig is really nice quality for example) and other’s still having poor wigs. The quality of the fibers differs from release to release with some being good, most being okay some being horrible :/ Wigs from Luts, Leekeworld have really soft lovely condition wigs some of the other places like mimiwoo can be hit or miss though ^^;

  8. Nikki says:

    I just got Pullip Batgirl and I am on a mission to find her production number.I found a number on her collectors card and was wondering is that her number and if so how many of her were made
    Thanks Nikki

    • kleintoys says:

      I don’t have any information on the Wonder Festival versions but SDCC Batgirl is limited to 400 and her product number is P-038 (Catwoman is P-039)

  9. Nikki says:

    How can I tell her number is it one her collectors card?

    • kleintoys says:

      I don’t have mine in hand yet (I won’t until August actually) not all limited dolls with the little certificate saying they are x doll out of 400, the steampunks were the only limited dolls in the past four years to have them actually. If they come a certificate it would be under fastened to the box beneath where the card is.

  10. Nikki says:

    So where do I find her number like Eos?

  11. India says:

    could someone tell me, as I have been trauling the internet for a straight answer.
    I have Ddalgi, type 4, pullip body
    I would like to buy Kirsche’s stock, she is type 3
    Would it all fit, not perfect but pretty well. And I especially want to know about shoes, will they fit, I was thinking since type 4 have higher arches I could stuff the shoes with a pit of tissue
    please help

    • kleintoys says:

      It’s a little loose around the bust but it fits type 4 fairly well, the shoes are a little loose in general the right socks will fix that right up though.

      If you are on dolly market, I think someone is selling it in the BST quite reasonably.

  12. Gavy says:

    I have a F-562 May 2006 – Pullip Nahh-ato. I broke the knee off my doll….=(
    I have no clue what part I need,what I need to do to find the part,even after looking on your site. Could you tell me exactly what style of body,or what part I need to buy? I would be forever grateful!!! If I dont get this fixed,Im going to go crazy!!! =)

    • kleintoys says:

      How did the knee break did the joint snap or did it just come apart (it can snap together if it’s the latter)? Due to Nahh-ato’s unique skin color finding replacement parts can be a pain. If the knee can’t be fixed- you can keep an eye out for a secondhand Nahh-ato body on dolly market, pullip_sales lj, a coconut obitsu (which are pretty rare) or you can replace the body with one from a liv doll- I forget if it’s Alexis or Daniela but one of them is a decent match for Nahh-ato.

  13. Megan says:

    can stock dal wig fit pullip? I want to try customize a doll to look like Hina Ichigo from Rozen Maiden but make it a Pullip instead of Dal I can’t find a wig that looks similar so I thought I could just get a wig that’s already made for that character.And you have a Souseiseki right?Is her wig hard to maintain?

  14. Megan says:

    i love your pullip Hina Ichigo where did you get her wig? Personally, Dals look a little creepy and they always look so grumpy. Oh and i got Pullip Souseiseki a week ago.

  15. Roa Kyle says:

    Would u mind to upload the measurement for Isul? I’m planning to get an Isul soon andI need to know the body measurement as I will be converting the body with a BJD body~<3

  16. Courtney says:

    What wigs will fit Byuls? I want one with blue eyes and curly blonde hair but they don’t seem to have one like that that i’m looking for.

    I don’t want to replace the eyes but perhaps the wig.
    So… please help? XD

    • kleintoys says:

      Generally 8/9 wigs are used on byul; 7/8 from certain companies work well too though. Sucre, Pollon, Secomi, Hermine and Cocotte all have blue eyes to the best of my recollection. Byuls have larger eye holes than Pullip, you need blythe sized chips for them you can buy them from coolcat, thisisblythe and a few other places.

  17. Courtney says:

    Where can i purchase eyes for a byul?

  18. GiinLilyland says:

    Hello! Wow, that FAQ was amazing, but, you could you help me with a measure problem?
    I’m gonna buy an Elisabeth soon, and I want a new hair for her. So I was looking for wigs and i notices some of them were 1/3 and other were 1/4… What exactly does this means?
    And, which one would be better? ’cause i heard it would be important to be a 8”-9”…
    Thank you very much for your attention!! See ya!!
    PS: Your dolls are amazing! Your Hina Ichigo pullip is really cute!! *0*~~

    • kleintoys says:

      Most pullip wigs were in fact made with bjds in mind 1/3 refers to SD sized bjds (it’s size 8/9) and is the size you need for a pullip. 1/4 is for MSD sized dolls and is way too small for Pullip.

  19. GiinLilyland says:

    Ahhh, okay!
    Thank you veeery very much!
    Serously, saved my life!
    Or my poor Elisabeth would became bald (poor her.)
    Ahn, I’ve got two more questions if you don’t mind…

    1st. Do you know any sites where I can buy the outfit for other pullips? ‘Cause I’m crazy about Clarity outfit I can’t afford her too…

    2nd. Do you know where I can find a tutorial with video, or pictures, on how to trade a pullip wig?
    ‘Cause I was searching the internet and the only thing I found was a picture from a boy saying he had to pull it out strongly ’till it come out.. And it sounded kind of… Barbarian…

    Well, thank you very much for everything specially your attention!!!

  20. GiinLilyland says:

    Oh, okay… I fell much better about the wigs now.. Thank you very much!!!
    I was terrorized to think that I’d have to rip it apart to take it off…
    Oh, gosh, thanks!!

    I’ll take a look on those sites too, thank you very much…
    But I believe it’ll be a hard case to split it, once I’m brazilian and most of the cases the worst part is the shipping.
    Well, It doesn’t matter, I’ll keep looking on dollymarket and livejournal.

    Thank you very much for your help, you were a true angel! Seriously!
    See ya!
    (’cause I’ll keep visiting once your site is so amazing! =3)

  21. Cory a girl says:

    I have pullip dal Charlotte and I need to know if she will fit pullip size 4 clothes. Please reply

    • kleintoys says:

      Dals are smaller than Pullips, they can wear type 4 clothes but it will be big on them some stock outfits it looks okay but a lot are just too big. Sorry.

  22. anit says:

    Hi – I’m trying to figure out if Byul and Pullip’s heads can be switched – I don’t adore my Byul Hermine’s face but she’s my first doll and I’m not sure if her head can be switched for a different doll well. I know bodies can be swapped but I’m having a hard time finding out how the proportions of a Pullip head on a Byul body will look… I don’t want a different body because I adore her dress.

    • kleintoys says:

      It can be done it just looks a bit odd ^^; Here is my custom Hina Ichigo Pullip she is on the 23cm obitsu which is equivalent to a dal/byul body http://www.flickr.com/photos/pullip_junk/sets/72157610688743904/ . Perhaps try and trade her for a dal (keep the stock)? The body is the same size and most people seem to like dal more than byul so she might be a better fit for you. Finding just the head for sale can be tricky ^^;

  23. anit says:

    Thank you very much for the advice, especially the pics – I might try and acquire a Pullip head or keep Hermine as is – I actually like Byul more than Dal! She’s going to be the only doll in a dollhouse I’m building to store jewellery, so I’m not sure what I’ll do. Probably keep her as is unless I find it annoys me too much. Thank you again!

    • kleintoys says:

      I actually prefer Byul too haha! I had a Hermine but ended up selling her as somehow she just didn’t really spark much interest in me. You may want to try to trade her for another byul if you do like the sculpt I know Paulia and Sucre are well nigh irresistible.

  24. pixiedustxia says:

    hi just started looking at pullips and see a huge price difference they are similar in size but the prices vary from 14- 200 i did learn a lot on your blog as to limited editions but just the regular pullips im not sure why the price varies so im not sure why that is and am having a hard time finding answers any help would be great ty

  25. Emily says:

    I want to know, do any BJD clothes fit an obitsued pullip? and what kind (MSD, SD ..ECT…) because i keep finding realy cute bjd clothes on etsy and i want to know if they are going to fit. ALSO can you obitsu taeyangs and if so what size obitsu?

    • kleintoys says:

      Bjd clothing is way too big for Pullip for the most part, Pullip can share clothes with Barbie and other similar sized fashion dolls/ blythe clothes on etsy will also fit pullip for the most part so long as you don’t have the super boob obitsu. YoSD are roughly the same height but most items end up miles too big for them. You can obitsu taeyangs I think they take 27cm or something similar, I have never personally rebodied any of my taeyangs.

  26. Holly Thomas says:

    I am not sure if you can help me, but I am looking to sell two of my Pullip dolls to try to save my home from foreclosure. I don’t want to get too ripped off, at the same time. I have one Grail: A 2003 Pullip Noir, type 1 body, displayed out of box, but never played with, washed, etc. She has her original box, with everything in it down to the twist ties. She is perfectly in tact and not missing a single accessory. The other one I have shares the same details as Noir, but she is Pullip Bouquet. The last time I saw an original Noir on eBay was years ago, and she sold for over $1,000. Any advice you can give is greatly appreciated!

    • kleintoys says:

      Hi, I’m sorry to hear you are having some financial difficulties ^^; When looking at eBay prices sometimes you can get unreasonable expectations, for example there is a mini dal Jouet listed for over $300 there when she can be bought from Pullipstyle/other pullip retailers for like $35.

      Noir is a tricky one, for a long time she was not popping up for sale very often it took me about six months of searching to even find one for sale and I paid approximately $550 for her when I did buy her. She has been popping up a lot more recently and I have seen her sold anywhere from $350-$500 but Jun Planning/Groove have also made a new line of regeneration dolls which are like updated versions of older dolls and they made a new Noir. I have not seen a single original Noir pop up for sale since the regen got released and though the regen does not seem to be very popular, I am not sure if it has decreased her value further.

      Bouquet maybe $150 on the high side probably closer to $120 though unfortunately, she is not extremely popular but she doesn’t pop up for sale very often.

      I wish I had better news for you, the sales market has been really rough recently.

  27. Jewelayr says:

    Does the Isul have the blink mechanism like the Pullip does?

  28. Brooklyn says:

    I believe this is VERY bad.
    Um, I have used the eye mechanisms’ in the back, a few times, but suddenly, the middle mechanism(that makes her eyes move left and right) seems to be able to move, but her eyes don’t. Which are still stuck looking left…

    • kleintoys says:

      Sometimes the eye mech can become jammed, are you are able to move it from side to side from the front (by like touching the eyes)? Which Pullip is it? Most of the time it can be fixed by taking the back of the head off and manually fixing the jam.

  29. Brooklyn says:

    Thank you for replying back!
    It’s Hatsune Miku Pullip.
    No, I can’t move it by touching the eyes…do you think it’s a possible defect? I hope that doesn’t sound irrational or anything….

  30. Stephanie says:

    Hi there, just stumbled to your blog and just wondering if you can recommend me some links where I can purchase a custom-made taeyang doll ? I’ve been wanting one for a long time now >,<

    • kleintoys says:

      I recommend joining up at the dolly market forum, buy a cheap taeyang and send him to Myufish and that way you can get him customized however you like/desire.

  31. doll girl says:

    i want to know what types of pullips can you find at tuesday mourning
    i want rei and miku does tuesday mourning sell them

    • kleintoys says:

      No, Tuesday Morning only ever sold the Disney themed pullips as they didn’t sell well. Miku is all but sold out so the chance of her ever showing up at Tuesday Morning is slim, Rei isn’t exactly a hot seller but she was going to show up I think she would have already.

  32. Brooke says:

    Can barbie clothes fit on Dals? I have a lot of old barbie clothing, and im ordering a dal with a really pretty face but an ugly outfit. Im already buying the doll and a wig, then im out of money. I wont have any money for a Dal outfit. So do barbie clothes fit dals?

    • kleintoys says:

      Unfortunately, older barbie clothing tends to run a bit large on pullip and requires taking in to fit on her. Some of the skirts might fit with pinning but anything else is going to be miles too big. Dal is smaller than Pullip, she can wear Monster High (some of it’s a bit tight) and like Bratz clothing. Sorry

  33. Cerise Starlight says:

    I’m just wondering – what height Obitsu body fits Isul? Also, do Pullip wigs (or wigs made for pullip) fit him?
    Also, are there any clothes or shoes from other brand dolls that fit him?
    Sorry for asking so many questions, it’s just that I recently got my first doll; a MIO Isul that I’m going to customize him, but he needs some hair and clothes as well!

  34. Paul Tyrell says:

    I just purchased two Pullip dolls for my daughter her Hatsune Miku doll the eyes wont open
    how do you get them to reopen?

  35. Lily says:

    Can you dye a stock wig?

    • kleintoys says:

      Short answer no, long answer yes but the results are normally not that good. I’ve only seen it done successfully a handful of times and over time it ends up not being that great, Groove’s wig quality isn’t that wonderful in the first place ^^;. I had a friend dye a Raphia wig blue and it looked fine for a while until she took the doll off the shelf and realized the blue dye from the wig had leached unto the doll itself so her hands/face ended up with blue staining.

  36. anika aishani says:

    Im new to collecting dolls so ive been searching for the right doll for a long time.and im a little scared about the shipping.what do you think would be good for my first?

    • kleintoys says:

      If you are in the US, Pullipstyle offers free shipping on orders over $100 these days most of the dolls are over $100.

      It’s a matter of personal taste, if it was me at this moment I’d probably go for Tokidoki x Hello Kitty Violetta as I like her, she’s got nice stock and her overall theme is pretty cute but no one has her in their hands yet so no one knows quality. There are My Select dolls you can buy at a cheaper cost but they essentially come nude, Ally is also a good starter doll she has a pretty face, simple stock but comes at a lower price. If you are looking for someone more dramatic you can never go wrong with Bloody Red Hood. If you like lolita style clothing Tiphona is gorgeous. If you want someone really cute I would go with Froggy, she’s got a great face up a cute theme and she is almost sold out her price really isn’t bad either.

  37. Maddison says:

    I recently bought my first pullip (Sfoglia and I love her!) I purchased her off eBay and her wig is absolutely horrid, would she fit in a Dal wig?

    • kleintoys says:

      Most stock dal wigs would fit her, a few odd ones like Jolie’s stock wig would be a tighter fit.

  38. Julia Trezise says:

    thank you for all this information!! you save novices like me so much time. so greatful!
    i have a few pullips and dals and taeyangs (no byuls yet) i want to have a bit of a go at customising. My question is actually about the face sculpts of all of these dolls. are all pullips the same, all taeyangs the same? etc. when i fview other peoples customisations sometimes the faces look very different – im not sure if its because people have carved lips extra or there are actually some different face sculpts. thank you! also have you ever seen a pullip customised to be a holo from the spice and wolf series? (my daughter loves this show – i want to custom a holo for her)

  39. I just noticed you don’t have Oren listed in the LE section for LE 600s
    Dont know if you knew that you missed her, so I figured I’d let you know ^u^

    • kleintoys says:

      Thanks for the heads up, I’m planning on doing a revision next week when I get some free time so I’ll make note of it 🙂

  40. Bella Wilson says:

    Okay, quick question. I want to get a MIO tanned Pullip set, however I want to Obitsu her. Do you know what shade that would match, or would I have to pastel it?

    • kleintoys says:

      I’ve heard natural is a reasonable match for the tanned MIO kit but I haven’t bought a tanned MIO kit and I don’t have any natural obitsu handy.

  41. Grace says:

    Great information, thanks! I just recently bought a Paja type 2 Pullip body and it does not come with a head. I was wondering which heads will fit on it? I was told that type 2 or 3 would fit it….Are there any good places that you know of to get a used / damaged/ bait head? I am willing to fix one up, the body i got is a fixer upper….any info would be great,thanks!

    • kleintoys says:

      Unfortunately the head is the part the part everyone wants, lots of people upgrade to obitsu anyway so bodies are a dime a dozen (average value is $10 more or less, maybe more for type 1 because they are a bit rarer). Competition is generally pretty fierce for heads even baity ones. In the future I highly recommend MIO or Make it Own kits that are like $35 a pop and come with a body and a blank head.

      Types 1 and 2 heads are ideal for Type 2 bodies, type 3 will work too type 4 not so much. A word of caution, if I may type 2 bodies are known to cause melt to the neckholes of Pullip head over time, it has to do with various factors though I think as not all type 2 dolls seem to be effected.

      I *might* have a baity Arietta head that I haven’t gotten around to posting up for sale yet (face up is intact but she has some scratches under her chin that you can’t really see unless you hold her upside down or something- her head is a type 2 Pullip head, if you search for pictures of Arietta don’t let the yellow wig put you off she’s quite lovely once rewigged) but it would be like $45 shipped in the US.

  42. Grace says:

    Thanks! I will let you know if i am interested, i want to see just how bad the condition of the body is before i spend that much on a head for it. Thank you for all your help!

  43. Sasha Khripkova says:

    I am planning in getting pullip ‘Milk Latte’ do you have any feedback on her? I believe she has been released in 2013. Thank you, I really enjoyed this site and found it helpful

    • kleintoys says:

      Hi, unfortunately I’ve never owned or handled Milk Latte. The reason I don’t own her is purely subjective I’m not partial to brown and she has a lot of brown/earthy tones in her face up. From everything I’ve seen/heard the few people that do own her seem very happy with her and I’ve heard her stock quality is really amazing.

      Thanks so much, sorry I couldn’t be more help.

  44. Dasi says:

    Hi I would like to ask what size eyes are Yeolume dolls

    • kleintoys says:

      12mm? I’ve seen people selling eye chips marked as Pullip/Dal/Yeolume but I haven’t rechipped one myself.

  45. Viivi says:

    Hi !

    I was wondering, can you put type 3 pullip’s eyemech to a type 4 head ?

    Sorry if someone has asked this already.

    I love your blog btw ^ ^

    • kleintoys says:

      In theory yes, it should fit but it may not be 100% functional depends on whose eyemech the blink levers may not work but you should retain right/left functionality though. Type 4 eye mechs are a lot easier to get a hold of compared to the type 3 because of the MIO kits.

  46. Shini says:

    Hi I would like to replace the body of my yeolume. I don’t know what color I choose . Obitsu white skin or natural skin? thanks!!

    • kleintoys says:

      White would be the best match for either of the released Yeolume, most people rebody with PureNeemo bodies though.

  47. Rachel says:

    Love all the info 🙂 Im new to Pullip collecting. I’ve seen minis on eBay but I just want to know, like with collectable figures, are there fakes with Pullips? If so, what do I need to look out for (like some companies use holographic stickers on their boxes as proof its legit)? I’m thinking Hatsune Miku or Sailor Moon might end up being my first order. Thanks in advance for any advice!

  48. Irene says:

    Your information here is just so complete ~ I have a question, what about the headsculpts of Pullip? Do you know with which release exactly the neck started moving toward the outside of the chin? Haha 😀

    • kleintoys says:

      The head mold changes every time they change the eye mech, the first three corresponded with the bodies so like all type 1s have a type 1 eye mech, all type 2s have a type 2 eye mech, they changed eye mechs part of the way through releasing type 3 starting with Pullip Ayanami Rei they switched to a two part versus a three part head to accommodate the new “drunken” eye mech (eyes could stay closed but only 3/4 of the way so it made Pullip look kind of drunk). Type 4 has the most radically different head mold and has the neck hole moved significantly forward so I think all of the type 4 Pullips are like that unfortunately I knew something looked different but couldn’t my finger on it until I obitsued one of my Lalas and noticed how much further forward the neckhole is.

      • Irene says:

        Thanks for your info, I think it became the most extreme on type 4s, but I also remember having an Isolde and Adsiltia (type 3) with the neck already moved forward a bit. (but less so) ~ So I’m trying to identify with which release exactly Groove started doing this >o< I'm guessing it's around the Rei/Asuka releases (judging from Flickr pics)?

  49. Laura says:

    Hello! I have just one question/problem/concern: What’s to be done when a Pullip is “sold out”? Does that mean they are no longer manufacturing the model? Is there anywhere else it can be found? I want the Victorique from GOSICK doll 😦 Thanks

    • kleintoys says:

      Hello, if a model is sold out that means your only hope of finding it is on the secondhand market like eBay, Yahoo Japan or the dolly market forum. With the exception of the MIO kits Pullip is not something that is continually produced, they make the doll and then that is it.

  50. May says:

    Hi I’m about to buy a wig for my Dal and I’m not sure about the head size. Also do Pullips have the same head size? Finally what are some online stores that have wigs under 25 dollars? I am very new to the dal world as I got my first (and only) dal wich is a Neo Angelique modal and I HATE her bob. If I could get an answer that would be great. Thanks!

  51. toothfairy says:

    hello, i bought the first gen moon pullip 5 years ago on ebay for $150, she is my favorite as i am a catlover.. i was happy that she was re released last 2012 and bought another , but i am quite puzzled to see the first gen on ebay selling for just $150-160 .. isn’t she supposed to increase her value since she is a first generation doll ? i am not planning to sell mine i was just surprised to know that her value decreased after 5 years..=(

    • kleintoys says:

      Unfortunately the regeneration dolls kind of crashed the secondary market, I’ve seen Noirs sitting on the market at about $200 thanks to them.

  52. Fay says:

    Hey! I have a really important question.I have a taeyang doll which im insanely in love with him ♡ my only complain is his height.I know its crazy but I want a taller body for my taeyang.I heard that a girl has a taeyang with an obitsu body.Is this possible? I found an awesome obitsu body 55cm tall and I was wondering if its gonna fit to my taeyang…

  53. Romina says:

    Any advice on what color obitsu body might best match a “tan” MIO kit?

  54. Shelly says:

    Hi. Love your site. =^_^= I refer to it quite often. About the Little Pullips/Dals; do they have rooted hair or are they wigged?
    I am looking to purchase and possibly do a body conversion but I can’t find a lot of technical info about them.
    Thank you in advance

  55. Lisa says:

    Hello! I recently bought my first Pullip, Princess Rosalind, but I am finding that I dislike the type four body more than I thought I would-her hands keep flying off when I try and move her arms, and one of her knees won’t stay in its socket. I know that you probably find these types of question extremely annoying, but if I was to re-body her on an obitsu, which skin tone would work best, white or fleshtone?
    Thank you, and I love your blog!

    • kleintoys says:

      Definitely white skin! Fleshtone matches very few pullips. I don’t really mind these types of questions but I find skintone matching especially on some of the in between dolls like Papin where neither skin tone is a perfect match for her but either sort of works, to be very subjective and subject to personal preference so like that is why I haven’t really made a x doll matches x obitsu skintone list.

      Thank you so much ❤

    • KatsCauldron says:

      let me know if you want to get rid of her arms and those flying hands!

  56. Kelli says:

    Hi! I also have an obitsu question. On the Junky Spot website, they have quite a few different sizes and types of busts. Which size/type of bust is the most similar to a Pullip’s? Thank you very much ^_^

    • kleintoys says:

      Hi, modern (type 4/dolls released 2009 or later) Pullip’s body is somewhere between small and medium bust so either would work, if you are concerned about stock outfits still fitting almost everything will fit small bust obitsu but the grand majority will fit medium. Some stock pants won’t fit over obitsu’s fatter thighs. Let me know if you have more questions about obitsus!

  57. Elizabeth says:

    Would you recommend using hot water to straighten a stock wig?

    • kleintoys says:

      It can work out really well if done correctly but honestly if done wrong it completely fries the wig, I wouldn’t personally do it unless it was like my last attempt at making a wig usable.

  58. KatsCauldron says:

    Hey there! I have a commission for headpieces and my client has a Pullip whose head I think is 8″, this is a link to the doll and tell me I’m correct before I finish the pieces. what is the distance from the outside of the eyes across as one of the pieces has dangles I need to make hang down properly

  59. Rosie says:

    Hello!! I received a pullip doll for Christmas and I have no idea how to remove the shoes without breaking the doll. Do you have any advice for someone new to the doll hobby?

    • Klein says:

      Normally what I do is use a hair dryer on the lowest setting to heat up the plastic shoes a little bit before attempting to remove if they seem tight.

  60. Andy says:

    I first discovered Pullip in 2011, but it was your Flickr account that made me love them. I recently ordered by first Pullip (Classical Alice) and while she was expensive taking into account import costs, I can’t wait until she gets here. I want to get into Pullip photography and I have no one else to thank for that but you.

    Thank you for your informative site and for sharing your beautiful photos with us.

  61. Maddie says:

    I have recently bought a Pullip My Select Merl and was originally planning on rewigging and rechipping her, but it turns out I had decided against rewigging. I still would like to replace her eyechips, but with how her wig is attached I’d imagine it wouldn’t stay on. If I hot glued the wig back on to the head, would it damage the wig/doll?

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