Taeyang Tuxedo Mask (Sailor Moon)

To celebrate Sailor Moon’s 20th anniversary Groove started a collaboration of dolls based on characters from the series. Taeyang Tuxedo Mask is a part of the Sailor Moon collaboration series, to date is the only Taeyang released as a part of this series. In addition to the standard widely released version, Bandai Shop had a limited exclusive version that additionally came with Tuxedo Mask’s signature weapon, a rose.

Additional Information
Release: Standard Release & Limited Release (Bandai Exclusive)
MSRP: 18,000 yen for both the standard and limited release.
Release Date: 3/2015
Product Number: T-249
Feel Like So: I’m Tuxedo Mask… and I’m one rose cutting evil!! In a beautiful moonlight, Look good with serenades…..
Face Up:
Tuxedo Mask Face upEyes:  Blue Eye Chips
Eyelids: Black Eyeliner
Tuxedo Mask EyelidsWig: Short black wig
Tuxedo Mask’s stock outfit consists of tuxedo jacket, cape, top hat, mask, shirt, vest, gloves, pants and bowtie. I do not own or have access to the school uniform that came with the Bandai exclusive version of Tuxedo Mask but I can say that the only difference is he comes with a small rose prop.
Tuxedo Mask Stock OutfitBody Type: Taeyang/Namu
Stand:  White Plastic Stand
Special Notes: None
Known Issues: Possible staining issues.
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Promotional Images from Groove These photos were taken from Groove’s blog.
Bandai Limited Version Exclusive Bonus item Rose
Taeyang Tuxedo Mask & Pullip Sailor Moon