Angelic Pretty Pullip Marie Announced!

This year marks the 15th anniversary of Japanese fashion label Angelic Pretty, AP specializes in lolita fashion. Starting in 2009, Groove started collaborating with Angelic Pretty to release dolls wearing fashions inspired by their human sized fashion line, AP has become a frequent collaboration partner for Groove with Pullip Marie being the ninth full-sized AP collaboration doll to be released (you can see all of the AP collab dolls on the collaboration page). Groove recently announced Pullip Marie via their blog, she is being released to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Angelic Pretty.

Angelic Pretty Pullip Marie has a September release date in Japan, she will be released one month later in the US as it takes Pullip a little while to travel all the way here. Pullip Marie has a MSRP of 20,000 yen which as of this writing is approximately $190 as of this writing.

P184_02_mail♡ to the memorial dance in this special day, if I was able to feel happy at all, joy is what even

P184_05_mailPullip Marie looks like a princess with a modern twist, she even has the hair bump that is oh so popular in the princess hime look. Her luxurious curls add nicely to her regal air. I like that her wig is brown as so many of the other AP dolls have light colored hair either blond or pink and I think the brown provides an interesting contrast to the pastel of the dress. Curls always leave me a little bit worried but somehow her’s don’t seem quite so intimidating. My only complaint would be the little puffs on the shoes, it seems like an odd detail luckily I think they will be easy to pop off.
P184_09_mailPullip Marie comes wearing a 1/6 scale recreation of the Angelic Pretty Antoinette Princess Dress. The dress set looks to be incredibly detailed with all of the ruffles and lace and is a lovely shade of blue.
antoinetteprincessThe Antoinette Princess set was announced as a part of the Angelic Pretty 15th anniversary Premium Dress line and reservations were taken earlier this year link. The dress set is to be released this summer. The MSRP for the dress was a jaw dropping 181,440 yen which is approximately $1700+. If you are a big fan of Angelic Pretty or the Antoinette Princess set, Pullip Marie represents a much more affordable alternative if the dress itself was out of reach due to it’s price. If you were one of the lucky few to be able to afford the Antoinette Princess Dress set wouldn’t Pullip Marie complement your new dress beautifully?

Back view of the dress, even from the back it looks pretty amazing!

P184_08_mail (1)Pullip Marie has full lips, the color is a nice neutral shade almost like a pinky brown. Her eye makeup is very smokey and nicely detailed. Her eyechips are a nice rich color brown.

At first, I kind of dismissed Pullip Marie as pretty but not a priority  the more I look at her and that dress the more tempted I become! I will be sure to update when she becomes available for preorder via JPGroove and Pullipstyle.

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