Pullip Scarlet

scarlet1Pullip Scarlet was released in September of 2014. She is an original release designed by Ars Gratia Artis.

Additional Information
Release: Standard Release
MSRP: 15,000 yen
Release Date: 9/2014
Product Number: P-135
Feel Like So: I told you so, Pretty flowers have prickes… At least it is not poisonous?…..Feel Like So.
Face Up:
ScarletEyes: Clear silvery eyechips
Eyelids: Red eyelids with black eyeliner
Scarlet EyelidsWig: White
Stock: Pullip Scarlet’s stock outfit consists of a floral hair accessory, a top, an outer skirt and an inner skirt, gloves, tights, arm coverings, choker and high heels.
Pullip Scarlet's stockBody Type: 4
Obitsu Match: White
Stand:  Black Plastic Stand
Special Notes: None
Known Issues: Possible staining?
Similar Doll Recommendations: Taeyang AKIRA x Destinee de la Rose

Promotional Images from Groove These photos were taken from Groove’s blog.
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