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Latidoll BJD order arrival

I know it may not seem like it sometimes but I do collect dolls other than those made by Groove. I’ve been collecting ball jointed dolls or bjds since early 2008 when Fairyland debuted their Littlefee line and I fell … Continue reading

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Tiny BJD Ai Doll Tsubaki

Ai Dolls are tiny ball jointed dolls that were made by Groove (formerly Jun Planning) the same company that makes Pullip! Ai Dolls are approximately five inches tall and are made of ABS plastic ie. not resin, they are also not gendered. … Continue reading

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Tiny BJDs Ai Dolls and Pang-ju now in stock and on special on Pullipstyle

Pullipstyle just got in a restock of Pang-ju, the adorable little Chihuahua anthro tiny bjd as well as a shipment of Ai Dolls including some of the rarest dolls like Tsubaki and they almost all have very affordable prices! Ai Dolls Ai … Continue reading

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JPGroove Updates: Ai Dolls, Doll Cases (Angelic Pretty & Rozen Maiden) and MIO kits oh my!

JPGroove made a bunch of very interesting additions to their website recently including Ai Dolls and Pullip carrying cases. Ai Dolls are small ball jointed dolls made of ABS plastic previously released by Jun Planning (their release continued under Groove), … Continue reading

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Ai Dolls

What is an Ai Doll? An Ai Doll is a small plastic bjd or ball-jointed doll that was released by Groove. Since they are plastic and not resin they are considered off-topic on Den of Angels.  They are slightly less … Continue reading

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