Pullip Lunatic Queen

Pullip Lunatic Queen was released as a part of the Lunatic Alice series in 2010, other dolls in the series include Taeyang Lunatic White Rabbit, Dal Lunatic Alice and Byul Lunatic Humpty Dumpty. 

Additional Information
Release: Standard Release
MSRP: 12000 yen
Release Date: 10/2010
Product Number: P-019
Feel Like So: Stop the nonsense….Life and tart have the same value…Just chop off the head…Feel Like So.
Face Up:
IMG_9421Eyes: Black Eyes with red heart detail eye chips
Eyelids: Gold
IMG_9422Stock: Pullip Lunatic Queen’s stock consists of a cage skirt, crown, socks, overskirt, skirt, blouse, panties, shoes and choker.
Body Type: 4
Obitsu Match: White
Stand: Dark Red Plastic Stand
Special Notes: None
Known Issues: None
Similar Doll Recommendations: Dal Lunatic Alice, Byul Lunatic Humpty Dumpty & Taeyang Lunatic White Rabbit

Promotional Images from Groove These photos were taken from Groove’s blog.