Pullip Bouquetin

Pullip Bouquetin was released in March of 2019 and seems to have a bit of a zodiac theme with her ram’s horn headdress.

Additional Information
Release: Standard Release
MSRP:  20000 yen
Release Date: 3/2019
Product Number: P-227
Feel Like So: The Edge with you I love in the reed forest….Even if it becomes a star I will not forget….Feel Like So
Face Up:
Eyes: Blue eyechips
Partially Opened Eyelids
Wig: White wavy wig.
Stock: Pullip Bouquetin’s stock outfit consists of headdress with horns, choker, tulle skirt, corset, overskirt, skirt, underwear, sheer shirt, socks and shoes.
Body Type: 4
Obitsu Match: White
Stand: Black Plastic Stand
Special Notes: A white version of Pullip Bouquetin’s stock outfit was released and sold separately at Pullip 15th Anniversary Dream of the Starry Sky Event at Umeda Souk that was held in April of 2019.
Known Issues: None
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Promotional Photos these photos were taken from Groove’s Blog.