Dal Face Up Index

This is a face up index for Dal please note this is a work in progress to be completed as my free time allows. As this is just an index, I just chose to list the model name here If you are interested in learning more about the releases please see the release list here.

2006 Dals
Dolls I need to photograph- DRta, Fiori, Monomomo & Hina Ichigo

2007 Dals
Dolls I need to photograph- Rot-chan, Sooni, Frara, Kanaria, Another Soldier Rabbit, Coral & Jolie
Original Frara Face UpModel- Frara (Original Version)

Another Clock Rabbit
Model- Another Clock Rabbit

Model- Jouet

2008 Dals
Dolls I still need to photograph- Hangry, Cinnamoroll, Colline, Tweety, Coco, Hanaayame, Magical Pink-chan, Tezca, Lipoca, Charlotte

Model- Milch, Photo contributed by Bermea

2009 Dals
Dolls I still need to photograph- Melize, Angry, Ciel, Lizbel, Erenfried, Puki, Maretti, Ciel Robin Version, Tinkerbell, Edge, Chanti & Sakura

Erenfried Face UpModel- Erenfried

2010 Dals
Dolls I need to photograph- Ende, Pinocchio, Tina, Satti, Clair, Kanti, Lunatic Alice, Sweet Risa, Rocker Risa
Phoebe face upModel- Phoebe

Pinocchio Face UpModel- Pinocchio

Lucia Face Up
Model- Lucia

Dotori Face Up
Model- Dotori

Model- Tina, Photo Contributed by Bermea

Katoya Face UpModel- Katoya

nullModel-Lunatic Alice, Photo contributed by Bermea

2011 Dals
Dolls I need to photograph/re-photograph– Sanada, Joujou & Ra Muw

Darony's face up
Model- Darony

Rin in the box
Model- Rin

Len Face Up
Model- Len

Hello Little Girl! close
Model- Hello Little Girl
Photo contributed by Truefan

Model- Charlemagne

Romantic Rabbit
Model- Romantic Rabbit

Madoka face up
Model- Madoka

Heart Macaron close
Model- Heart Macaron
Photo contributed by Truefan

Gloomy Bear close face
Model- Gloomy
Photo contributed by Truefan

2012 Dals
Dolls I need to photograph/re-photograph- Dalcumi
Dolls I do not own- Galla & Heart Macaron
Model- Delorean

Cinnamoroll 2.0
Model- Cinnamoroll Anniversary Version

Chenille du Jardin
Model- Chenille du Jardin

Anniversary Jouet Face up
Model- Jouet Anniversary Version
Comparison with Original Jouet
Anniversary versus original Jouet comparison

Galla face upModel- Galla

Sentimental Noon
Model- Sentimental Noon

Dal Kleine face upModel- Kleine

2013 Dals

Princess PinkyModel- Princess Pinky

Ange close
Model- Ange
Photo Contributed by Truefan

Model- Classical Alice

Natalie face up
Model- Natalie

IcarusModel- Icarus

Lyla Dal, D-148
Model- Lyra
Photo contributed by Truefan

Loa close
Model- Loa
Photo contributed by Truefan

My Select Frara Face UpModel- My Select Frara
Original versus My Select FraraComparison of Frara (Original) & My Select Frara

Heiwa face upModel- Heiwa

2014 Dals
Currently Seeking Photo Contributions of: None!
Silane face upModel- Silane

Not my Doll! Model- Vendettina

2015 Dals
Currently Seeking Photo Contributions of: None!

Sailor Chibi MoonModel- Sailor Chibi-Moon

Sailor Saturn Face UpModel- Sailor Saturn

2016 Dals
Currently seeking photo contributions of: Princess Usagi Small Lady Serenity, Cherry Sweet, Alice in Steampunk World & Deneb

Dal Ho-ho

Model- ho-ho

Dal Quince Face UpModel- Quince

Dal Alpin Face UpModel- Alpin

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