Pullip Canele

Pullips Canele and her color swapped counterpart Varele were released simultaneously for the Happy Pullip World event in December 2013, they were both later available for purchase online via select retailers.

Additional Information
Release: Limited Release, originally sold at Happy Pullip World event but was later available for online purchase via select retailers.
MSRP: 18000 yen
Release Date: 12/2013
Product Number: P-110
Feel Like So: Around and Around The Merry-Go-Round… The Carnival is coming today… Let’s all enjoy it together… Feel Like So.
Face Up:
Eyes: Blue Eye Chips
Eyelids: Brown eyelids with black eyeliner.
Wig: Golden blond wig with two removable pigtail elements.
Stock: Canele’s stock outfit consists of a blouse, skirt, corset, underskirt, collar, tie, cuffs, wand, tights, shoes, hat, belt and two hair pieces.
Body Type: 4
Obitsu Match: White
Stand: Gold Plastic Stand
Special Notes: Released simultaneously with Pullip Varele who she is a color swapped version of. She has a graspy hand.
Known Issues: None
Similar Doll Recommendations: Pullip Varele

Promotional Images from Groove These photos were taken from Groove’s blog.