Pullip Releases Delayed :(

Groove just announced via their blog that the release of this month’s Pullip releases have been delayed in Japan. The releases of Pullip Optical Alice, Isul Caros & Dal Dana have all been postponed Groove has said that they will update regarding the new release date.

Hopefully the delay is short, I was already anxiously counting the minutes until Pullip Optical Alice’s release! The US release date is not until one month after the Japanese release date so now hopefully we will see the releases some time in March.

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Doll Show 48 Upcoming Pullip Releases on Display

Groove shared a photo of some of their upcoming doll releases that were on display at Doll Show 48 via their twitter account yesterday. I’m very happy that Groove decided to share the photo so that we could all get a glimpse at the new dolls.
The top row features dolls from the Optical Alice series, Pullip Optical Alice (center) is the only doll that has been announced so far so it was very exciting to see prototypes of other dolls we didn’t know about yet from the series. It appears that Alice will be joined by a Pullip Queen of Hearts, an Isul (possibly a white rabbit?), a Dal Cheshire Cat and a Taeyang Mad Hatter.

The bottom row features Pullip Gretel & Isul Hansel who were released in 2016, alongside the upcoming releases Dal Princess Dana & Isul Caros all four of the dolls were inspired by fairy tales. Pullip Katrina & Taeyang ReonHARDT just came out in Japan and will be coming out in the US soon, they kind of stand out a bit on this display because they are the only dolls in normal clothing versus the more storybook inspired and fantastic outfits of their shelf-mates. I am absolutely loving Katrina’s almost bronze skin tone especially compared to the almost grey tone of the Optical Alice series dolls.
C2LRVckVQAAyp1VI cropped the picture that Groove posted so I could get a better look at the Optical Alice series, I was already counting the minutes until Optical Alice’s release now I can’t wait for news of the other dolls. It will be great to put names/release dates with releases, I’m especially excited about the Isul.

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Upcoming Groove Touken Ranbu Collaboration Series!

Groove made an announcement via their blog this morning about a very exciting upcoming collaboration series with Touken Ranbu (Wild Dance of Swords) which is an insanely popular card based online game in Japan. Not only is it a popular online game, it has already received one anime adaption Touken Ranbu Hanamaru that aired in Japan this past fall ( it has  been licensed in the US by Funimation) and will be receiving anime adaptation called Katsugeki! Touken Ranbu  later this year. Various figures including nendoroids and other merchandise have been released over the years, in fact I own the Mikazuki Munechika nendoroid (I’m hoping his character gets made into a doll as a part of the series).

The cast of Touken Ranbu is primarily male which means we will likely see Isuls and Taeyangs prominently featured in the collaboration series, I’m happy to see a series focusing on the boy dolls for once. The first doll in the series will be an Isul I will be on display at  Doll Show 48 in Ikebukuro on the 15th. I will be sure to update once more information and/or photos become available.

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Mocha MIO (Make It Own) Kits now in stock @Pullipstyle

Just a quick update today, I keep forgetting to mention this here but Pullipstyle has received a restock of the mocha MIO or Make It Own kits. If you are unfamiliar with the MIO kits they are blank doll kits ideal for customization, not many tan Pullips get released so the mocha kits have been especially popular they sold out very quickly last time so I wanted to post a heads up here in case anyone has been waiting for a restock (it seems like I have been getting at least an email a week asking about the mochas and when they might be restocked). The kits are said to be the same color as Pullip Nahh-ato. The Mocha MIO kits are available for purchase here.

There are a couple of potentially NSFW comparison photos of the mocha MIO kit versus Pullip Nahh-ato and Catwoman SDCC Version

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JPGroove Pullip Sample Sale

JPGroove is having another Sample Sale! For those of you unfamiliar with their previous Sample Sales the sale features dolls that were previously used as display models in stores or at events such as SDCC, because they were display dolls they do not come with their boxes or stands and they may even be missing an accessory or two. It is important to note that these dolls have been handled before so I would not buy with the expectation that will be an absolutely mint pristine doll, all of the dolls I have purchased from previous rounds of the Sample Sales have all been in reasonably nice condition but I buy with the expectation that maybe they might need a little work so if one shows up with a minor issue I won’t be disappointed but rather pleasantly surprised when they arrive in nice condition. The Sample Sales are a great chance to get a doll you have been wanting at a great discount, as of this writing there are over 40 dolls available as a part of the sample sale.  Here is a small sampling of the dolls up for offer at the moment…
samplesaleYou can check out the whole selection of Sample Sale dolls here.

It is not unheard of for JPGroove to add dolls periodically to the Sample Sale so even if you don’t see a doll you want now it may be worth it check back every now and again. I must try to resist the urge to look again as I already used up all of my Paypal balance to place an order for Isul Cedric, Isul Ciel from Kuroshitsuji, Dal DeLorean & Taeyang Butler.

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Creator’s Label Dal Quince

The first post of the New Year here will be focusing on Pullip Lupinus’ counterpart and one of the few Dals to be released as a part of the Creator’s Label line Dal Quince. The Creator’s Label line for those of you who aren’t familiar with it is a series of dolls released by Groove that were designed by different customizers/doll artists from around the world to release dolls in that customizer’s style.  Pullips, Taeyangs, Isuls, Dals and even a single Byul has been released as a part of the Creator’s Label line but Dal has been featured as a part of the Creator’s Label series only rarely.  Besides Quince only two other Dals have been released as a part of the Creator’s Label so far Dal Hello Little Girl (designed by @NaiLabo) and Dal Heiwa (designed by Poison Girl). This is the first time a coordinated release of Pullip and Dal have been released as a part of the Creator’s Label line; I love that Groove has recently been releasing some coordinated pairs as a part of the Creator’s Label line, Pullips Cassie and Callie (both designed by Happy Dolly x Memento) as well as Pullip Naoko and Taeyang Koichi (both designed by Sherl’s Designs) somehow the dolls just look even cuter in pairs.

Dal Quince along with her counterpart Pullip Lupinus were designed by Silver Butterfly who previously co-designed Pullip Galene and Taeyang Natsume with Mitsubachi@BabyBee, Dal Quince and Pullip Lupinus represent their first solo effort as a part of the Creator’s Label line.  Groove stated on their blog that the face ups on Pullip Lupinus & Dal Quince were inspired by Bisque Dolls which are unglazed porcelain dolls that were popular in like the late 1800s, my experience with them is admittedly pretty limited (my mother has or had a few in her collection). They are kind of remarkable for having a matte finish to them and I think that Quince’s face up in particular really reminds me of that style particularly the blushing.
QuinceDal Quince and Pullip Lupinus were released in Japan in late November, due to the holidays and the inevitable shipping delays they cause they are just now making their way into the hands of the US dealers. I lacked patience for the US release so I imported the pair. Dal Quince and Pullip Lupinus have MSRPs of 20000 yen each.
Lupinus & QuinceI have already recently covered Pullip Lupinus here so now it’s time to do a post focusing on Dal Quince.
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Creator’s Label Pullip Lupinus

The Creator’s Label series features dolls that showcase the talents of different doll customizers from around the world, Groove collaborates with them to release a doll based on their designs. The Creator’s Label series is great because it is not always realistically possible for everyone to get a one of a kind custom doll by their favorite artist so the Creator’s Label line gives everyone the opportunity to own a doll designed by their favorite customizer. In addition, the Creator’s Label line may introduce us to customizers we may not already be familiar with so we may just discover a new favorite customizer!

The latest additions to the Creator’s Label line are Pullip Lupinus and her companion release Dal Quince who were designed by Silver Butterfly. Silver Butterfly was previously featured as a part of the Creator’s Label line when they collaborated with Mitsubachi@BabyBee to design Pullip Galene & Taeyang Natsume back in 2012, Pullip Lupinus & Dal Quince are the first solo effort in the Creator’s Label by Silver Butterfly. The inspiration for Pullip Lupinus and Dal Quince as reported by Groove on their blog is Bisque Dolls which are porcelain dolls made of bisque that surged in popularity around the turn of the century (1800-1900s not 1900-2000s).
Lupinus & QuincePullip Lupinus & Dal Quince were both released last month in Japan and are set to be released here in the US in the next few days. Both of the dolls have a MSRP of 20000 yen. I got a bit impatient while waiting for the US release for the pair so I imported so I could get my dolls a bit earlier.
Pullip LupinusI previously introduced Pullip Lupinus here recently when I did a post focusing on the new eye mechanism feature which you can see here, she is the second Pullip released that has the new feature that allows her to have her eyes partially open versus just opened or closed. I thought it was time to make a post here focusing on all of the lovely Lupinus!
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