I want it, I want it, I want it! American Horror Story Coven dolls by Integrity Toys

I wanted to talk about something a bit different today! I love scary things and horror movies especially (just finished watching Don’t Look Now on blu-ray in fact). Last year, I was browsing Netflix trying to find something to watch and American Horror Story caught my eye. I had several friends that knew of my love scary things recommend it to me previously so I figured what the hell, I’ll give it a shot and watch the first episode… I ended up watching the first six episodes in one sitting and only stopped there because I realized the sun was already coming up oops. Needless to say I was a fan, I quickly watched and then re-watched the first three seasons while waiting for the fourth season Freak Show to start and have been watching the series in real time ever since though the current season has kind of left me feeling kind of meh (it’s kind of a slowburn).
American Horror Story Coven Myrtle Snow Funko PopThough far from the scariest season, I was pretty partial to Coven it being the only season besides Hotel my husband would actually sit through as he does not care for the scary things. Being a doll collector every time I would watch Coven, in the back of my mind all I could think about was hmm wow a lot of these designs would make great dolls! There really hadn’t been much toy-style merchandise besides Funko Pop Vinyl Figures for American Horror Story (my favorite of the AHS pops Myrtle Snow is pictured above) that is until now!
lowres_ahs_chorus-1I was elated earlier today when I was browsing facebook and saw someone mention the new American Horror Story Coven dolls by Integrity Toys. I had heard of Integrity Toys before but wasn’t really that familiar with them other than knowing that they had a license for Jem and the Holograms dolls and dolls based off of characters from My Little Pony. Not really being familiar with the brand or even where to buy them I went to the brand’s    website and saw that Fabricfriendsanddolls was one of their dealers, I’ve bought bjds several times through Fabricfriendsanddolls and have always been very happy with their service so I was happy to find a trusted source to buy from!
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Latidoll BJD order arrival

I know it may not seem like it sometimes but I do collect dolls other than those made by Groove. I’ve been collecting ball jointed dolls or bjds since early 2008 when Fairyland debuted their Littlefee line and I fell head over heels for Ante since then I have acquired a small army of mostly tiny bjds (those under 30cm). One of my favorite bjd companies is Latidoll they make absurdly cute tiny dolls and I’m addicted to the sweet pitch of their siren’s call.

Unlike most bjd companies, Lati is not continually open for orders normally they have maybe four limited events a year where they have orders open for a few weeks for a series of limited dolls. Normally they open orders for basic dolls for a week or two following the event. Additionally sometimes dolls are made exclusively for doll events/doll parties. Last fall, Lati announced a Cinderella event including Lati White SP Haru based on Cinderella’s mouse friend and well this picture did me in, I had to order her! Ordered!I placed my order for Lati White SP T. Haru on 10/16/2015 and so began my wait, bjds are made to order and production normally takes some time. Most companies like Luts normally have a three to four month turnaround time, Lati is notorious for their wait times. In the past I have waited as long as ten months for my Latidoll orders but most of the time I had my order within eight months which is still pretty ridiculous. I started getting antsy last month when I still hadn’t heard anything about my order, I wrote them on their q and a board and was told my order would ship early October. Early October came and went so I wrote them again last week, they finally shipped me my order. I received my order on 10/19/2016 over one year after I placed it.

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December Releases Taeyang ReonHARDT & Pullip Katrina announced!

Earlier this morning, Groove announced two new upcoming releases via their blog. Pullip Katrina and Taeyang ReonHARDT are to be released in Japan in December but will not be released until one month later here in the US. Their MSRP is 18000 yen each which is approximately $172 as of this writing. Now that the basic release information is out of the way let’s take a closer look at the dolls!
My first thought when I saw these two was they look like they are ready for a party, a Gatsby party in particular! The Great Gatsby was all about decadence and excess in the 1920s, while these two dolls are original designs the 1920s influence on their clothing style is easy to see. The dolls definitely embody decadence especially Katrina with her fur lined coat (hopefully faux fur!). The 1920s were a really great time period with amazing outfit designs so I love that Groove is releasing dolls based on it.

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Dal ho-ho

I had every intention of posting the review of SDCC Exclusive Pullip Wonder Woman Dress Version next but then Dal ho-ho arrived last week and I had so much fun photographing her that I decided to post her review first.
DaytonaMany dolls lines release swimsuit themed dolls on a nearly annual basis, every summer a new series of swimsuit dolls get released with a slightly different theme than last year’s. The swimsuit dolls are normally come with a swimsuit and maybe a beach themed accessory or two, they are normally priced much cheaper than other dolls in the line. Not many swimsuit themed Pullips have been released over the years, off the top of my head Pullip Summer Purezza is probably the closest thing we’ve had to a swimsuit release up to this point but her release was over ten years ago and she was limited to 500, Dal Tweety comes with a bikini but it’s inclusion in her stock almost seemed like an afterthought and she was released in 2008 so just shy of ten years ago.

Pullip Summer Purezza                              Dal Tweety                      

Earlier this summer, Groove announced the forthcoming releases of Pullip ha-ha and Dal ho-ho. Both dolls came with a swimsuit bikini as well as a cover-up outfit as well as sunglasses and float accessories, finally we have some swimsuit releases! The pair were released in August in Japan but released one month later here in the US. The MSRP for each of the dolls is 18000 yen, I preordered my Dal ho-ho via Pullipstyle where she was priced at $120 plus however much shipping was.

Let’s all take a closer look at ho-ho!

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JPGroove NYCC Pullip Sale

While there may not be an exclusive Pullip at NYCC this year, JPGroove is celebrating anyway with a sale this weekend! Coupon code GSCC2016 is good for 15% off any anime or comic category item the full selection of items this code applies to can be viewed here. It is important to note that this is strictly an online sale, Groove will not be attending NYCC this year.
14563469_1271453189545013_4314780885900869224_nThis sale would be a great opportunity to acquire the SDCC exclusive Pullips Harley Quinn Dress Version & Wonder Woman Dress Version if you haven’t already. In case you missed it I recently did a write up of Pullip Harley Quinn Dress Version that can be seen here if you are interested.
Wonder Woman & Harley QuinnPersonally I’m incredibly tempted to use the coupon code to get a discount on some of the Sailor Moon x Pullip collaboration series of dolls as I’m woefully behind on collecting them, there are a lot of great dolls on offer so really you can’t go wrong.

On an unrelated note, JPGroove has opened up preorders for Isul Elder I had previously noted that they had opened up preorders for his counterpart Dal Alpine but not Elder himself and that I would update here when he became available for preorder.

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Looking back at Pullip Giata/Alte and Pullip Blanche

Pullip has been around since 2003, it’s pretty rare for a doll line to last for that long. The Pullip line even outlasted Jun Planning the original company that produced it, production of Pullip has continued under Groove Inc since early 2009. I recently had the opportunity to acquire some old Jun Planning catalogs that were originally given to retailers/potential retailers, these catalog books showed new as well as upcoming releases so they are kind of interesting to look through as they gave glimpses of some dolls before their designs were really finalized. As you can probably guess, I’m a bit of dork for Pullip history as well as sharing the Pullip love so I couldn’t resist scanning a page from one of the catalogs to share. scanimage013This scan is from the Winter 2006-Spring 2007 Doll Catalog it features Pullip Giata who appears to be an early prototype of Pullip Alte, an earlier prototype Blanche who looks a bit different from the actual release and Pullip Stica who more or less looks the same. It makes sense for the later releases to still not really have their designs finalized at this point as their release was still a way off at this point. Pullip Alte was released in April of 2007, I recently did a write up of her that can be seen here.
AlteI think it’s really interesting to look at how a prototype has evolved to a production model, I understand that things sometimes have to be changed  because of cost or practicality (maybe Jun Planning couldn’t source enough fabric etc). I must admit that I actually prefer Giata’s original design over Alte’s. I preferred the fabric choices of the original as well as the overall more casual style. I wonder why it was to be changed. Pullip Alte is still a strong release but I think Giata would have been an even stronger release!

Alte/Giata wasn’t the only doll whose design evolved over time, while Pullip Blanche’s outfit is more or less the same (her laurels/flower headdress are green on the production model versus gold on the original prototype) her face up has changed quite a bit.
pullips01In March of 2007, Jun Planning attended the Paris Fashion Doll Expo and had several dolls on display including recent releases as well as prototypes of upcoming releases including Blanche. The photos from the event are by Cauldroness and have been reposted with permission, you can read her write up of the event here.
blanche05This event was closer to Pullip Blanche’s actual release date in June, she appears to kind of be somewhere in between the original prototype and the actual production model. Compared to the production model the makeup on this display doll is overall lighter in color, the blushing is less intense, her lips are quite different and less detailed. Her eyes also look to be a bit lighter green than on the production model.  Blanche’s production model always seemed a bit melancholy to me, the display doll and the original prototype both look much cheerier to me. I always loved Pullip Blanche’s somewhat gloomy expression so it’s a bit strange to me to see her so happy looking.
103/365 PersephonePlease forgive this old photo of my Blanche, I wanted to include a picture of her to show how different her expression was from the prototype but didn’t realize how long it had been since the last time I photographed her. I really want to take her out for photos now!

I hope you have enjoyed this trip down memory lane with me.

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SDCC Exclusive Pullip Harley Quinn Dress Version

Every year many companies release limited items exclusive to San Diego Comic Con, these items range from variants covers of comic books to toys produced solely for the event. As SDCC has become one of the biggest events of the year for many different fandoms, producing an exclusive has become a great opportunity for many companies to showcase their different products and maybe even attract some new fans!

This year, Groove collaborated with DC Comics to release new versions of dolls based on DC Comics characters Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman. Groove had previously collaborated with DC Comics starting in 2011 with the SDCC exclusive releases of Pullip Batgirl and Pullip Catwoman (recolored versions of both dolls were available at Wonder Festival that same year), they were joined in 2012 with SDCC exclusives Taeyang Batman and Pullip Wonder Woman as well as NYCC exclusive Pullip Harley Quinn and in 2013 they were joined by Supergirl. This year’s SDCC exclusives Pullip Harley Quinn Dress Version and Pullip Wonder Woman Dress Version were available for purchase during SDCC at the Teddy Scares booth as well as via their website JPGroove . The dolls were priced at $130 each at SDCC or $155.99 each via the website (there was a 15% off coupon promotion during SDCC).

SDCC Pullip Harley Quinn Dress VersionLove makes me do many things…..I can easily dress up for you, Puddin’!!….Feel Like So.

JPGroove didn’t even publicly confirm that there would be a SDCC release this year until early July when they first mentioned upcoming exclusives via their facebook page, the dolls themselves were not revealed until July 17th only a few days before SDCC would begin.  There were so many really awesome SDCC exclusives this year that left a gaping hole in my wallet that I was not able to get the Pullips until recently via JPGroove. I’m a huge fan of Harley Quinn so I, of course had to add the new version of the Pullip to my collection. I love Harley Quinn’s character so much that I had commissioned Requiemart to make a custom Pullip Harley Quinn years before Groove would officially make a Pullip release based on the character; here’s my custom Harley Quinn alongside her official NYCC Pullip Harley Quinn.
Harley Quinns
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