Creator’s Label Silver Butterfly Pullip Lupinus & Dal Quince Announced

Groove has announced two new additions to the Creator’s Label line via their blog a short while ago, Pullip Lupinus and Dal Quince. The Creator’s Label line gives Groove a chance to showcase the talents of different doll customizers from around the world by collaborating with them to release a doll based on their designs. This is great for the community because it’s not always possible for everyone to get an one of a kind custom by their favorite customizer due to expense/customizer’s schedule etc but it still gives everyone a chance to one a doll designed by them plus it gives us the chance to see the works of artists we may not be familiar with.

Silver Butterfly has been featured alongside Mitsubachi@BabyBee as a part of the Creator’s Label previously with the releases of Pullip Galene and Taeyang Natsume who the pair collaborated on the designs of, Dal Quince and Pullip Lupinus represents Silver Butterfly’s first time being featured as the sole designer of a doll as a part of the Creator’s Label line. Pullip Lupinus and Dal Quince are said to be inspired by Bisque dolls and they do seem to have a bit of an air of old fashioned elegance about them.
p188_d165_10_mailPullip Lupinus and Dal Quince are to be released in November in Japan, they will be released one month later here in the US (it takes Pullip a little while to travel all the way from Japan!).  The dolls are priced at 20000 yen each which is just shy of $196 as of this writing.
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10th Anniversary Dal Deneb Announced

WordPress apparently ate my post regarding the announcement of Dal Deneb so I am going to do a more abbreviated, more concise version so I can move on ^^; .

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Dal and Taeyang’s introduction to the Pullip line of dolls, last week Groove announced a new Taeyang release and Dal release to commemorate the anniversary via their blog. Though fans have been clamoring for Taeyang and Dal pair for years, there has never been one before now so it’s really great that Groove took this opportunity to finally give us a Taeyang and Dal pair and what a pair they are! Deneb and Albireo look like they are dressed up for a masquerade ball. Both dolls have a swan theme as well as a bit of a ballet influence, Swan Lake immediately sprung to mind when I saw the pair but it does not seem to be the inspiration (I’ve never seen a male Black Swan) regardless I feel like my Deneb shall be doomed to be named Odette.
deneb1 Dal Deneb and Taeyang Albireo will be released in October in Japan, they will have a November release here in the US. Both dolls are priced at 20000 yen each which is just about $196 at the moment, the pair will be 40000 yen.
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Pullip My Select Merl

Pullip Merl was one of the most popular Pullip releases of 2012, she was so popular that Groove released a recolored version of her less than a year later called Merl Nostalgia Version as well as a basic My Select version. The My Select line was introduced in late 2012 as a precursor to the MIO or Make It Own line of customization items, the dolls released as a part of the line were all re-releases of previous dolls but instead of their more elaborate stock outfits they came with only a simple towel wrap dress. Dolls released as a part of the My Select line did not even come with a stand. The My Select doll line had the advantage of being more affordably priced than normal releases, before the advent of the MIO line they were a great option if you wanted a doll to customize or if you wanted to add a doll to your collection but maybe weren’t the biggest fan of their stock clothing or look (new eyes/wigs?).
Antique Skull DressEarlier this year, Joliedoll announced that they would be releasing a new exclusive version of Pullip Merl with a special dress set designed by them. Unfortunately it looks like the plans for the doll fell through as My Select Merl and the Antique Skull Dress set that she was supposed to be Jolie Doll’s exclusive are now available for sale separately via JPGroove.  I’ve already done a review of the outfit set that can be seen here in case you missed it so I thought it was time to do a post focusing on My Select Merl! My Select Merl is priced at $94.95 and is available via JPGroove,  she is also available in a number of bargain priced bundle packages with various Groove outfit sets that can be seen here.


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Taeyang 10th Anniversary Special Model Albireo Announced!

Can you believe that Pullip and Taeyang have been together for 10 years? It’s been ten years since Pullip’s new boyfriend Taeyang and his little sister Dal have joined the Pullip line of dolls. Although lots of Pullip and Isul sets such as Isul Hansel and Gretel  have been released since Isul’s introduction in 2011 and there have been many Dal and Pullip pairings as well as Taeyang and Pullip pairings there has never been a Dal and Taeyang matched pairing until now, I wonder why that is? It’s been something the Pullip fan community has been wondering for a long time now… finally our prayers have been answered!

Shortly after 10th Anniversary Special Dal Model Deneb was announced earlier this morning via Groove’s blog, her big brother 10th Anniversary Special Model Albireo was also announced on Groove’s blog. If you missed it, I have already done a write up of Deneb’s announcement that can be seen heret258_11_mailTaeyang Albireo will be released alongside his sister in October in Japan, they will be released one month later here in the US. Of course both of the dolls that are dressed for a fancy costume ball are to be released just in time for Halloween in Japan, at least! Taeyang Albireo has a MSRP of 20000 yen which is about $197 as of this writing, he is priced the same as his companion release Deneb so the pair will cost  40000 yen together because I mean who could think about the one without the other, right?
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JPGroove Labor Day & Other Pullip News!

JPGroove is having a Labor Day sale, they sent out a coupon code earlier this morning via email good for 15% off any purchase with code LBDS2016 that is good from midnight tonight PST until midnight the next day. Of course, news of the sale didn’t come out until after I made a late night order last night >_<
labordaysaleThis would be an absolutely fabulous opportunity to finally get the SDCC Pullips Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn dolls if you have missed out on them!
Wonder Woman & Harley QuinnThe code should also be useable for preorder items such as Pullip ha-ha & Dal ho-ho who come out later this month or maybe you prefer Pullip Angelic Pretty Marie and Pullip Bonnie.
In other news, Pullipstyle‘s new exclusive designed by Requiemart and myself Pullip Amelia is now in stock at Pullipstyle. I’m so excited that she is finally showing up at her new homes all over the world, every time I see a picture of her I have to smile! My own Pullip Amelia that I had preordered arrived earlier this week.
AmeliaIn addition to Pullip Amelia, Pullip Super Sailor Moon is now in stock plus the restocks of Pullip Vocaloid Miku & Pullip Tokidoki Lunarosa have also arrived and are now available via their website as well so if you missed out on them you now have the opportunity to add them to your collection as well . I almost forgot the most interesting restock! Pullip Alura is also now in stock, she was one of my favorite Pullip releases of last year so if you missed out on her now is your chance to get her!

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Special Limited Edition Pullip Veritas teased a new version of Pullip Veritas via their facebook page last night. Who is is Ars Gratia Artis’s website and they are run by Mango Park, the almighty creator of Pullip and are responsible for designing many, many different Pullips over the years as well as the creation of Yeolume (Pullip’s daughter from the future). As a note, I normally tend to focus on American Pullip retailers here as I am based in the US myself and well for the most part with current exchange rates if you are in the US it makes the most sense to order via Pullipstyle or JPGroove; Ars Gratia Artis is based in Korea and I believe I have only ever ordered from them once.

Before looking at the new version of Veritas, we should probably take a moment to refresh our memories and look back at the original Pullip release Veritas who was released in November of 2007 with a MSRP of 10,000 yen.

Veritas was a well received release and was very popular so it came as no surprise that she was one of the first Pullips to get re-released as a part of the new Premium Pullip line this year.
Premium Pullip Veritas Deep Crimson Version was released in June of this year with a MSRP 20,000 yen which is twice of the MSRP of the original, nearly nine years later though production costs have only escalated.
leveritas2This new version of Veritas is limited to only 50 dolls, I believe she may actually be exclusive to it’s a bit unclear at this time as more details emerge I will update but for now they are the only store that has made mention of her and with such a tiny edition size it seems unlikely that many retailers would be able to offer her. She does not seem to have a name designation other than Veritas Special Edition if I were to name her it would probably be Veritas Black Gold version. She is priced at an astounding $405, she has the distinction of having the most expensive MSRP of any Pullip release to date. Veritas Special Edition is available for preorder via . She is to be released later this month (September).
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Joliedoll Antique Skull Dress Set for Pullip

Joliedoll is a French store that specializes in Pullip, earlier this year they had announced that they were going to try to have their own exclusive Pullip. The exclusive Pullip was a new version of Pullip Merl in an outfit designed by the president of Joliedoll, Jolie Lenie. There had been attempts made to crowdsource funding of the doll but it seems like those attempts may have fallen through as JPGroove is now selling My Select Merl as well as the Antique Skull Dress set as separate items via their website. While it seems a bit sad that things fell through maybe more people will have the opportunity to enjoy the doll/outfit set now.
Antique Skull DressThe Antique Skull Dress set is priced at $34.95 which is pretty reasonable for an outfit set that includes a dress, headband and socks/shoes. I had the realization that the outfit set would suit my new custom Pullip by Myufish perfectly so I ordered the dress set without hesitation as soon as I saw it available. I have decided to use this opportunity to post a review of the dress set as well as how well the dress set fits on some other body types besides the Type 4 Pullip body.
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