Le Petit Prince x Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Pullip Rose

In 1943, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wrote a novella Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince) that has gone on to become one of the most popular books of the 20th century with almost 140 million copies sold and has delighted generations both old and young ever since it’s release. The novella is still widely read and it continues to serve as an inspiration today, in 2015 it served as the inspiration for an animated film. The 2015 film named Le Petit Prince features a mixture of stop-motion animation as well as cg animation and features a new frame narrative as well as a slightly more upbeat ending (I highly recommend the new film, it’s really good!).

The novella also served as the inspiration for a new line of Lolita clothing by Baby, the Stars Shine Bright sub-brand Alice and the Pirates. Groove collaborated with BTSSB to release a series of dolls wearing outfits based on BTSSB’s line of Le Petit Prince inspired clothing. Three dolls were released as a part of the collaboration Isul as the titular Petit Prince, Pullip Le Renard (the french word for Fox which she is alternatively known as) based on the character of the Fox and finally Pullip Rose based on the character of the Rose.  The Rose is the Prince’s beloved, she is vain and proud which drives the Prince away but his memory of her also ignites his desire to return.

Pullip Rose was the final doll to be released as a part of the Le Petit Prince collaboration line. She was released in February and has a MSRP of 22000 yen which is approximately $205 USD at the moment. I purchased mine via Pullipstyle where she is still available for sale as of this writing for $150 linkRoseAh! I Am Scarcely Awake. I Beg That You Will Excuse Me. My Petals Are Still All Disarranged…….. Feel Like So

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Premium Pullip Veritas Deep Crimson Version Announced!

Groove has announced the third Pullip in their new Premium Pullip line via their blog tonight. The Premium Pullip line is new from Groove, they are releasing dolls based on older fan favorite releases but that will also incorporate new designs and colors as well as high quality materials for outfit the line launched with a new version of Pullip Kiyomi, the second doll in the line is the upcoming Monochromatic Romantic Alice and the newest doll is Veritas Deep Crimson Version.
Before we talk about the new release let’s back up a little and talk about the original version of Veritas…. the original version of Veritas was released in November of 2007, this was back around the time I was just starting to collect Pullips and was primarily focusing on the Rozen Maiden collaboration series and was not really interested in collecting Pullips outside of the series. The original version of Veritas was so gorgeous that I decided to buy her anyway. The original release had a MSRP of 10000 yen. At the time of release she was somewhat overshadowed by the extremely popular Pullip Prunella who came out a month later but she still sold out fairly quickly. I remember that even by like 2010 she was already becoming somewhat hard to find as one of my friends was looking for her and having trouble even then.
P177_02_mailThe new Premium version of Pullip Veritas will be released in June and has a MSRP of 20000 yen. While the MSRP is considerably higher than the original’s it is important to remember that it has also been almost ten years since the originals release and production costs for just about everything have only risen since then. When the Premium Pullip line was announced I honestly expected most of the dolls in the new line to be based only on newer Pullips like those released post-2009 ( when the type 4 body started) but I am happy to see some of the much beloved older releases are getting some love and attention as well. Pullip Veritas was a great release so I am thrilled about this new version of her.
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Pullip veryBerryPOP Announced

Groove has made a very exciting announcement via their blog, they have announced upcoming Pullip release veryBerryPOP. Pullip veryBerryPOP is very exciting because she is an original design, she is only the second Pullip released this year (Pullip Gretel is the other) that is not either a collaboration design or a new version of an older release. Pullip veryBerryPOP is set for a June release alongside Premium Pullip Veritas Crimson Version and has a MSRP of 18000 yen which is approximately $163 as of this writing.

VeryBerryPOP has a very sweet fruit themed lolita ensemble although I’m not sure if it qualifies as country lolita or not (I’m not that familiar with lolita fashion trends ^^;). I also love the little knitted cherries, it gives the outfit a real bit of country flair. I’m not sure but she almost appears to have a little bit of a darker skin tone than usual, normally Pullip is quite pale now while she does look fairly pale she does not look as pale as most releases.
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Baby, the Stars Shine Bright & Alice and the Pirates introduces line of doll clothing (Pullip)

Groove made an interesting announcement via their blog the other day, the lolita clothing label Baby, the Stars Shine Bright will be introducing a new line of 22cm doll sized lolita clothing ideal for Pullip. In the past, Groove has frequently collaborated with Baby, the Stars Shine Bright as well as their sub-brand Alice and the Pirates to base Pullip’s outfit off of actual human sized clothing releases by them. Some of the releases from this collaboration include the Le Petit Prince series, both versions of Nella and Johan as well as My Favorite Ribbon/Chocolate Ribbon and La Robe Vert Clair/La Robe Vert Bleu.

The new doll clothing line will be available via Baby, the Stars Shine Bright’s website, the line will be launching with two different color versions of the Be my Valentine ~ Juno of blessing and birds of Aria~ pattern doll dress set available for immediate sale as well as the Look to La Prière~ Glass Window Dream Doll dress set which is currently available for reservation and will be released in late May. It is not known at this time if the fashions will be available for sale on website’s other than Baby, the Stars Shine Bright where they are priced at 9000 yen each. The price admittedly seems to be higher than we are used to for the fashion packs released by Groove but these are from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright whose outfits sell for $100s and that the the blue version of  the Be My Valentine doll dress set has already gone out of stock as of this writing there is a lot of demand for Baby, the Stars Shine Bright doll fashions.
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Le Petit Prince x Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Fox/Le Renard Pullip

For the benefit of those who aren’t aware, I’ll cover some background Le Petit Prince is a novella written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in 1943 and it has been delighting young and old ever since. The novella has been translated into over 250 languages and is one of the best selling books like ever. I remember being assigned to read the novella when I was still in grammar school. Last year a new film based on the beloved classic was released, the film used a mixture of stop-motion and 3D animation. The film was supposed to be released in March in the US but was suddenly pulled from distribution much to my chagrin as I had already bought tickets😦 . Netflix has since bought the rights to distribution in the US so hopefully it’ll be on Netflix soon or if you are impatient like me, you can import a copy on dvd or blu-ray from one of the countries where Le Petit Prince has already been released. I will say that the new film is quite excellent though it does add some new elements to the story which die-hard fans of the book may not care for.

Oh that’s right, I forgot we talk about dolls here sorry for the literary and French-Canadian cinematic diversion but wait this wasn’t a complete non-sequitur because Groove has released a series of dolls based on Le Petit Prince.  The new series of dolls based on Le Petit Prince was produced in collaboration with Baby, the Stars Shine Bright sub-brand Alice and the Pirates a Japanese clothing brand specializing in whimsical lolita style clothing. The clothing featured on the dolls in this series are based on fashions released by BtSSB in actual human sizes, so if you would like to you could match your doll!

Three dolls have been released in this series the titular Petit Prince as an Isul (whose review you can see here),  Pullip Fox or Le Renard (the fox in French) and Pullip Rose who will be the next doll to be reviewed here. Pullip Fox was the first of the two Pullips released as a part of the line and she was released in February. She has a MSRP of 22000 yen,  I bought mine via Pullipstyle for $150 where she is still available as of this writing link it should be noted that Pullipstyle was only able to secure a limited supply of the Le Petit Prince dolls so if you want her don’t hesitate as she probably won’t last long until she sells out like the Isul already has.

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Twin Pullips Cassie and Callie announced!

Groove has announced a new pair of twin Pullips as a part of their Creator’s Label line via their blog earlier this morning. The Creator’s Label line is a series of collaboration dolls where Groove partners with different customizers from around the world to release a doll based on that customizer’s style. HappyDolly and MementoDoll previously collaborated with Groove to release the immensely popular Isul Glen.

Pullips Cassie and Callie are designed to be a matched set of twins but will be sold separately although who could buy the one without the other? They just look so cute together! Which one is which? Pullip Callie wears pink while her sister Cassie wears blue. Both dolls will be released in May in Japan (so June in the US) and both dolls have a MSRP of 20000 yen which is approximately $180 as of this writing so that makes obtaining the pair a bit pricey.

P169_10_mailOn a lovely day in spring. I put on my be loved dress, wear little makeup, then grab my bag and go shopping with my sister. We love to sit around and have some cakes at a cafe. Ah! So happy ♥ ….. Feel Like so

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Pullip Premium Edition Monochromatic Romantic Alice

Groove has announced the second doll in their new Premium Pullip line via their blog early this morning, it’s a new monochromatic version of Pullip Romantic Alice. The Premium Pullip line purportedly will release new versions of beloved releases which will incorporate new designs and higher quality materials; Pullip Romantic Alice Monochromatic Version will only be the second entry in the line the first doll was Pullip Kiyomi mint ice version who I previously blogged about here.

Pullip Romantic Alice was originally released in 2011 as two different version models, the original blue version as well as a pink version whose release followed shortly after both dolls had a MSRP of 13000 yen each. Both dolls are currently available for purchase via Pullipstyle. The new doll Pullip Romantic Alice Monochrome Version is set for a May release in Japan (June here in the US) and has a MSRP of 20000 yen which is about $190 as of this writing. The new doll’s design is said to have been completely supervised by Mango Park herself, for those of you unfamiliar with her she is the almighty creator of Pullip and the head of Ars Gratia Artis.

Monochrome Romantic Alice
The chess pieces say there would be white and black and gray! ….. Mood I everything is strange in this world
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