SDCC Sale on JPGroove reminder!

Just a quick reminder that the coupon code SDCC2016 for JPGroove‘s website is only good for a little bit longer. If you have been waiting on placing an order especially for the SDCC exclusive dolls Pullip Harley Quinn and Pullip Wonder Woman delay no further as time is almost out!
JPGroove even posted a photo of the dolls on display via their facebook page, Harley Quinn looks especially nice! I unfortunately am going to have to abstain from ordering at this time as I spent way too much on my other SDCC items (so many Funko Pop exclusives this year T_T).

Also I apologize for delays here recently, especially regarding Pullip Bonnie and Pullip Marie who I hope to have posted up later tonight. I’ve been working on revamping the site and every time I come here to do their write ups, I think of something else to work on and end up working on that >_< . Tough weekend for me.

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JPGroove SDCC Sale

JPGroove is running a  15% off sale on their website during San Diego Comic-con this weekend. The code SDCC2016 is good for 15% off anything on JPGroove’s website including the new SDCC exclusive Pullips Harley Quinn  & Wonder Woman. The code is good from now through 7/24/2016 11:59 PST.
15%I’m hoping to be able to use the coupon to at least order Pullip Harley Quinn but the amount of really awesome exclusives this year has been absolutely overwhelming.

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Update on SDCC Pullips Harley Quinn & Wonder Woman

JPGroove posted a little bit of an update on their upcoming SDCC dolls Pullips Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman via their facebook page . You can read more about them in detail here if you missed it.
So the dolls may not clear customs in time to actually be sold at SDCC but Groove will still be there and the product samples will at least be on display I imagine.

JPGroove also posted a close up of the new Harley Quinn Pullip without the mask hiding her pretty face! After closer inspection it does appear that well the elements of the face up are mostly the same it does appear that she has some additional pink/red eyeshadow compared to the original and seems like she may have more streaks than the promotional photos led me to believe.
zquinnHere’s a close up of the original Pullip Harley Quinn’s face up for comparison, the eye chips have definitely been changed.
Harley Quinn Face UpI unfortunately now want the new Harley Quinn Pullip now more than ever, we shall see what I can do!

As a reminder, both Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn are also available to preorder via JPGroove’s website here.

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SDCC Exclusive Pullips revealed Pullips Wonder Woman & Harley Quinn Dress Versions also now available for preorder!

JPGroove has finally revealed their upcoming SDCC exclusive Pullips , they have once again partnered with DC comics to bring us dolls based on characters from their comics. Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman have been released at previous comic conventions, Pullip Wonder Woman was released at SDCC 2012 and then Pullip Harley Quinn was released a few months later at NYCC 2012.  This year Groove is releasing new versions of Pullip Harley Quinn and Pullip Wonder Woman as their SDCC exclusives, fortunately if you are unable to attend SDCC they are also available for preorder via their website. Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman are priced at $155.99 each via JPGroove‘s website (I’m not sure how much they will be priced at SDCC) and will be shipped out in late August. I will say traditionally that post-SDCC Pullipstyle has also sold the SDCC exclusives but they haven’t said anything publicly about this pair yet.

Let’s take a look at the releases!
p172_01Groove went for a very sweet iteration of Wonder Woman, it’s a bit unexpected but I think it works for her it looks like Wonder Woman’s traditional costume but dressed up. Looking at the pictures closely, I don’t think she is actually wearing a dress it looks like a corset and skirt combination. Looking closely at the skirt it looks very similar to that of Pullip Cornice’s but in a more fitting blue and stars color scheme which makes me wonder if she has some blue starred panties hiding  underneath.  Her tiara has become a head wrap and I love that her gloves are reminiscent of her silver gauntlets, I like that they really drew inspiration from her original design and dressed it up. The red fishnets definitely contrast with her overall sweet look but I think that they work with the heels.Wonder Woman comes with her trusty Lasso of Truth as an accessory.
p172_02Wonder Woman’s face up looks the same or similar to the face up of the original version link I will say the colors in this promotional photo look to be a bit amped up in editing so I don’t think her lips will be quiet so crimson in real life. I really love her smokey eye makeup and her really strong eyebrows those were always two of my favorite things abot the original. The eyechips appear to be darker than the original’s but I think with the star detailing they actually suit her much better. Her wig appears to the same type of black and blue mixture as the original’s.

p173_01I should probably preface this part by saying that Harley Quinn is probably my all-time favorite comic book character, I remember being fascinated by her back when I was kid watching her introduction in the animation series. I loved Harley Quinn so much that I commissioned Requiemart to do a custom of her years before Groove made the character into a doll.

I absolutely love and adore the boots in alternate colors, they look to be really awesome stompy boots too! I like that her neckline/collar is somewhat reminiscent of her like normal neck ruffle that she wears on her classic costume likewise the shirt cuffs poking out of her jacket kind of remind me of her little wrist ruffles in her classic costume. The fishnets are definitely something I could see Harley Quinn wearing. The red and black streaks in her hair are nice too though I wish there were more of them or maybe that the streaks were a little bit thicker. I love that the skirt has her trademark diamond pattern on it and the colors of the skirt, I kind of wish it had less of an opening in the front because it makes me wonder if she is hiding like shorts underneath. Overall she seems to have a little bit of a circus-y vibe to her especially with the jacket which is kind of fitting when you think about it as she is a clown albeit a murderous and psychotic one.

I feel like Groove overlooked the chance to give Harley Quinn an accessory that would have coordinated well with her look as well as been very much in character for her, she needs a croquet mallet it would have been a nice nod to her trademark hammer and matched the outfit nicely.
p173_02From what I can see of the face up it looks the same or very similar to that of the original NYCC Harley Quinn Pullip link, I will say that the eyes appear a darker shade of blue than that those of the original. I wish that a picture had been posted without the mask so we could see more of her pretty face! I love the way that her lips are painted it gives them the appearance of a different shape even though it’s the same mold. I’m curious about Harley Quinn’s skin tone as the original release had a very pale faceplate but the rest of her including the backplate were more of a normal skintone pic: here  really staring at the pictures it looks like her hands are more of a normal skintone

I have so many questions about these releases, it’s going to be a long wait until their preorders ship in August. I’m really curious how like Harley Quinn’s costume in particular is constructed, is it a dress or are they separate pieces that can be mixed and matched or not. I wish there were more pictures of them! I also wonder how limited they are, I love information and the more of it available to me the better it helps me plan things better like how quickly I need to lockdown my preorders in on these. I hope that owner photos surface shortly after SDCC as otherwise I’m not sure how I’ll survive until then. I wish news of these two had come out sooner I’ve already confirmed my orders with my SDCC helpers this year and between Mattel and Funko my funds are pretty much spoken for.

Remember if you can not attend SDCC they can be preordered via JPGroove.
Wonder Woman: link
Harley Quinn: link

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SDCC Exclusive Wonder Woman & Harley Quinn Pullips?!?

Still a little behind here as I frantically work behind the scenes doing various updates here but I wanted to share this news as quickly as possible!

 has just released some additional details about their upcoming SDCC exclusive Pullips (at this point I’m assuming they are both Pullips) via their facebook page tonight. 

This year’s SDCC exclusive Pullips will be another collaboration with DC Comics, new versions of Pullips Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman will be released. In 2012 Pullip Wonder Woman was released as one of two SDCC releases that year alongside Taeyang Batman, later that same year at NYCC Pullip Harley Quinn was released.

I wonder what the new versions will look like?

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Sailor Moon x Pullip Mistress 9 Pullip Announced

Groove has officially announced the 22nd doll in the Sailor Moon x Pullip collaboration series via their blog tonight. Sailor Moon has a incredible, colorful cast of villains so I am very happy to see that we are finally seeing another doll based on one the cadre of villains instead of a slight variant of one our heroes, I’m especially happy because Mistress 9 is one of my all-time favorite Sailor Moon villains.

For those of you unfamiliar with Sailor Moon, in the original anime Sailor Saturn’s body is inhabited by Mistress 9 who is one of the evil Deathbusters, servant to their leader Pharaoh 90. The Witches 5 try to gather heart crystals to fully awaken Mistress 9 so she gain total control over Hotaru’s body and summon Pharaoh 90 to earth. Eventually Mistress 9 gains control of Sailor Saturn completely and is only able to be defeated by fragments of Hotaru still within her, in particular her memories of her dear friend ChibiUsa. This shorter version is that she effectively looks like a grown up evil version of Sailor Saturn but is an evil entity inside of her.

Mistress 9 is the be released in October in Japan and will be released one month later here in the US. Her MSRP if 22,000 yen which as of this writing is approximately $207.

I am the Messiah of silence, Mistress 9
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DC Legion of Collectors Suicide Squad Box

Time for something a little bit different from today! I’m admittedly a bit of a comics dork with a special weakness for Joker and Harley Quinn, while I’m not exactly convinced that Suicide Squad will be a quality film I’m pleased by the flood of merchandise it has caused. Just with Funko pops, once all the new exclusive versions are factored in there are five new Harley Quinn pops: normal Suicide Squad, Prison Uniform version GameStop exclusive, Joker & Harley Quinn metallic two-pack exclusive to FYE, Harley Quinn gown version Hot Topic exclusive and Dr. Harleen Quinzell which will be exclusive to Walmart. I’m still missing the Walmart version but have tracked down all the others!

Funko releases bi-monthly subscription boxes for DC comics, Marvel and Star Wars they each come with a Funko pop, a t-shirt, a pin and a patch every box plus other items like maybe a dorbz one box and mystery minis the next. I’ve been collecting Funko Pops off and on since the early days of the line. Earlier this year I ordered the Deadpool box from Marvel Collector Corps and was really impressed with it, I subsequently ordered a few more of the MCC boxes and have been consistently pretty happy with them. I tend to prefer the actual comics from DC over Marvel but neither of the first two themes of the DC Legion of Collectors really appealed to me (Batman versus Superman & DC TV) then the third box was announced with a Suicide Squad theme and I had to order it! The box arrived in the mail today so I decided to post a little review of it.

loc1The box with the regular Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Funko Pop for scale, if you want to see what’s the inside the box please continue behind the cut…
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