Pullip Kayano

Pullip Kayano was released in August of 2018, she has a bunka ningyu theme (cloth doll made of western cloth made from Taisho to early Showa era at Japan).

Additional Information
Release: Standard Monthly Release
MSRP: 19000  yen
Release Date: 8/2018
Product Number: P-185
Feel Like So: If you wear a bright Red KIMONO in full moon…..Flowers bloom also in my heart…..Makes me feel of a girl full of flowers….Feel Like So
Face Up:
Kayano Face Up
Eyes: Dark Brown eyechips
Partially Closed Eyelids:
Partially Closed Eyelids
Eyelids: Black eyeliner with purple eyelids.
Kayano Eyelids
Wig: Long red wig.
Stock: Pullip Kayano’s stock includes  Bonnet, kimono, decorative band, apron, panties, socks and shoes.
Kayano Stock Outfit
Body Type: 4
Obitsu Match: White
Stand: White Plastic Stand
Special Notes: A very similar doll was featured in the official 2011 Pullip Calender.
Known Issues: None
Similar Doll Recommendations: Pullip Lan Ai, Pullip Lan Ake & Pullip Youtsuzu

Promotional Photos Photos taken from Groove’s Blog

Possible Early Prototype Version of Kayano featured in the 2011 Pullip Calender.