Pullip Creator’s Label Bloody Red Hood

Pullip Bloody Red Hood is a part of the Creator’s Label line where Groove collaborates with different customizers from around the world to bring us a doll in that customizers’ style, Pullip Bloody Red Hood was one of the first dolls to be released as a part of this line.  Bloody Red Hood was created by a unique partnership between TOKYOROSE x CrankyGel x Momolita . She is based on the popular fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood.

A limited edition version of Bloody Red Hood was also released as an exclusive to TokyoRose’s store, it was limited to only 70 dolls.

Additional Information
Release: Standard Release
MSRP: 13000 yen
Release Date: 8/2011
Product Number: P-041
Feel Like So: What is a girl’s weapon? Beauty? Charm? Or the slight mischief underneath the innocent smile? ‘’Strong is Weak, Weak is Strong’’…Feel Like So
Face Up:
IMG_9467Eyes: Dark Brown Eye Chips
Eyelids: Purple Eyeshadow & Black Eyeliner
Wig: Dark Reddish Brown Hair
Stock: Pullip Bloody Red Hood’s stock consists of a dress, hood, skirt, apron, petticoat, underwear, boots, detachable sleeves, basket/bag, potion, choker, boots and socks.
IMG_9490Body Type: 4
Obitsu Match: White
Stand: Clear Plastic Stand
Special Notes: Bloody Red Hood has painted nails
IMG_9485Known Issues: Sometimes the buckle holding the hood on can become detached but this can be fixed with a little bit of fabric glue.
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Promotional Images from Groove These photos were taken from Groove’s blog.

A limited version of Bloody Red Hood was also released, Bloody Red Hood Lolii Version was exclusive to Tokyo Rose and limited to only 70. The limited version was a relatively minor variation with different colored eyes (blue instead of dark brown) as well as her dress lacked the wolf print.
Pullip_Bloody_red_hood_(Lolii_version)_gallery_1I do not own or have access to the limited version only the standard version!