Little Taeyang Release List

littletaeyangLittle Taeyang are roughly five inches tall. Unfortunately only one Little Taeyang was released before the Little series of dolls were discontinued, one other Taeyang had been announced but canceled.

Name- Sebastian
Product Number- DT-271
Release Date- 11/2007
Original MSRP- 3800 yen
Series- Kuroshitsuji
Feel Like So- My lord, please call checkmate… I am your obedient servant, and a devil and butler.

The following release was announced but canceled before he was released.

Name- Romantic Mad Hatter
Product Number- LT-272
Release Date- 8/2013
Original MSRP- 4800 yen
Feel Like So- Let’s celebrate the birthday Anne! There is also a 364-day day and not a birthday.

All photos on this page are promotional images belonging to Groove Inc. and were taken from their various websites

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