Event Dolls

Event dolls are dolls that were either sold exclusively at a specific event such as Dal Jouet who was sold exclusively at the first Doll Carnival or created specifically to be on display at an event such as We ❤ Pullip.

Doll Carnival
Starting in 2007, Jun Planning started doing a yearly one day event celebrating Pullip called Doll Carnival. Every year at least one limited edition doll would be created to be sold exclusively at the event. A complete list of the Doll Carnival exclusive dolls can be seen here.


Beginning in 2009, in addition to past and future prototypes on display at Doll Carnival there were also custom dolls created specifically to be on display there, they were subsequently put up for auction. Some of the creators of the custom dolls would later go on to be featured as a part of the Creator’s Label line. A complete list of the custom dolls featured at Doll Carnival can be seen here.

We ❤ PullipPARCO_pullip_poster_R1In 2013, a special We ❤ Pullip event was held at Parco museum to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Pullip’s release. The event featured custom dolls from customizers, collaborations with famous fashion brands such as Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, Yura-chara mascot designs and a Student Design Cup Challenge. All the dolls featured at the event can be seen here.