2005 Prototypes- Pullip Exhibit

These photos were taken at a Pullip event in September of 2005.
Unproduced Prototypes
Unproduced Prototypes, these were previously seen at Doll Festival earlier in 2005.
zuoraZuora prototype
ridaPrototypes of Taeyang MJ and Pullip Rida and two unproduced prototypes.
timulushairClose up of unproduced punk prototype
Pullip Ala prototype
Early Prototype of Pullip Princess Ann
Unproduced Prototype of Eliza from My Fair Lady
miniLittle Pullip Swan & Unproduced Prototypes of Little Pullips, it’s interesting to note that the clowns appear to be based on full sized prototypes previously seen. The Little Pullips based on Tweety and Sylvester are kind of interesting because  Jun Planning would eventually release a Dal based on Tweety, it seems like they were working on the WB collaboration for a while.

As more and more resources from the early days of Pullip are being lost with time, I am making an effort to preserve as much as the information as I can. Photos used with permission from Pullipstyle’s blogspot.