Byul Face Up Index

This is a face up index for Byul please note this is a work in progress to be completed as my free time allows. This page is designed as a reference for anyone who wants to see close ups of the face ups of the different doll releases, many times eyebrows and other features can remain completely hidden in the promotional photos so I’ve been working on collecting as clear as possible close ups of each of the doll’s faces.  As this is just an index, I just chose to list the model name here. I know if I am personally on the fence about a doll, seeing a nice clear shot of the face up may be just what I need to make a decision.  If you are interested in learning more about the releases please see the release list here.

Unless otherwise noted all photos on this page were taken by me.

Dolls to be added: I am currently missing face up photos for Cocotte & Maya
Byul Eris Face UpModel- ErisByul PollonModel-PollonTigerlily face upModel- Tiger LilyByul Siry face upModel- SiryDumboModel- DumboIMG_0877Model- PauliaIMG_0873Model- LilithByul Hermine face upModel- HermineLunatic Humpty Dumpty Model- Lunatic Humpty DumptyByul Rhiannon face upModel- RhiannonMatulite Face UpModel- MatuliteSucre Face UpModel- SucreCheshire Cat Byul Face UpModel- Cheshire CatLeroy Face UpModel- LeroySarutobi Sasuke Face Up Model- Sarutobi SasukeRomantic QueenModel- Romantic Queen, photo contributed by Morning MarieCordelia Byul face upModel- CordeliaByul PinokoModel- PinokoParadis Face UpModel- ParadisStefie Model- StefieSecomi Model-SecomiByul Princess MintyModel- Princess MintySteampunk MoiraiModel- MoiraiByul ClorindaModel- ClorindaByul FataModel- Fata

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