Pullip Suiseiseki (Rozen Maiden 2007 Version)

f569_01Rozen Maiden is a popular anime/manga series, in the series several living ball-jointed dolls made by Rozen all compete to become Alice, the perfect girl. Starting in 2006, Jun Planning collaborated with Rozen Maiden to release a series of dolls based on various characters from the series Pullip Suiseiseki was released as a part of this series in March of 2007. Groove (the company that replaced Jun Planning) again collaborated with Rozen Maiden to release a new series of dolls based on Rozen Maiden and a new doll based on Suiseiseki was released.

Additional Information
Release: Standard Monthly release
MSRP: 13000 yen
Release Date: 3/2007
Product Number: F-569
Feel Like So: Sui Dream, please fill my water pot. With sweet water…. Feel like so.
Face Up:
suiseisekiEyes: One red eye and one green eye.
Wig: Long curled reddish brown wig.
Stock: Suiseiseki’s stock outfit consists of a blouse, skirt, underskirt, vest, bloomers, headdress, watering can, key, stocking and shoes.
Body Type: 3
Obitsu Match: White
Stand: Metal Stand with Rozen Maiden logo printed on it.
Special Notes: She has a piercing on her left ear featuring a little dog charm.
Known Issues: None
Similar Doll Recommendations:  Pullip Shinku, Dal Hina Ichigo, Pullip Souseiseki, Pullip Barasuishou, Dal Kanaria, Pullip Suigintou and Pullip Kirakishou. Additionally a new version of Suiseiseki was released in 2015.

Promotional Photos these photos were taken from Jun Planning’s old website unless otherwise noted.