Pullip is an Asian fashion doll. She has a unique eye mechanism that allows her to look from side and side as well as blink (on newer releases starting with Rei they have “sleep eyes” where the eyes can remain closed). Pullip has a very large head about 1/3 scale on a 1/6 scale body, she is approximately 12 inches tall. Every month a new Pullip with a new “feeling” is released. The Pullip line started in 2003 since then over 250 different Pullips have been released.  Pullip was originally released by Jun Planning but since 2009 has been released by Groove. Since Pullip’s debut she has gone through four distinct body types commonly referred to by type ie. Type One all the way up through the current Type Four body that debuted in 2009 and is still actively in use.

Pullip is the flagship doll of the line, several other dolls have joined the line since Pullip’s debut in 2003. Pullip’s first boyfriend was Namu who was quickly replaced with Taeyang. Taeyang brought along a bratty little sister named Dal as well as her best friend and classmate Byul. Pullip’s little brother Isul as well as her future daughter Yeolume also joined the line eventually. Pullip also has two lines of smaller Pullips based off of her called Little Pullip and Little Pullip +, several fashion sets and even a furniture line!

Tokidoki Luna
Nationality: Korean
Age: 17 (May, Gemini)
Blood Type: O
Present Address: Milano, Italy
School: Private high school in Milano Member of a big-band, which plays swing music. Also participates in high school’s drama club.
Hobby: Scuba diving, watching movies & musicals, shopping, hosting parties and photography.
Personality: Active, positive, sociable, extroverted, cheerful; “I enjoy a luxurious life”.
Favorite Food: Seafood, Italian-Korean mixed fusion food, like kim-chi pilaf. “I love my fathers cooking of Korean Bibim-bab”.
Favorite Books: Fashion & home décor magazines.
Fashion Style: Unique. “I have my own style that is special and fashion forward. I’m always ahead of the scene”.
Future Plan: I’ve got many things that I will be doing. I am the master of my fate.
Ideal Type: A cool guy. ‘’I like cheerful, active and gorgeous guys, but right now I am in love with my boyfriend TAEYANG.
Boyfriend: TAEYANG (her ex-boyfriend was Namu)

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Releases: Clicking on the photos will take to you a page dedicated to that release (please note this is a work in progress I’m adding the images of the doll as I create the corresponding pages).

2003 Debut, Wind, Street, Moon, Squall, Bouquet, Carol, Leprotto, Noir & Withered

2004 Venus, Savon, Nomado, Arietta, Anne of Green Gables, Bianca, Nero, Happy Birthday Pullip 1, Principessa, Fantastic Alice, Oren, Purezza, Panda, Fourrure, Mitzi, Little Red Riding Hood, Sacralita, Vivien & China China

2005 Fanatica, Chicca, Winter Purezza, Afternoon, Cosmic Mercu, Cosmic Jupi, Assa, Happy Birthday 2/Sacagawea, Paja, Beressa (cancelled), Lan Ake,  Lan Ai, Summer Purezza, Rovam, Greggia, Latte, Raphia
Beressa (cancelled)              Lan Ai

2006 Cornice, Rida, Fall Purezza, Holly, Nina, Majullae, Nahh-ato, Eternia, Craziia, Papin, Brand New Purezza, Zuora, Shinku (Rozen Maiden) & Chill

2007 Haute LA, Suigintou, Stica, Suiseiseki, Alte, Souseiseki, Blanche, Barasuishou, Aquel, Uncanricky, Another Alice, Another Queen, Kirakishou, Hello Kitty, Veritas, Haute NY & Prunella

2008 My Melody, Rei Ayanami, Asuka Langley Soryu, Detective Shinku, Dorothy, Ala, Dita, Youtsuzu, Xiao Fan, Celsiy, Cinciallegra, Kirsche, Isolde, Marianne & Adsiltia

2009 Neo Noir, Kaela, Grell, Clarity, Angelique, Mir, Lala, Sfoglia, Sola, Sala, Princess Ann, Peter Pan, Naomi & Aya

2010 Elisabeth, Chelsea, Sabrina, Shan-ria, Saras, Eos, Tiphona, Melissa, Bonita, Ddalgi, Lunatic Queen, Amarri, Chloi, Clara & Akoya

2011 Ludmila, Jaldet, Prupate, Miku, Henri, Yuki Poster Version, Yuki Movie Version, Snow Miku, Date Masamune, Romantic Alice, Batgirl SDCC Version, Catwoman SDCC Version, Batgirl Wonder Festival Version, Catwoman Wonder Festival Version, Bloody Red Hood, Luka, Banshee, Romantic Alice Pink Version, Yomi, Tomoe Mami, Akemi Homura , LOL Miku & Nella
prupate7 Catwoman
Prupate                                Catwoman SDDC

2012 Yona, Seila, Victorique, Regeneration Fantastic Alice, Regeneration Fanatica, Si’Anna, Ou’vera, Regeneration Moon, Regeneration Anne, Alice du Jardin, Meiko, Kiyomi, Regeneration Noir, Pulliphine IX, Regeneration Paja, Kiddyland Kiyomi, Merl, Wonder Woman, Galene, Regeneration Principessa, Froggy, Yuri, Alice du Jardin Mint, Ririko, Snow White, Harley Quinn, Fraulein, Midnight Velvet, Nella Retro Version, Aurora, Nanette, Pere Noel, Rche, Princess Sapphire, Tokidoki Luna, My Select Ddalgi, My Select Paja & My Select Merl 
sianna re816_7
Si’Anna                      Regeneration Principessa

2013 Karen, Francoise, Princess Rosalind, Merl Nostalgia Version, Classical White Rabbit, Milk Latte, Girl with a Pearl Earring, Marie Antoinette, Oscar Francois, Classical Alice, Hortense, Violette, Wilhelmina, Dahlia Cinderella, Supergirl, Ally, Io, Eloise, Myra, My Select Melissa, Akemi, Kuhn, Hino, Hannah, Princess Dahlia Cinderella, Classical Queen, Canele & Varele
p092_5 marieantoinette (5) oscar1 wil4
Milk Latte                            Marie Antoinette       Oscar Francios            Wilhelmina
brandymallory1379737628 hannah p118_6
Hino                                            Hannah                     Classical Queen

2014 La Robe vert Clair, Favorite Ribbon, Lunarosa, Dilettante, Sakura Miku, Keikujyaku, Shinku, Vanessa, Aira, Kore, Tokidoki x Hello Kitty Violetta, Tokidoki x Hello Kitty Violetta Special version, Suigintou, Kirakishou, Sailor Moon, Tokidoki Super Stella, Classical Alice Sepia Version, Meg, Hina Ichigo, Scarlet, Sailor Mercury, Carmilla, Sailor Venus, Princess Serenity, Nana-chan & Sailor Mars
kore5 classy (3) Meg scarlet4
Kore                              Classical Alice Sepia                  Meg                              Scarlet
mercury Carmilla
Sailor Mercury                    Carmilla

2015 Sailor Jupiter, Laura, Suiseiseki, Souseiseki, Kanaria, Alice in Steampunk World, Sailor Uranus, Mad Hatter in Steampunk World, Sailor Neptune, Luna human Princess Snow Kaguya version, Sailor Pluto, Eve Sweet, Alura, La robe vert Clair Royal Version, Favorite Ribbon Chocolate Version, Naoko, Sailor V & Black Lady
sailorjupiter p147_06 Steampunk Alice Mad Hatter
Sailor Jupiter                               Laura                                Alice                    Mad Hatter
Alura P155_08_mail_0727 Sweet Eve P156_08_150930
Alura                                     Sailor Pluto                          Eve Sweet                       Sailor V

2016 My Melody x HEN-NAKO, Fox, Rose, Premium Kiyomi Mint Ice Cream Version, Sailor Star Fighter, Gretel, Sailor Star Maker, Sailor Star Healer, Callie, Cassie, Premium Romantic Alice Monochrome, veryBerryPOP, Premium Veritas Deep Crimson Version, Super Sailor Moon, Wonder Woman Dress Version, Harley Quinn Dress Version, Merl Jolieshop Version, ha-ha, Amelia, Queen Serenity, Bonnie, Marie, Mistress 9, Veritas Special Edition, Cheshire Cat in Steampunk World, Taffy, Lupinus & Katrina
MyMelodyhennako Fox Rose Sailor Star Fighter
My Melody x Hen-nako            Fox                             Rose                      Sailor Star Fighter
p169_04 p170_04 reddish1 p173_02
Callie                                     Cassie                  veryBerryPOP              Harley Quinn Dress p172_02 cheshirecat lupinus
Wonder Woman Dress        Cheshire Cat               Lupinus

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