Comic-con Exclusive Dolls

JPGroove is the US branch of Groove, they have attended SDCC every year since 2009 with the exception of 2015 and have attended NYCC once in 2012. They have sold limited edition dolls at these events as well as had many dolls on display and for sale.

2009 SDCC Exclusive Pullip Lala

lalaPullip Lala was the first SDCC exclusive Pullip.   Two color variants of Pullip Lala were eventually released, Pullip Sola was a Wonder Festival exclusive and Pullip Sala was exclusive to areas of Asia other than Japan. Pullip Lala was priced at $60.

2010 SDCC Exclusive Byul Lilith
Byul Lilith was released at SDCC 2010. Byul Lilith was the final member of the vampire series to be released the vampire set also included Pullip Elisabeth, Dal Ende and Taeyang Nosferatu. This is the first time that the SDCC exclusive was a doll from the line other than Pullip. Lilith was priced at $100.

2011 SDCC Exclusives Pullips Batgirl & Catwoman

This year was kind of a remarkable one for Pullip as it was the first time that we received two SDCC exclusives as well as the first year that Groove collaborated with DC comics to bring us their characters in Pullip form. Batgirl and Catwoman were priced at $125 each. Recolored versions of both dolls were released at Wonder Festival that year.

2012 SDCC Exclusives Taeyang Batman & Pullip Wonder Woman

Groove partnered with DC comics again to bring us Taeyang Batman and Pullip Wonder Woman at SDCC 2012.

2012 NYCC Exclusive Pullip Harley Quinn
Later in 2012, the one and only NYCC exclusive doll Pullip Harley Quinn was released.

2013 SDCC Exclusive Pullip Supergirl
Pullip Supergirl was the only SDCC exclusive doll of 2013.

2014 Pullip Super Stella & Dal Vendettina

Groove had collaborated with Tokidoki previously but never before for SDCC dolls. Pullip Super Stella and Dal Vendettina were Tokidoki themed superheroes. They were priced at $130 each.
2016 SDCC Exclusive Pullips Harley Quinn & Wonder Woman Dress Versions

Groove did not attend SDCC 2015 but returned in 2016 with two new exclusive Pullips. New dress versions of Pullips Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman were available at SDCC for $130.