Recently I became somewhat interested in blythe. I received one of Gina Garin’s photography books featuring blythes as a gift then I found an ADG blythe at a local store and I decided that I had to have one of my very own.. unfortunately she became lonely…

1. ADG- Roaring Red- Gina
109/365 Perpetual Pumpkin
2. Takara- SBL- V-smash- Perpetual Pumpkin
3. Takara- SBL Unknown Custom- Wisp
Sweet Tooth
4. Takara – Custom SBL – Sweet Tooth customized by Requiemart
5. Takara Custom mohair girl by unknown
6. Takara Custom by Vertefae- Applejack

Pictures Coming Soon- Jackie Ramone Middie

Former Blythes
Rouge Noir/ Adorable Aubrey/ Love Mission/ All Goldie in One
DSC08763DSC00250DSC07918 Vilette
Mondrian/ Saffy Encore/ Ashletina/ Violetina
Lounging Lovely.. looking for love? Blondie IMG_6761 IMG_7011
Lounging Lovely/ Fruit Punch/Enchanted Petal/ Simply Peppermint
70/365- Summer Breeze IMG_2040 Marmalade Maeve Marigold
Sunshine Holiday/ Ashletina/ Aubrena/ Marigold
DSC06684 Picture 2588 DSC02391 Foxy
Frosty Frock/ Cassiopeia Spice/ Friendly Freckles/ Heather Sky
190/365 IMG_2242 Valiant Valencia Radical Raspberry
Simply Lilac/ Punkaholic People/ Cloud Bowl 9/ Simply Guava
Tangy Tangerine DSC03757 London Marilinda
Simply Mango/ Cancan Cat/ Custom/ Custom
19/365- Artic Annie Oh noes they are multiplying! The new girl
Ice Rune/ Factory Girl/ Simply Bubble Boom /Custom

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