Dal Lyla

lylaDal Lyla (also sometimes referred to as Lyra) is a part of the Mansion of the Immortal series. The dolls in the Mansion of the Immortal series all had monstrous themes and were original designs by Ars Gratia Artis. In addition to the ghost themed Dal Lyla the Mansion of the Immortal series included a werewolf themed Taeyang Valko, a witch themed Pullip Wilhelmena and a vampire themed Isul Vermelho; a prototype for a devil themed Byul was seen but was never released. Dal Lyla was originally supposed to come with a ghost costume but this item was later canceled due to unintentional similarities with the KKK  link .

Additional Information
Release: Standard Monthly Release
MSRP: 16,000 yen
Release Date: 6/2013
Product Number: D-148
Feel Like So: When people see me, they become surprised and run away. Don’t run away!! I’m lonely!!
Face Up:
Lyla Face UpEyes: Dark Grey Eye Chips
Wig: Blond wig fixed into pigtail style.
Stock: Dal Lyla’s stock consists of a headdress, white dress, black overdress, bloomers, socks and shoes.
Dal Lyla stockBody Type: Dal/Byul body
Stand: Black Plastic Stand
Special Notes: None
Known Issues: Possible Staining?
Similar Doll Recommendations: Pullip Wilhelmena, Taeyang Valko & Isul Vermelho

Promotional Photos these photos were taken from Groove’s Blog.

lyla3d148_6ghotsCanceled Ghost Costume