Pullip Taffy

Pullip Taffy is an original Pullip release with a bohemian theme. Pullip Taffy was released alongside of Pullip Cheshire Cat in Steampunk World in October of 2016, both she and Pullip Cheshire Cat were supposed to be debut the new three position eyelid but due to factory error Taffy did not have this function on the finished model.

Additional Information
Release: Standard monthly release
MSRP: 18000  yen
Release Date: 10/2016
Product Number: P-187
Feel Like So: Beautiful melody of music, bright sun over over And I like is that this freedom I feel!
Face Up:
IMG_1088Eyes: Blue eyechips
Eyelids: Peach eyelids
IMG_1085Wig: Long dark brown wig.
Stock: Pullip Taffy’s stock outfit consists of a hat, lace vest, headband, necklace, hand bag, dress, underwear, belt and shoes
Pullip Taffy Stock OutfitBody Type: 4
Obitsu Match: White
Stand: Dark Brown Plastic Stand
Special Notes: When announced Pullip Taffy was supposed to have the new three position eyelid feature but it was later announced that due to factory error she did not – source.
Known Issues: Hair can be a little wild and boots can be a little loose.
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Promotional Photos Photos taken from Groove’s Blog