My Select Pullips

In 2012 a new line of dolls called My Select Pullip was introduced, the dolls were new basic versions of popular previous releases (with maybe some slight differences). They came only wearing a towel and did not come with a stand. They were very affordably priced at $65 and were described as being fun to redress and/or customize so in a way they were kind of a precursor to MIO or Make It Own customization kits. Five different dolls and three different clothing sets were released as a part of the line.
The line debuted with three different My Select Pullip releases in December of 2012: My Select Pullip Ddalgi, My Select Pullip Paja & My Select Merl

Ddalgi compared to her My Select counterpart
ddalgi myselect
Regeneration Pullip Paja compared to her My Select Paja counterpart

Pullip Merl compared to her My Select Merl counterpart

Three outfit sets ideal for the My Select Pullip line were also simultaneously released when the My Select Pullip line debuted in 2012. The outfit sets were priced at $25 each and were recreations of stock outfits.

Merl Style outfit (Pullip Merl’s stock outfit)
Merl Style outfit
Paja Style outfit (Pullip Paja/Regeneration Paja’s stock outfit)

Clarity Style outfit (Pullip Clarity’s stock outfit)

Note: Pullip Clarity’s stock outfit was a curious choice for release as the doll itself was never released as a part of the My Select line.

In September of 2013 My Select Pullip Melissa and My Select Dal Frara debuted,  My Select Pullip Paja was also re-released at this time. My Select Dal Frara ended up being the only Dal released as a part of this line.

Pullip Melissa compared to her My Select Melissa counterpart

Dal Frara compared to her My Select Dal Frara counterpart

The My Select series of dolls appears to be discontinued as there have not been any news regarding it’s release in quite some time.