I am a pretty active buyer (occasional seller) in several doll communities. If anyone is involved in a transaction with me, I thought it would be easier to point them to one link with all of my feedback listed then trying to find these links every time I need to link my feedback. Also if anyone has any feedback for me they can also respond to this post.

Dolly Market Link Username: Hina Ichigo
175+ positive/ 0 neutral/ 0 negative (I lost count ^^; )

Den of Angels Link Username: Klein
43 positive/0 neutral/ 0 negative Link Username: Klein
13 Positive/ 0 Neutral/ 0 Negative

eBay Link Username: Palm9x
345 Positive/ 0 Neutral/ 0 Negative

Livejournal Link Link
I have feedback on two accounts my old one (Klein-beere) and my newer active account (pullip_junk)
Klein-beere 5 positive/ 0 neutral/ 0 negative/ Pullip_junk 11 positive/0 neutral/0 negative

MLPArena Link Username: Klein
26 Positive/0 neutral/0 negative

Last updated 1/14/2019

4 Responses to Feedback

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  2. Shianne says:

    Hi. I was wondering if you would reccomend amazon for buying pullip ? There’s a lot of pullip on there that i am looking for on there and i am not sure so i thought i should ask you about it first.

    • Klein says:

      Amazon is becoming more like eBay where there are a lot of marketplace sellers selling things especially niche stuff like Pullips. Buying directly from Amazon should be fine but my Pullip buying experience with marketplace sellers has been mixed, some of the marketplace sellers are fine but some of the marketplace sellers aren’t knowledgeable about what they are selling at all so mix ups aren’t uncommon twice now I have ordered a Dal and received one different from what I had ordered (ordered Clair received Lucia, then I bought Kanta and received a Gloomy who I definitely did not want) and the Girl with a Pearl Earring I ordered never arrived. I was eventually able to sort things out and get a refund for Girl with a Pearl Earring but the other seller that sent me the wrong dolls was a nightmare to get things sorted out with.

      Honestly I buy most of my Pullips from Pullipstyle as they are knowledgeable and if something is wrong I know they will actually fix it versus trying to convince me that I was somehow in the wrong when I receive a doll radically different from what I purchased.

  3. Karen R. says:

    February 2019. Just purchased a Blythe. Service was prompt, product was as described, and I would buy from her again. This was a professional and hassle free purchase.

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