Please note this is just a wishlist, I’m not actively buying at the moment especially since most of these are something that I would like to own someday and others are impossible dreams like Volks Shinku T_T

Pullips & Company

Dal: Deneb

Taeyang: Koichi

Fairyland (MF-Minifee, LF- Littlefee, P- Pukipuki)
rena littlefeebonnie realfee
Minifee Rena               Littlefee Bonnie

Monster House Lea Hell Kid & Monster Kids S.Belle Thailand Exclusive Version
hellkidslea monsterkidssbelle

First Row:
Tiny Delf Yeondu Elf, Tiny Delf Hanael Elf, Tiny Delf Uriel Elf, Honey Delf Aru
Second Row:
Honey Delf Ani, Kid Delf Aru, Kid Delf Yeondu & Senior Delf Bory 
aa42d00683a57be8319f886f7b20a740 f77b7fa84fa2eb4755abd5110735cb2b c19922367508051cbe765f7ed9d2d1b9 be057a0fc35c87113369d184b51ef3d4 dc8dc0d2d5eb2e7dea674aee7d2a999c 2f897a515bfa3588c8b6e543833a0fbb 4299_shop1_547950 2902_shop1_208110

SD13 Suigintou, SD Shinku & SD Souseiseki
suigintou01 shinku01 souseiseki03

Dollfie Dream:
DD Alter Saber Version I, DD Asuna, DD Yaya & MDD Arle
saberalter asuna saber arle

1/3 scale Sayaka Miki & Sakura Kyouko
madoka madoka

Mama Chapp Eventually I’d like to have all four of the main characters from Lucky Star as Mama Chapps (I have the summer school version of Konata).
043.jpg-miyu2 067 konata 087

Please note this is just a wishlist, I’m not currently buying!

4 Responses to Wishlist

  1. Nathan says:

    Asuka aquired, list needs update 😉 , add regular saber?

  2. Wow, you have very nice doll & figure collections!!

    Moreover, I’m glad to you have listed on some Mamachapp Toy dolls^^.
    This is one of my favorite makers but still less well-known in the world( including Japan).

    • kleintoys says:

      Thanks very much ^_^ This list is a bit out of date but I have Konata and Tsukasa, someday I hope to have the other two Lucky Star girls as well. I would eventually love even more Mama Chapp but despite their tiny size their price is a bit high ^^;

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