Please note this is just a wishlist, I’m not actively buying at the moment especially since most of these are something that I would like to own someday and others are impossible dreams like Volks Shinku T_T

Pullips & Company
pullipmonoalice wishbonnie wishmarie pullipgretel
pullipnaoko pullipluna 177-4 leveritas7
pullipsailorstarm pullipsailorstarh pullipwickedlady wishmistress9

Dal wish



Fairyland (MF-Minifee, LF- Littlefee, P- Pukipuki)
rena littlefeebonnie
Minifee Rena               Littlefee Bonnie

hellkidslea crocharu monsterkidssbelle
Hell Kids Lea          Peter Pan Croc Haru    Monster Kids S.Belle

shinku01 suigintou01 souseiseki03
Shinku                                 Suigintou                        Souseiseki

Dollfie Dream
yhst-70052297082953_2122_62161405 saberalter asuna saber
Saber                                        Saber Alter I                 Asuna                                Yaya
aoko yhst-70052297082953_2085_152987053
Aoko                                         Etheldreda

Azone My long-term goal is to have at least one of each character of the 1/3 Azone Puella Magi Madoka Magicka series of dolls.
madoka madoka madoka
Sayaka Miki                  Sakura Kyouko             Akemi Homura

Mama Chapp Eventually I’d like to have all four of the main characters from Lucky Star as Mama Chapps (I have the summer school version of Konata).
043.jpg-miyu2 067 konata 087
Miyuki                           Kagami                       Konata

Please note this is just a wishlist, I’m not currently buying!


4 Responses to Wishlist

  1. Nathan says:

    Asuka aquired, list needs update 😉 , add regular saber?

  2. Wow, you have very nice doll & figure collections!!

    Moreover, I’m glad to you have listed on some Mamachapp Toy dolls^^.
    This is one of my favorite makers but still less well-known in the world( including Japan).

    • kleintoys says:

      Thanks very much ^_^ This list is a bit out of date but I have Konata and Tsukasa, someday I hope to have the other two Lucky Star girls as well. I would eventually love even more Mama Chapp but despite their tiny size their price is a bit high ^^;

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