Requiemart PIPP: Neck Repair (Type 2 Pullip) Tutorial

Please note that this tutorial was authored by Requiemart and was originally posted on her website, it is being archived here with her permission/blessing as a part of the Pullip Information Preservation Project. 

Type 2 Neck Repair

Type 2 Pullips have sturdier necks than type 1s, but they do break. They are much easier than type 1s to fix because you don’t have to make a replacement. The pictures from this tutorial are from a broken doll someone sent me, and I had it wrapped up and back in a return package 20 minutes later.

This is an intermediate tutorial: You will need to use a drill and sharp cutting implements.

For this project you will need:

  • Drill
  • Paperclips
  • Wire Cutters
  • Superglue


1. Unscrew the two visible screws at the back of the head and pull the head apart enough to pull the body out.

2. Remove the arms.

3. Pull the soft torso up over the neck like you would a turtleneck or a sweater. Remove the broken piece.

4. You can now see the interior mechanism. Part of your neck will still be attached to this mechanism, and part will be separate. On the back of the mechanism that holds the neck in place is 4 tiny screws. Remove them.